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Sunday morning girls football in March/April at the Middle School?


It's usually pretty quiet around here on Sunday mornings, but not yesterday. I heard men yelling and my ears pointed my eyes south toward the Middle School where I saw activity on the soccer pitch: kids running around and men throwing footballs.

Shoot first and ask questions later. The first 8 pictures are what I saw in the order I saw them. Then I asked Google the questions and the answers included something about the Bergen County Girls Flag Football League, its logo and the fact that games will be starting on Sunday, April 2.

If you're interested, go here:

Click to enlarge:

Youthful voices coming from the direction of the Middle School on a Sunday morning (June 18)? Gotta be Girls' Flag Football.

From my position a block and a half away, I could only see the western portion of the field when a team was back near their own goal line.

1. Is that football on a tee?

2. Next lesson: the rules of being onside at the snap

3. Speaking of snaps............

4. Who cares about tight spirals when they're just having fun?

And I hope they had a LOT of fun!


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