Author Topic: A Dozen Things You May Not Have Seen This Month  (Read 583 times)

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A Dozen Things You May Not Have Seen This Month
« on: October 30, 2023, 07:35:01 PM »
Two from October 9 within a couple of blocks of each other:

1. The EXTREMEly-weighted end of the huge crane at the Main-Berry-State-Camden project (looks like buck teeth).

2. A crane at the Middle School - I couldn't tell you if the payload was coming or going (but I hope it was the latter).

Three from October 14:

3. Yet another crane - this time near the Passaic St side of the First Baptist Church - delivering what I'm guessing is a cooling unit to the church's roof. I took this (and the next two) from home.

4. A zoomed-in night shot of the roof sculpture atop 210 Main. The white streak is from a plane going by during the 6 seconds that the shutter was open.

5. This shows the Empire State Building, Hudson Yards and the parking garage of the Current On River project on River St. The two bright red lights to the right of the ESB are on the smokestack of the old paper company just across the Hackensack River in Bogota. Parts of Hudson Yards appear to be out of focus, but that's actually due to whatever's emanating from the PSE&G facility in Ridgefield by the NJ Turnpike (the two sets of red lights on the right.............notice that the "out of focus" sections are directly above those smokestack lights).

One from October 19:

6. The new 95 Anderson St fits right in the historic block, don't you think?

Four from October 23:

And three of them are from the same scene in the B&W Bakery window.

7. Here's the full PANO view:

8. This is a PANO view of the NY Times story from 2006 in the middle. Click it until it's readable.

9. While I was reading it, I noticed a bee landing on the woman's forehead and shot this one at point-blank range. He stayed there a long time (probably wondering why his stinger couldn't penetrate an old lady's head).

10. A block east of B&W on Hackensack Ave sits an old car dealership building, just north of Burger King and on the other side of the street. I looked into the locked front door and this is what I saw. Most of what's on top is just reflection of the street behind me, but the top middle part has to be some sort of mirror because it shows the checkerboard floor and me standing by the door.

The last two are from October 28:

11. Taken from home, this shows nice Fall colors on State St, just south of Passaic St.

12. Also taken from home, this shows absolutely no colors at all.........but it does show the Hunter's full moon AND that white dot on the lower left, which is the largest planet in our solar system (and you know which planet that is).


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