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City Election
« on: May 09, 2005, 12:36:40 pm »
While I admire Mr. Joe Defalco as a teacher of the Hackensack High School, I believe that sole position does not qualify him to be a part of the Mayor and Council. The school system and the governing parties should be separate. As a life-long resident of Hackensack, I take pride in Hackensack and its residents. I remember a school system that worked. I know that Hackensack can return to that status again. However, that challenge should be put to the school's and not the City government.

While some of you believe that Hackensack has been fair to the majority of its residents, please take a second look. While minorities now make up the crux of Hackensack, they do not have the same representation in City Government. Just go to City Hall and look around.

In addition, while the majority of police officers are not bad, there are those that wantonly practice police brutality. This brutality spills over to law abiding citizens. The New Visions use of the PBA and other police organizations to make it appear that there is a group that is simply out to group all police officers as bad is unfair. Not every black or hispanic citizen is a criminal just like not every police officer believes that the rights of people of color should be non-existent. The fact that the police chief believes that any organization that seeks to address those bad officers must obviously be a political movement does not make it so. Even if it were a political movement (which it is not), bad officers are bad for Hackensack.

I was not sure who I would vote for on Tuesday. Based on the negative literature, I will now vote for the Citizens for Change. I believe that you must first see the problems before you can correct them. I do believe they can be corrected.