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Genealogy: Bloomer Family
« on: July 21, 2006, 02:03:19 pm »
Robert Bloomer sent me this information:

Bloomer Family, Bergen County

From the earliest research of the Bloomer family the Bloomers of the Hackensack area of Bergen County have been difficult to enumerate.

A few sentences were provided in the 1880 records of Orrin Bloomer and Virginia Hanford, but noting to clearly identify them. It was known that Robert & Elizabeth (Purdy) Bloomers sons migrated from Westchester County, NY to the New Jersey side of the Hudson soon after the American Revolution. There Elisha and Anderson married Fanny and Margaret Van Wagoner. The brothers were engaged in the Hudson River trade until the untimely death of Margaret in 1808. Anderson moved to Ulster County, NY and soon followed his wife to an early grave. That left Elisha and Fanny (VanWagoner) Bloomer to carry on the Bloomer name in the Hackensack area. Elisha and Anderson were producing children in the early 1800 and there was no clear pedigree of the many Bloomers living there in Bergen County in the 1850s. The Whitlock document added a William Bloomer to the same generation as Elisha and Anderson, and according to Whitlock, William also married a Van Wagoner daughter.

In 2006 an extensive genealogy and chronology surfaced authored by James Anderson Whitlock son of James Cannon Margaret (Becker) Whitlock. As the Bloomers of Bergen, James Whitlock was a descendant of the Van Wagoner family and provided page after page of documents. The record contained thousand of facts, and was recorded over an extended period of them. It is very clear that James was intending to compile a genealogical record and enumerate the descendants of John Frederick Van Wagoner. Many entries were followed with notations and dates that the information had been obtained. Other entries were recorded without notes or documentation. It is doubted that the entire document can ever fully be verified with primary research. However, even after a few months of review the document has proven tantalizingly factual. Along with the Whitlock document came a short record from an interview with Captain John William Crum, son of Henry and Maria (Becker) Crum, (1828-1910). Captain Crums reminisces are less of a genealogy than Whitlocks document, but still helpful to any historian. These documents were compiled at different periods, but had a common link to the Van Wagoner family. As the Bloomers, and Whitlocks, Captain Crum had a pedigree that included the Van Wagoner family. This gives the documents a point of comparison and a common point of interest to Van Wagoner descendants.

Captain Crums memories were recollections which appear to be based on an interview conducted in 1898 and again in 1913. The Whitlock record is entirely different. It is full of specific dates, locations, family relationships, descendants, and information that has the potential of verification. The margin notes dating correspondence and addresses of sources adds greatly to the authenticity of his record.
The entire handwritten record is extensive and only the Van Wagoner family is transcribed.

John Frederick Wagoner a German by birth fought in the Old French War, was in Quebec when General Wolf was killed in 1759. He came to the colonies when 12 years old, he arrived at Powells Hook (now Jersey City, NJ) he was detained their for the purpose of registering his name and other things for 2 or 3 days and then went to Johnstown 45 mile below Albany. He married Mary Harp at Johnstown. Mary Harp war born in East Jerseyhad the following children.

Catherine born in Johnstown married Henry Norman
Mary born in Johnstown married Nathaniel Day
Ann Margaret or Hannah was born in Johnstown 12 February married John Becket.
Fanny born in East Jersey married Elisha Bloomer abt 1792
Margaret born(1773-1808) in East Jersey married Anderson Bloomer
Frederick born in East Jersey married Hannah Pasall
George born in E.J. married Nancy Nodine
John born in E.J. married Catherine Nodine.
 Susan born in E.J married William Bloomer
Peter born in E.J. married Betsey Thompson

The remaining pages contain an organized grouping of Van Wagoner descendants.

If anyone has more information about the Bloomers, please contact:

Robert Bloomer
801 465-3057
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