Author Topic: MEMORIES OF THE ICEHOUSE GANG  (Read 3692 times)

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« on: May 13, 2007, 08:42:14 PM »
hi i'm new to this board. my name is joe vasile. my father also joe vasile grew up in hackensack. he LOVED HIS HOMETOWN.He passed away on feb. 6, 2007. he lived at 357 hudson st. his mother and father were sam and tessie. his grandfather was the shoemaker Frank Pizza..... he grew up in hackensack from 1936-61. he was a member of the old "icehouse gang", of which he fondly told stories. in his teen years he was known by the nickname "The Shiek". he hung out at the charcoal corners and bowler city. worked at the goldberg slipper factory and brunig paper mill......he spoke of cruising the drag in the 50's in his ford with dual del-tone mufflers...he told stories of dances at the Elks club..... he was in a few doo-wop groups "The Four Saints" and also "The 3 Crowns" they recorded a minor hit single "Cold, Cold Feelings" at Frank Conklin Studios.....he mentioned names like: kenneth raub, timmy witch, junie cafone, jack de salvo, nunzio ?,to name a few. he told of an old black man named sam horn who lived in a shed in the railroad yard in the 40's-early 50's. Does anyone remember my Dad?