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Hackensack Board of Recreation
« on: April 01, 2004, 08:38:40 PM »
I have had it with the Recreation Dept of Hackensack

I was always under the impression that they were there for the children. Now I have learned that is a total JOKE!!!

First when you try to contact the person incharge they are never there and you always get the run around.

Second the only program that they run is the basketball program that is ok but needs improvements

The summer program is such a joke The cost are out of control and for what they offer, nonsense. Then the actives are horrible.  The best part of the program is the end of summer day.

They do not take care of any of the other programs in town nor do they really care about them.  You always here how they do so much and that is nothing. They do not get the kids anything nor do they ever visit the programs while they are in progress. When is the last time you seen a representive at a game.... Ha ha you can t even get the the Rec Boards representive there. They say they know whats going on, but how do you do that when you are never around.

Tried of making excusses for them, and wish they would get their act together or get out so we could get someone in there who cares about our children.......

Why doesn t the Rec.. run each program or try to get involved? Too much work that is why and if they did they would have to be around.

My daughter does cheerleading and it has been a total disaster. I got involved and I now know why. You get no support. Now she plays Soccer and softball and everytime I go to the fields especially softball I get grossed out  with all the Geese crap. The soccer field is not that bad but has the same problem. Lets see how they fix it when the new field is done.

I have also heard that the softball program for the girls needs help. The field is very unsafe for them to play on and each year gets worse.

How come a town this size we do not have a football program for the 3rd grades. I had to sign my son up in Teaneck because there is nothing for him in the fall.

Does the Mayor and Town Con.. even care about the kids???

Wrestling is a very well program the coaches are great and work so well with the children.

To all coaches thank you for all your time and effort in trying to help the children of Hackensack as I see it all of the problems need to be addresses by the City.

Going to the Rec board meeting is also a Joke everyone on the board is a A$# kisser  the  people there do very little for the children. Most of them are not involved with any program that repersents the City of Hackensack.

Time for a change we need people who care about our children and are willing to give them a chance in life to better themselves and teach them how they could lead  us into the next generation...


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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2004, 09:26:16 PM »
I have heard she was to retire in Feb but she is still around. Not sure Why or what else that needs to be distroyed before she goes. How many people do we need in the Recreation Department? What are there jobs since they do not run any of the programs.

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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2004, 11:20:00 PM »
welcome to "hackensack" marie !

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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2004, 11:35:05 PM »
I think you are all a bunch of cowardly cry-babies.  

If you're going to bad-mouth people (especially volunteers), at least identify yourselves.

Albert Dib
Editor - Hackensack Now


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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2004, 12:04:31 AM »
It's not the volunteers I am referring to I commend their efforts with the lack of support from the Rec and the City.We  have alot of parents and coaches who do alot to better the programs and teach the children. The problem is the Rec Dir, Mayor, Counsil,DPW, and all those who are getting paid to proform a task/job and they do not do their part. We could go on for days. Try getting in touch with the Rec Dir and see what they tell you.( I have been calling trying to get information about the Parks Program) Its a JOKE and a DISGRACE. And to think my tax dollars actually goes towards their checks. Apparently Al you are not involved in any of the programs that involve the kids of Hackensack. Its gets very frustrating. No support for the city at all. Look at the other towns fields (Maywood, Rochelle Park, Little Ferry they all take care of the children because they know they will make a brighter future from their support and guidence..........

Why do we have to Baseball leagues in this town I find to be a problem. Then why do we have a basketball program that gets special treatment. Why aren't the parks kept up. Why no computers in the recreation to help the children with their homework. Remember that everyone could not afford one like you and me.

What ever happene dto the City Walk path?


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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2004, 10:14:56 AM »

    I just want to set the record straight I am not crying the blues I am trying to get some important problems out so others are aware what is going on.

I know the saying stop complaining and step up to make it better. Well I have and since I done so I have learned why and where all the problems really come from. Its lack of Support from the City and The Recreation Department.

So of the things I have read from Hackensack I must agree with. Where is the City Walk (what happened to it). Why is there another Baseball/Softball league in town. I know I see them out at the school park instead of down at the baseball fields on River St.

Why are there so many people working in the Recreation and if they do not run the programs what is the need to have 8 employees there.

As you are aware you can make comments to those in charge and all you get is negative reaction or the run around. You rarely get straight forward comments. Guess that is why those in charge do not like to deal with people. Our cheerleading coach had one of the roughest times you could image in obtaining support.

I guess this is not Rockland County That is were I grew up and they did alot fo rthe kids.

Peopel of Hackensack be be alert and see what is really going on in town......................


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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #6 on: April 03, 2004, 12:23:50 PM »
ditto to hackensack. i commend all the volunteers.the volunteers are
why we have a program.


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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #7 on: April 03, 2004, 09:36:37 PM »
Is Mrs. Ferguson really the one to blame?  What we need is for the leaders from all the sports leagues to come together and form a committee of their own to resolve many of the problems that exist.  A representative from each league would work together in dealing with things like scheduling and field availability to uniforms and sponsors and all the other details that would make the experience for the kids the best it could be.  The committee would then present their findings to the head of the rec program or council on a monthly basis and the appropriate action could be taken.    

My kids played soccer this past fall, and it was frustrating to me that the kids could only play on one soccer field at Johnson Park and that's without lights.  I didn't understand why the kids weren't allowed to play soccer at Foschini Park under the lights or even in the park itself.  During the fall soccer season the baseball fields are under utilized and all soccer games are played at Johnson.  To me that is a waste.  Whatever damage is done to the fields could be fixed by spring.  

If there was dialog between the baseball rep and the soccer rep, maybe an agreement could have been reached.  

As for the separate baseball league that was formed a couple of years ago, it was started by a group of parents that were dissatisfied with the selection process of the teams during the drafting of players.  They also felt too much pressure was being placed on the kids to win.

As a parent (and coach) who went to many of the baseball meetings, I can say that the selection process was flawed but corrected.  The age groups were redefined and more emphasis was put on learning, not winning.  Bill Gallagher and Jeanne Dressler did an excellent job while my kids played and put the kids' interests first.   The leaders of both leagues should come together though and work out their differences.

When my son wanted to sign up for wrestling, I went to the rec center and spoke to Mrs. Ferguson.  She went into her rolodex and gave me the wrestling coach, Butch Bitetto's number.  She gave me as much info as she could about the wrestling program which was enough for me.  

Is it her job to give me all the details about the wrestling program or the wrestling coach's?  

As for people from the rec department attending sporting events, I will say this.  I saw David Fernandez, an employee of the rec center, at every fall soccer game this past season.  All games were on Saturday, was he getting paid OT or was he there because he cares about the kids.  I think because he cares about the kids.

I think all of the people involved with the kids sports programs are passionate about the kids.  We just need them to organize themselves better and become more efficient.  Is it Mrs. Ferguson's job to organize all the sports leagues in the city or should it be the mayor or council to make kids sports and how they're organized a priority???  


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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #8 on: April 03, 2004, 11:43:41 PM »
I think the Mayor has to tell the city manager to tell
the rec director to get it together. or the rec director
who has worked a long time in her position should
well know her job without being reminded what
to do.


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Re:Hackensack Board of Recreation
« Reply #9 on: April 04, 2004, 12:01:27 AM »
              I do believe many of the problems all the sports programs face come from Mrs. Ferguson. Her lack luster proformance shows. When is the last time you saw her work a 8 hour day. She comes in around 10 and leaves by 330 the latest. She has  never ever attended a meeting of any program nor does she show her support by attending any of the functions/games.

As far as the President's of each programing coming together that is a great idea but I personally do not see it happening because of conflicts of interest and League Reps each would have to agree on issues.

Lights are a huge issue in town. It is very hard to believe that our programs do not have lite fields. The kids would love to have the chance to play games at nights under the lights the feeling is wonderful like if you were on a pro team. It would also allow better scheduling since fields are limited.

David is a good guy I agree but I do not agree with you about him being at the Soccer games because he cares. The real fact is that he coached a team and was there for them and not ALL games. I was involved in the coaching of a team and I must say there are many issues and conflicts between the head people in charge. When you talk to one person they bad mouth the others and so on.
Plus they are not organized.

I must tell you I am shocked that Mrs. F gave you the time and looked up the Wrestlings coaches number for you that is alot more then she gives to others in  town. I have learned that she very rarely talks to people she always has others taking a message.

The fields at Foschini are being used in the fall by the football program and they have to share the fields so where soccer would fix in I do not know. The football program is limited where they play and what they do. I have recently spoke to one of the football caoches and I understand that football is on the raise and getting better each year but is very under funded.

The Wrestling Program is GREAT we have fun each year attending all the matches and watching many young men competing one on one. The coaches are out of this world and always put the kids first. The best program in town.

I must commend all the coaches and volenteers from all the programs Thank you from Mr. G  for a job well done! Plus giving up your time to help with our children.

One of the worst decisions that the town made was allowing two different baseball programs. It's bad for the kids and the city. Kids now have to choice  either play with their friends or who their parents sign them up with. I am not positive about what happened but from the word I recieved around town was the coaches in the second league that was formed, were removed for the baseball program for many reasons. I have heard that the people in charge had tried to calm the storm but the city dropped the ball.

We are trying a new sport this year Track. Seems to been run ok so far I will let you know more details later.

Can anyone please explain in details what happened with the team that is mentioned on the Board of Education poll board.

[Edit: I belive the post referred to is by "upsetparent" and says: How could the school allow a team with out of towners use the High School Fieds at the tax payers expense. The BOE has allow this team the use of the field with kids from out of town and coaches who were removed from their feeder program(hackensack baseball)  

The board has made many mistakes in / out side of the schools and this is just one more major problem.

Then they move the high school team to Foschini park and the kikds who are scheduled to play on the field have to suffer.]

Does anyone have any details on the Carver Park Basketball Program. I would love to know the ages, cost, time of play and who runs the program.  Is it controled by the Rec or a private board.

Why is there such a problem getting the school gyms for the Sports Programs. Its only to better the children. If we could get in there for the kids to run, practice soccer, basketball, football, field hockey or baseball.
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« Reply #10 on: April 04, 2004, 02:59:58 PM »
The basketball program at Carver Park: I believe they do receive some money from the Rec. dept., but most of their money comes from fun raisers and people donating money and help.  They do allow people from outside of Hackensack to play and help.  It's the only way to keep they program going.