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Reaching Where No Man Has Gone Before
Harpo Finds the Van Regal Diamond and "Play With a Play" Tries a Musical

Boz and the Bard Productions' "Play With a Play" play-reading series offers its audience something different: the reading of a musical. On Saturday, August 2, at 7pm, you can still participate in the reading of this new play; volunteers reading from the script can share the floor and the play's characters with singers who will perform the songs.  Come play at the Center For Modern Dance Education in Hackensack. 

The next session, Saturday, August 2, 7pm, offers us "The Most Ridiculous Thing You Ever Hoid," by Andy Seiler, Jim Beckerman, and Fred Wemyss. This play is a semi-musical comedy based on the 1930s Marx Brothers radio series, "Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel."  When William Tecumseh Flywheel (Groucho), Fiorello Ravelli (Chico) and Ringling T. Ringling (Harpo) are let loose on an unsuspecting radio studio, the airwaves will never be safe for detergent commercials again!  Young newlyweds, Margaret Dumont, and the crazy Marx Brothers are some of the fun characters available to read, while singers provide the songs interspersed throughout the radio show.

Andy Seiler (book and lyrics) has written about film and entertainment for USA Today, The Home News-Tribune and the Courier-News. He has been writing songs with Jim Beckerman for 30 years. He lives in Washington D.C.  Jim Beckerman (music, book and lyrics) is an entertainment writer for The Record of Hackensack.  He has played in bands including The VooDudes, The Hammers, and The Noisy Neighbors, and released a solo album, "Born to Boogie." He lives in South Amboy, N.J.  Frederick Wemyss (book) has been a Marx Brothers fan ever since he saw DUCK SOUP on the big screen at the Uniondale Mini-Cinema in 1973. He lives in Huntington, NY.

You can take a script in hand and be part of the show no experience necessary or you can sit back and watch an original story unfold before you. Steve Hess and Frank Avellino, as directors, will guide you through the process. Afterwards, you engage in a fascinating conversation, oftentimes directly with the writer, offering constructive feedback on the work in progress.

"Play With a Play" is at the Center For Modern Dance Education, 84 Euclid Avenue, Hackensack, NJ. All sessions start at 7:00 PM. Admission is $10 at the door, $7 for students and seniors. For more information, visit
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