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Daddy's Nice family Resturant
« on: April 01, 2004, 09:51:02 PM »
I went to dinner with family and friends this evening at Daddy's Resturant at 108 State St. and I was very impressed. The service was out of this world and the food was very good.
They do not serve alcohol but you can bring your own. That is always a nice way of enjoying your dinner with your favorite wine without the high over priced of most places. There was six of us and the bill cam out to $117 that is very good of what we had.

[Editor: Daddy's Menu can be found here: Menu.  Hold your mouse over the bottom of the menu and press the box to expand the image. Other menus can be found on Hackensack Now's Menu page ]

If anyone is looking for a nice quite place to enjoy good food do not look any futhure then Daddy's. Yes get past the name and I promiss you will enjoy it as I did this evening.

Great job Daddy's and thanks
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