Author Topic: Boz and the Bard's "Play With a Play" launches its second year  (Read 2980 times)

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Boz and the Bard's "Play With a Play" launches its second year
« on: January 04, 2009, 03:57:43 PM »
"Hansel and Grettel" Rebaked

"Play With a Play" launches its second year with an adaption by Frank Avellino

Boz and the Bard Productions proudly continues "Play With a Play" in 2009. On Saturday, January 10, at 7pm,  company co-founder Frank Avellino presents his adaptation of the familiar fairy tale, "Hansel and Grettel," called, "The Gingerbread Children."  After a session in 2005, in the early, formative years of "Play With a Play," revisions to the script based on participants' comments are finally complete, and Frank is happily anticipating feedback on this version.

The tale of two children sent into the woods who return as heroes after destroying a wicked witch living in a Gingerbread House adapts a different perspective here. As in the original, it is the late 16th Century, but in an effort to rid themselves of their mean Stepmother, Hansel and Grettel devise a plan that results in an odd discovery, and subsequently, the start of the European witchunts of the 17th century. The play explores history's treatment of powerful women, and how men's religious interpretations attempt to stifle female strength. It also explores competition between three generations of women for dominance and, by playing off of current fears, they can secure a seat in a male-dominated world. The theme has resonated throughout modern times and politics, as well.  Avellino is happily anticipating feedback on this latest edition of his play.

Avellino's first play, "Ice In April," received an Off Off Broadway Review (OOBR) award for best play/best production. He is an art director for an ad agency in Clifton, and also directs at the Bergen County Players (BCP) in Oradell. He's currently directing BCP's February production of "Doubt," by John Patrick Shanley.  Some other directing credits there include "Sweeney Todd," "Moon Over Buffalo," and "Oliver!" For Boz and the Bard, he's directed all three runs of Marjorie Conn's "Miss Lizzie A. Borden Invites You to Tea," starring Karen Asconi, and "A New York Minute," by Michele Palermo. He's designed numerous sets for both Boz and the Bard and BCP, and creates all of Boz and the Bard's print graphics.

Boz and the Bard's "Play With a Play" continues to be an invaluable tool for playwrights, and a uniquely  exciting way for actors and theater fans to spend a Saturday night. Hess and Avellino, as directors, will still guide participants through the process. Come take a script in hand and be part of the show, or sit back and watch the story unfold before you. Either way, you'll be playing an integral part in the further development of the play as afterwards you engage in a fascinating conversation with the writer, offering constructive feedback. Our next session will be March 1.

Dubbed "Karaoke for Actors" by a New Jersey reporter, "Play With a Play" audiences need only bring their interest in theater in order to participate in an evening of live entertainment.  For less than the price of a movie, the Play with a Play sessions will continue monthly at the Center For Modern Dance Education, 84 Euclid Avenue, Hackensack, NJ. All sessions start at 7:00 PM. Admission is still $10 at the door, $7 for students and seniors. Watch for upcoming dates, or visit for more information.