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Like the swallows in Capistrano in March, Memorial Day weekend once again welcomes two of our favorite birds - whirlybirds and 0spreys.

I took the first picture (actually 3 pictures) yesterday and the second one today.

Keep an ear out for low-sounding Osprey engines over the weekend. I don't have to tell you what helicopters sound like.

Click to enlarge.

A few odd-looking train configurations have come through here every few days lately. This was the first one that I got shots of. I shot this on 4-29-19. The identical configuration passed by today (5-1-19).

Norfolk/Southern is a freight line - what's it doing on the PV tracks and what kind of "car" is that last one?

7:05 and 7:10am, 4-23-19

1. At least I think there are some in this picture. It's getting harder and harder to tell. My eyes must be going bad.

2. So I blew it up a bit.............maybe my eyes aren't so bad after all.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / True Good Friday story
« on: April 19, 2019, 10:30:30 AM »
On Good Friday in 1997, I had to take my mother to be admitted at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck (again). 

I told the nuns who ran the place that I wanted her resurrected by Sunday.

They didn't find that particularly funny.

Hackensack Videos / 2 USS Ling videos: good and not-so-good
« on: April 05, 2019, 11:03:51 AM »
The narrator in the second one - who admits to having had a few beers prior, comes across a mine on the Ling site, reads the plaque that says it's an underground mine and then explains that it floats in the water and hits ships. He also wonders if he's allowed to walk up the chained-off ramp (which he winds up doing).

Thankfully, the first narrator isn't old enough to drink.

Hackensack Discussion / BRUCE THE BED KING CLOSING!!
« on: March 29, 2019, 09:00:00 AM »
Another local institution closing to become another future redevelopment site, according to Bruce.........

Hackensack Discussion / Hackensack's dancing Lady Liberty
« on: March 28, 2019, 12:42:15 PM »
In today's Record (front page!):

If you just want to see the video and not be "charged" for one of your 10 free visits:

I walked by there two weeks ago and all I got was a Lady Liberty who did what (s)he was supposed to do: wave (see below).

The years-ago Dancing Man at Anderson and River was way better, but that's just my opinion.

Well, it seemed endless.

I was in Ridgefield Park - just west of the tracks - on Mt. Vernon St, between the tracks and the river.

I had just gotten into my car to go home when I heard the gates come down and an oil train with ten million cars started to slowly roll by............and roll.........and roll..........and roll..............S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Nothing to do but take pictures.

First up: an identifying shot: TILX = Trinity Industries, Inc., out of Dallas, Texas

Next: Shooting multiple cars, a little wider each time until I reached the limit on zooming out

After a long wait, I thought I saw a caboose. Turned out to not be a real caboose, but at least it was red, so it was a "caboose".

These same tracks run through Teaneck, where all sorts of demonstrations have been held over the last few years to more strictly regulate (or get rid of) these potential disasters on wheels/rails that have burned out entire towns after derailing accidents.

I wish I had been in Teaneck instead of RP this day because their roads go over the tracks, unlike their same-track-sharing neighbors in Bergenfield and RP.

I noticed last summer from my apartment that the north side of Current on River was unusually bright at night (Pic 1). I figured it was some sort of construction security lighting, but I didn't find any during the daytime when I visited the site.

More towards the end of the year, the nearby McDonald's put up 3 blazing lights facing north that cast shadows on my living room wall - 7 stories up and 4-5 blocks away (McD's was built on lower ground than my building was, so it's probably closer to 8 stories up). (Pix 1 and 2)

Perhaps McD's also had a similar bank of lights that I could not see on the other side of their building facing south toward C on R and lighting it up, so I decided to visit the scene at night and take pictures. (Pic 3)

But when I got there McD's DID have an involvement, but the biggest culprits were the Toyota dealership (by far) and - to a lesser degree - the Giant Farmers Market. (Pic 4 photo stitch - NOTE: after clicking to enlarge the stitch, you'll have to scroll from left to right to see the whole thing)

Just imagine spending a LOT of money to live in C on R and seeing this on your first (and every) night.

389 Main will also have the same problem (on the plus side, that building will block a couple of lights that shine brightly in my apartment). But this is just one observation from my one angle.  I imagine that all new buildings will have the same problem unless Hackensack pre-emptively enacts a city-wide retroactive light control ordinance with no one grandfathered in.

PSE&G is responsible for most of the problem installations, but only the property owners can get them to fix things - they will NOT listen to me. Any non-PSE&G installations may only require tilting the light or adding a shade, so it shouldn't be a major expense for those people or the city, which also violates light pollution sensibilities regularly. Wait'll the people on the east-facing upper floors of both buildings get a load of the Foschini Park field lights! (Pix 5&6 - taken from my apartment, which is not as close to those lights as 389 Main and ESPECIALLY Current on River).

The council has got to act before all these people move in and start complaining. Let's start them off with the great experience you've been touting all along.

I continue to offer a standing invitation to any council member who would like to see everything I'm talking about (and a lot more) from my location.

Any of you up for doing the right thing for all your new residents (and some of us long-time ones)?

As usual, click to enlarge.

I try to get these annual "Best of"s posted by the middle of January, but this one was a bit overweight and took until this month to finish. That's because I added the Main St area projects to each monthly section, so if you've already followed that here, you can save some time and skip it.

Enjoy (but you'll probably need to pace yourself):

Hackensack Videos / Inefficient overuse of road salt
« on: February 24, 2019, 04:42:44 PM »
The spaces had been cleared - for the most part - by plows. A few spots remained, but instead of manually throwing a bucket of salt where needed, a salt spreader was used. It made a couple of circular trips around the lot, which spread a lot of salt on the totally-cleared driving lane. It did concentrate on a couple of spots by just sitting there, but that tossed at least as much salt on clear ground.

In the end, it didn't do much good anyway.

Salt is environmentally harmful, so - in this case - it might have been a good idea to limit the usage to the few spots that needed it, rather than blanket the 90%-dry lot - especially on a day that reached 47 degrees.


I met him a couple of times when he made appearances on The Uncle Floyd Show - nice guy. I got to shoot the band at Pier 84 in Manhattan in 1986.

Here's a shot I took of him and Floyd on 8-20-82 during a UFS show taping. It's never been published before. There are a few other shots on my site.

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