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Hackensack Discussion / Re: Hackensack schools, facilities upgrade, new school
« Last post by ericmartindale on January 15, 2019, 05:28:19 AM » no longer allows people to read their articles online. There's a pop-up screen that says you have to pay.

Now I see why they stopped this website, years ago, from posting the full articles. 
It's been pretty slow lately, what with the holidays, the weather and who knows what else, so the scene hasn't changed a whole lot. I had expected to lose my river view by now, so I'm thankful for the extra time and river photo ops.

12-14-18 (2) Dumping gravel and sparking the beams

12-19-18 (2) Except for the Cats, these scenes haven't changed in almost a month.

12-23-18 (6) Last burst of activity in 2018 (I hope the building stands up better than its sign did.)

1-2-19 (first 4 pix) Starting the year right by closing Main St to dig up the road and install sewer pipe connectors. (5) Driving backwards around Main/Ward/State with a load of concrete Main St road pieces. (6) Dumping some gravel near the road pieces.

1-3-19 Uber for Cats

1-5-19 Raindrops on the wires

1-9-19 Blazing sunset hits the girders and the Noches de Colombia restaurantís lights sit in the background shadows.

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Photography...........the way I see it (Moderated by BLeafe) / Re: Projects update
« Last post by BLeafe on January 11, 2019, 04:00:06 PM »
76 Main

1. When will something be built here?

149/153 Main

2. (Taken 2 1/2 weeks ago) 149's rising, 153's fire debris is still there after a month.

The Hole

3. Stitch showing both sides of Moore St.

4. Stitch of concrete pumper reaching from (almost) Moore to Main.

5,6,7. Christmas Day in The Hole

Moore St

8. Three projects seen from lower Moore St (l-r): 210 Main (bank), 240 Main (wraparound Main-Salem-Moore) and The Current on River at the end of Moore on Camden (and River St).

9. Insulation all over between 210 Main bank (rear) and its next-door neighbor.

10. This welcomed people at that next-door neighbor (I think).

11. Messy Moore St sidewalk

12. An alley I hadn't seen before next to/south of The Arc (two joined pix).

13,14. Main-Salem-Moore wraparound

Current on River

15. C on R (and 210 Main), as seen from the river at FDU

16. The "front" at Camden & River.

17. What does this say? "Call"? The first thing the chemist side of me saw was "CaCl", which is an incorrect chemical formula for calcium chloride (CaCl₂). Below the sign are sacks of Quikrete concrete. Calcium chloride is a concrete accelerator that speeds the rate of set, so maybe the sign DOES says "CaCl". Any other suggestions?

18. Stitch: from the Camden St perspective

19. Stitch: from the Giant Farmers Market perspective

20. From my home perspective

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Hackensack History / Re: Demolition of The Record building
« Last post by BLeafe on January 11, 2019, 03:05:31 PM »
As of Christmas Day 2018, here's what's there. There's probably not much reason to go by there anytime soon (unless someone wants to rescue the 150 sign).   ;)

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Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by BLeafe on January 11, 2019, 11:25:12 AM »
Brand new year, same old problems...............maybe THIS will be the year they wake up (and maybe a green sun will rise tomorrow morning).

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Hackensack Videos / My leftover video scraps from 2018
« Last post by BLeafe on January 10, 2019, 06:45:00 PM »
These are 17(?) little things I shot in 2018, put in a folder and never found a use for, except to combine them all just for the hell of it.

They range from 5 seconds to 1:22 minutes each and the whole thing runs just under 8 minutes.

It may be my best work ever.

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