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Hackensack History / Holy Trinity School.......Adios
« on: September 23, 2009, 01:25:29 AM »
My 8 years at HTS were evenly split between the old and new schools.

Last Saturday, there was a "garage sale" in the school cafeteria. After a perfunctory look at the merch, I walked through a dark hallway and up 2 flights to try to get some cellphone photos of my 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classrooms before whatever happens to the now-closed school happens.

Those halls were also pretty dark because all the classroom blinds were drawn and 3 of the 4 classroom doors were locked, so shot variety was pretty limited.

The rooms didn't appear to be designated "5A", "5B", etc., as they were way back when, so I don't know what grades last used what rooms. Doesn't matter - I knew which rooms I did my learnin' in.

Let's start with 5A. When you climb the steps on the Pangborn Place side to the second floor, you turn left into the hallway. The first room on the left was 5A.

The first image below is the photo I got through the window of the 5A door. Below that is our 5A class photo from 1957. Notice that little has changed...........the floor and even the desks look exactly the same 52 years later!

Rather sad.

(BTW - I'm second from the right against the blackboard)

The 6th grade classroom (third picture) was the only one that was unlocked. The next picture shows what the nuns quaintly referred to as "the cloakroom".

The next 2 pictures show my 7th and 8th grade classrooms with the same ancient desks and floors. I don't recall the horrid classroom colors. Either I've blocked it out or it's the only visual "improvement" made in a half-century.

Time for a pit stop and one final second-floor memory, facing east and west. Then it was time to head back downstairs to the cafeteria, where I took a photo of the building where I spent the first 4 years of my HTS life.

I DID enjoy my 8 years at HTS and got a great education, but have no special feeling for the building. I don't know what's to become of it - one man I spoke to in the cafeteria Saturday mentioned a possible movement to bring the school back - so I look at this as my goodbye tour...........something I needed to do.



I wonder if those are new Bergen County Police cars in of them looks like a Keystone Cops vehicle.



You know about Hackensack, MN. You may even be familiar with New Hackensack, NY, near Poughkeepsie. But have you ever heard of Hackensack Mountain?

It's right by Warrensburg, NY. For some reason that I haven't researched yet, there are a lot of things in Warrensburg named Hackensack, including a Hackensack Avenue.............and even their high school yearbooks, some of which have an Oratam-like indian on the cover.

The seller has 10 of these for sale on eBay that cover every year from 1945-1955 except 1948. If you want to see the other ones, click the above link and then hit the seller's "See other items" link.

I don't expect that anyone here would have any interest in these............I just found it unusual that Warrensburg Jr-Sr School would call their yearbook, "The Hackensack" - a name inspired by a nearby mountain.

And why did they name the mountain "Hackensack" in the first place?


Online Auctions/Local Images (Moderated by BLeafe) / Oritani Luncheonette MC
« on: September 19, 2009, 10:41:05 PM »
(MC = Matchcover)

298 Main would place this next to the Oritani Theater (or REAL close).


Hackensack Discussion / WE'RE #2!
« on: September 19, 2009, 12:51:49 PM »


Not on eBay and not for sale. I found this full page ad last night in a 1973 concert booklet for the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, where I used to be the house photographer.

This store, at 290 Main St, was located where Uneek Fashions is - just north of the library - and apparently opened in late Spring, 1971.

If you click on the below image, it will enlarge.



Unused/undated, but looks 1920s.



Seller's description:

Bruce is Helping Hackensack Riverkeeper
to Save the Swamps of Jersey...

Hackensack Riverkeeper is auctioning off two sets of TWO TICKETS
to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's Concert
on Thursday, October 8th at the OLD Giant's Stadium (before it's knocked down!),
including passes to the E-Street Lounge before the show!

The auction winnerís seats will be located in the loge section (first tier above the floor)
within the first five rows, either to the left or right of the stage.
The auction winner  may choose to be in the Pit, rather than seats.
The Pit is a corralled-off area on the floor,
directly in front of the stage, that houses approximately 200-300 people.
Please note the Pit is standing room only and there is no guaranteed placement in the Pit Ė
itís a first come, first serve area.  Everyone with tickets/wristbands to the Pit
will form a line to enter the Pit (this line is also first come, first serve) and when the gates
to the Pit open, everyone enters the Pit from whatever position you hold in that line.
Once inside, the Pit is a GA area.

The E Street Lounge passes will enable the auction winner to go backstage to relax and have a
drink before the show.  The Lounge has a cash bar and is before show only.

Ticket pick-up takes place at the specially designated ARTIST WILL CALL WINDOWS
located in the Box Office from 6:00pm on, day of show.

All proceeds from this auction will go to further Hackensack Riverkeeper's mission
to Protect, Preserve and Restore the entire Hackensack River Watershed.

As of right now, this is the next-to-last concert ever at Giants Stadium.

And to think I shot the first show ever there in 1978. If you want to stump your friends, ask them what band was the very first to perform there. Answer: the Stanky Brown Group. It was a Beach Boys/Steve Miller Band/Pablo Cruise/Stanky Brown Group bill.

Since the seller only provided a picture of Bruce performing elsewhere and not a picture of the tickets - since they have to be picked up at the box office - here's my contribution to the cause: a picture I took of Springsteen during his first Giants Stadium stand in 1985.



Seller's description:

Fine Photo Art Print on High Quality Paper.

Frank Sinatra Mugshot photo from Bergen County NJ in 1938. Court records reveal that on November 28, 1938..Frank Sinatra was charged with seduction under the false promise of marriage. In the MugShot he is still wearing a tuxedo following a performance at The Rustic Cabin in Hackensack, NJ. He was booked and photographed by Bergen County police. The charges were subsequently dropped.

Title - Sinatra Mugshot

Size - 35" x 20"

Condition - Perfect / New

I'm only posting this because it's local and some people may not have ever seen it, but there are a BAZILLION of these out there and have been sold on eBay for years - kind of like a mass-produced Britney Spears publicity photo. You can tell because EVERY seller gives the same faulty description about The Rustic Cabin being in Hackensack (instead of Englewood Cliffs). They've been copying the same description from each other for years.

DON'T BUY IT! It's wildly overpriced and not even worth the shipping cost.

It's shown here solely for educational/entertainment purposes.



Nice card from a spelling-challenged seller.


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