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I'm still trying to organize lots of stills, create stitches and consolidate videos.

Meanwhile, these are from the last week of February:

2/23 - Some of the old steel beams that are taken away by truck are just too long to fit in it, so they have to be cut in half with a cutting torch. The showers of sparks aren't as impressive during daylight, but these were taken toward dusk on a cloudy day. In the third picture, you can use your imagination to guess what might have been ignited by the torch.

2/26 - 1. Butting heads
          2. After 30 years, I can now see part of Main St at night that had been blocked by a building.

2/27 - 1. Recycling bricks
           2. 375 Main is down............on to 389.

2/28 - 1. What's left of 389 Main (the door with the small notice from the city will show up later)
           2. The State St side of the 395 Main building (also known as 404 State St) just lost its doors (big white/red Xs).

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Summit & Hamilton Construction
« Last post by ericmartindale on March 03, 2018, 05:56:22 AM »
nearby house on Hamilton Place, same estate division
Hackensack Discussion / Re: Summit & Hamilton Construction
« Last post by ericmartindale on March 01, 2018, 12:16:35 PM »
I also proposed an R40 zone to replace R2, but I couldn't get it passed.  It would have continued to allow 2-family houses on a 50 x 100 lot, but only side-by-side duplex houses. It would not allow new construction or conversions from 1 to 2-family with one unit on the first floor and one on the second floor. The intent was to increase owner-occupany, and there was a clause that the 2-family units must be separately-deeded. R40 would have also allowed a single-family house on a 40 x 100 lot.  And for both single-family and two-family, it would have allowed slightly more lot coverage, which is needed for quality construction. Otherwise, rooms would be a lot smaller, and the houses would sell for so much less that it would not be economical to build. And that is the status quo.

The result of R40 not passing is that NOT MUCH one and two-family construction has occured in the R2 zone, which is large areas of the First Ward, plus the Carver Park area. Builders could go for variances, but that's always a gamble.

I believe the R40 proposal is still relevant, and it could still be passed.  I still have all my files on that.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: Summit & Hamilton Construction
« Last post by ericmartindale on March 01, 2018, 12:11:37 PM »
Another very similar house is under construction around the corner on Hamilton Place.  The estate at the SW corner of Summit & Hamilton was subdivided. That large estate, along with the adjacent house on the corner of Passaic Street, had been held for DECADES by investors hoping for zoning changes to build something more. 

Now that threat is completely eliminated by the subdivision of the larger estate.

In 2005, I wrote new zoning code for Summit Ave and vicinity.  The R1 zone definition (75 x 100, 7500 square feet) was eliminated, and replaced with R100, R75, and R60.  This site is in R75, which still means 75 x 100, but with 10,000 square feet lot size.  The new house around the corner went from R1A (50 x 100, 5000 square feet) to R75 as well.  Most of the remaining R1A zone was renamed R50, and it means the same thing.

Hackensack Discussion / Summit & Hamilton Construction
« Last post by ericmartindale on March 01, 2018, 12:02:15 PM »
There is new construction on Summit Ave near Hamilton Place.  Attempting to download a photo, it's not easy.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: School Board may build new school
« Last post by johnny g on February 28, 2018, 07:45:43 AM »
Down on Hudson Street where I grew up we only had Immaculate Conception (where I went) and Jackson Ave school (which I believe was K thru 4th or 5th grades?)
After that kids would have to trek way uptown to the middle school. The majority of schools were always in the northern part of town...are there any I'm missing in the southern part of the city?
Hackensack Discussion / Re: School Board may build new school
« Last post by ericmartindale on February 27, 2018, 03:41:49 AM »
There needs to be an elementary school EAST of Railroad Ave, and somewhere between Anderson and Essex Streets. That will be "local" for all the new construction on Main and State Streets. Just look at a map of where the schools are, and you'll see a big void that needs to be filled. Hackensack is beyond the point of erecting additions to the existing elementary schools.

The only options are (a) stop new construction, and (b) build a new school.  I don't see (a) as a viable option.

If someone has access to the school district map, please post it.

And then everyone can all see how crazy the district lines are for 3 of the elementary schools. The Fairmount, Nellie K. Parker, and Fanny Hiller districts each reach deep into the heart of Hackensack, and into the downtown area. This means that families who will be living in the vicinity of Union, State, Main, and River Streets have to send their elementary students to a school 1 to 1.75 miles away, whether it's Fairmount, Nellie k. Parker, or Fanny Hillers. Only the Jackson Ave school has sensible district lines.

The city is trying to create a sense of community for the downtown and surrounding blocks, but wants to continue to divide that area between three elementary school districts AND then make parents transport their kids to 3 distant schools literally across town. You see the problem. Although all the existing elementary schools are all in stellar suburban neighborhoods, I'm quite sure that all the new families living downtown would much rather have a BRAND NEW elementary school in their own neighborhood.  And I have a hunch that it will be the highest performing elementary school in the city, with all the new relatively high income families moving into the downtown and surrounding streets.  And since all of Hackensack is now thoroughly mixed between Black and Latino, and there's very few White families sending to any of the elementary schools (I think all are 10% or less White, and if someone has this data, please post), this redistricting can be done in 2018 without raising any issues of racial segregation.  Although there is the possibility that a new downtown school might have a tad higher White and Asian populations than the others. Depending on the level of gentrification coming.

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