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Geez - it's been over a year since I've posted in this thread. Westbound Anderson St was closed this morning because there was a big crane in the road, but I didn't know why. A couple of hours later, I saw this (it goes perfectly with the previous photo):


Lately, I've really been getting into shooting more ridiculously-long cars, etc., with the iPhone PANO setting (future blog post), but while I'm doing that, I'm finding other things to shoot as well. These are some of the recent oh-by-the-way shots.

Click most of the images to enlarge (there are about half-a-dozen PANOS in this group).

1. No cars here, but I had never seen this view of the First Presbyterian Church's steeple from the First Baptist Church's property before.

2. I don't know how much longer we'll see Bruce The Bed King's smiling face, so here's what that block on Main currently looks like. There are a couple of strange vehicles (or maybe it was just one) on the road that happened to come along while I was taking this shot. They (or it) were/was traveling north in the southbound lane, which looks rather dangerous, so I cropped the picture to give you..............

3. .............this image. Bruce looks comparatively sane. And notice the two fading signs on the right that say: "Colony's Warehouse". Before it was called "Bruce The Bed King", it was the Colony Sleep Center.

4. Jumping over to River St, I took this rather drab photo of the Sears Auto Center..............

5. ..............but over in the corner was a much more interesting image. You'd be hard-pressed to find 3 more-architectually-different buildings in such a compressed space.

6. This super-wide PANO shot may not look look like this for long. The Bruce block will be replaced by yet another big apartment building and who knows WHAT will happen with Sears.......

7. Somewhere on the Sears property, I found this open and uncovered rectangular hole that someone could easily fall into. I should have taken a wider shot for perspective, but - trust me - somebody should really remedy this situation promptly.

8. Sears has been closed now for a year-and-a-half. You'd think someone in authority would have cleaned up this eyesore by now (and some of those tires - at first glance - don't look too bad).

9. Closeup (and someone left their shoes on the landing)

10,11. Continuing south on River St, I found these two items between Anderson St and Passaic St.

12. Swinging back up to Main St, I came across yet another sign (on the old Geri's Deli) that's trying to convince people that "The Sack" isn't the dopiest name ever - an impossible task. Most people with a brain in their head are too embarrassed to even utter the name. STOP THROWING MONEY AT THIS NAME..........IT'LL NEVER WORK!

13. Almost home, I saw this gigantic crane hoisting some wood, but wasn't sure where it was located...............until I got home and saw that it was part of the Main-Berry-State-Camden project.

14. Speaking of which...........I noticed yesterday that they've begun tearing down a building that appears to be on Camden St. I'll have to get over there whenever it finally stops raining.

15,16. Today, I thought I saw a huge chain-link fence being pulled out of the ground by a crane. Then I noticed it was also in yesterday's shot, so it appears to be a demolition shield being held in place by the crane.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: April 03, 2022, 11:55:04 AM »
Here's another idiotic caption from yesterday's Sports section of The Record that's filled with unprovable "facts". In the space of 25 words, there are 6 uninteresting, space-filling suppositions that don't necessarily show what's in this 6-year-old picture of a long-retired player.

A better caption might be, "David Wright sticks his tongue out while making a throw." THAT at least accurately describes what you see, which is supposed to be the purpose of captions.

Click to enlarge.

I had to do this before the trees' foliage returned and blocked half the view (and before they turned the fountain on).

It turned out to be a lot of work, but I don't think I can produce a better one.

Isn't there a better name for this project?

1. From my living room, I saw this tall crane a couple of blocks away, but I couldn't see what it was lifting.

2,3,4. So I took a walk over there and found out.

5. Here's the full State St view, looking down Camden St.

6. On Camden, this concrete piece says "New Prince  Hackensack". Is that a new restaurant? No - it's the name of the concrete construction company.

7. The PANO view from Camden - midway between State and Main.

8. Whatever you do, don't drive straight ahead.

9. This is what was behind me.

10. The view from Main St

11. Last Saturday afternoon - from home - the fluttering flag atop the condensed crane caught my eye. What catches my eye now is how may different projects are in this shot.

Click to enlarge. There are a few PANOS in this bunch, so be sure you do.

Oops! I left out two shots taken at the bus station...........

1. I've mentioned this before, but no one has seen fit to fix this: Buses and people run on schedules, so shouldn't the clocks at a bus terminal be accurate? This clock at the Hackensack bus station - which says the time is 3:54, was taken (and time-stamped) at 1:12pm.

2. Even the bus station pigeons are unhappy because the incorrect clocks throw off their pooping schedule.

These were taken around town on February 19 (1), 20 (9) and 27 (1). Click to enlarge all - especially the last 4, which are PANOs (panoramics).

1. The USS Ling (still hanging in there)

2. New and old

3. Still a horrible name............

4. This one isn't much better

5. You have to go to the back of 210 Main to find this

6. I love this angle........

7. ...........but not whatever this is

8. Balloon Day at Riverside Nissan (PANO)

9. The (not-very) Green (hey - it's Winter) (PANO)

10. Midtown Bridge (I'm standing in the middle of the very straight sidewalk you see on both ends - ain't PANO fun?)

11. The Print House (what replaced The Record building on River St) (PANO)

The print edition is getting sloppier and sloppier. The first pic below is the E-Edition of part of the front page of today's Sports section. In the print edition (second image), the swimmer swam down into the basketball coverage. I don't think I've ever seen that before. How could someone in charge not catch a flub like that before it was sent out?

That's not all they missed. Most of four different pages were unreadable (last 2 images).

I think they're softening us up to crave "the much better-looking e-edition". I guess we'll know soon enough.

Click pix to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: March 13, 2022, 06:15:03 PM »
Not having a good day? This paper's not having a good weekend.

So we got through the first Saturday without having a physical newspaper. The only bad thing I noticed with the online-only version was the lack of the evening's TV grid - a very necessary part of a newspaper. I'm hoping it was just an oversight that will be corrected next Saturday.

But that hope seems to have been shot down today (Sunday). No grid again..........and I'll bet there won't be one anymore during the rest of the week. Instead there were 11 items listed under the heading "What To Watch". I think I'd rather make my own choices from a grid listing of a couple hundred shows than from what some unknown person selects.

I'd be happy to lose that above bet, but then I saw something else under the "What To Watch" listing. It started off with "Prefer TV Grids?"

It was an ad for TV Weekly magazine ("Get expanded coverage delivered to your door!"). Oh goodie - something else to pay extra for..........just like those idiotic Subscriber-Exclusive Special Editions they make us pay extra for, even though no one wants them.

And they just happened to include one in today's paper - a useless 12-page one titled "Spirits of the South - A Journey Through the Region's Best Distilleries and Bars".


They've also replaced the Sunday Jumble with a weekday-type one, but the answer won't show up in the paper until next Sunday...............UNLESS you go to To make up for this inconvenience, they've added even more of their never-ending supply of puzzles and games that no one wants - more useless filler.

On to the next disaster in today's paper............where else?............the Sports section.

Pages 3S and 4S have the EXACT SAME ARTICLE (verbatim!) about NFL quarterbacks' salaries (first pic). The only differences are that each used a different picture of Aaron Rodgers and Page 4's title has 4 extra words in it. That's it!

To show you how truly back-to-back they are, I held the page up to a light. Look at the headlines! (second pic).

Lastly, I didn't think their horribly inept caption-writing could get any worse, but guess what?

Now they're loading them with TONS of absolutely useless and unprovable information. These two little gems (third pic) were both on page 6S today.

Take the top one: what shows that he just flew out......or that it was to left field? How do we know that there were two runners on base and why would that matter if they were? What indicates that this occurred in the first inning or that the Red Sox were the opponent or the year was 2020?


The first 7 words are the only provable part of this 28-word mess of a caption.

In the bottom image, he might be throwing to first base, but what indicates to us who the runner was (or even what team was the opponent) or what inning or year it was (it could be in Denver, but I'm not that familiar with their home jerseys).

A caption is supposed to tell us what's visible in the picture and most of this tripe doesn't do that.

And oh-by-the-way.........they're STILL writing that a photo's subject "reacts" when they show a photo in which he or she is just standing there doing nothing, but they never say what that person is reacting to, which makes the caption beyond useless.

And don't get me started about their cringe-worthy use of "looks on".

Other than all that, everything's peachy.

(Click images to enlarge)

How does this nearly-parking-lot-wide fire truck make the turn into the street? Maybe I should have taken THAT picture instead.

Click to enlarge.

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