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« on: September 08, 2022, 05:50:00 PM »
There's been some talk lately that this site may cease to exist. That would be an absolute crime.

Let's review its purpose. As you may know, EVERYTHING that's posted here goes into the city's historical database - essentially, for the benefit of future researchers and historians who want to know exactly what life was like in Hackensack in the early 2000s. Imagine if such a source existed a couple of hundred years ago. Yeah - we know about most of the important pieces of local history, but not about all the things that went on - what life was really like here back then.

You have to start thinking like this: EVERYTHING that goes on is history some day. If you see something that might be slightly interesting, write about it, photograph it and post it. If you encounter something you have questions about, post those questions............maybe someone can answer them for you.

I've covered a lot of recent construction that's changing the face of Hackensack, but I can't cover it all. If you live in Hackensack, something's probably going on in your area that the rest of us don't know about. Even if it seems rather mundane, it will be of increasing interest as the decades go by. Don't just do it for us - do it for all future residents and historians. Do what we wish people from long ago had the ability to do.

Got an interesting or funny story about something in the city that happened in your past (or currently)? Even if it doesn't get a huge reaction from anybody now, it may have great meaning for people in the future. And if it DOES click with someone here today, interesting and informative conversations may ensue and they could have additional meaning for those in the future.

So that we don't have 90 million threads, check the site's search function using key words from whatever you'd like to post about and see if threads about that topic already exist. If they do, add to those threads instead of creating new ones. If they don't, start new ones.

If you're not sure how to post pictures, message me. If it seems to be a common problem, I'll write a post about how to do it. And if you DO post pictures, please make sure they don't have huge file sizes, because the site owner will have to pay out of his pocket for the increased bandwidth. A good (and simple) idea would be to use an online file compression program like Compress Jpeg ( It's very easy.

You may have seen that I sometimes post a link to my blog instead of just putting all the pictures on this site. I'm aware that people would prefer to just see the pictures instead of having to click a link to go somewhere else, but there's a very good reason why I do that: no matter how many images there are or how big their file sizes are, the bandwidth is MY responsibility, meaning that it costs this site's owner nothing, so clicking those links supports the boss.

Though "Recent Posts" may seem like it lately, this is not the Bob Leafe Show, nor do I want it to be. This is everyone's show.

And according to a 54-year-old song by Traffic, "You Can All Join In":

I hope you will and keep this important site going on forever. Hackensack's current and future generations deserve nothing less.

There's some sort of Summer program involving kids and (I think) The First Presbyterian Church. A whole slew of young kids and some older supervisors(?) either come out of the side of the church that I can't see or they're all cutting through on the church's driveway to get to the municipal lot to be led elsewhere...........and then return in the afternoon.

Lately, an ice cream truck shows up at a certain time in the afternoon and parks either behind the church or in the municipal lot. A few minutes after that, a crowd of kids inundate the truck and an ordering frenzy ensues, while a "supervisor" shells out the bucks.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Ultimate Frisbee at Hackensack Middle School
« on: August 18, 2022, 01:30:46 PM »
I took these two shots from my apartment on July 24 - a Sunday morning. I had never seen anyone playing Ultimate at the Middle School before then or since.

Anyone have any information about this?

Click to enlarge.

The first pic shows the colorful sunset in the west from inside my roof door two nights ago. The unusual thing was that there was something else going on in the eastern sky (second shot). There's only a 3-minute difference between these two shots. If you look at the middle of the top floor of the 417 Main apartment building (tall, in the middle), you can see a simultaneous reflection of the western sky in a window.

The third shot - a blowup of part of the first shot - looks like a funnel cloud going into another cloud.

I can't recall ever seeing something dazzling - other than a rainbow - in the eastern sky at sunset.

Any meteorologists out there with an explanation of these east-west "sunsets"?

Click to enlarge - especially the eastern sky PANO shot (I like the sky reflection on the Second Reformed Church's roof).

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Cheapest gas in Hackensack today...........
« on: August 06, 2022, 11:41:49 AM »
Fuel 4 (next to White Manna) is now down to $3.99.

If you want to keep up with the lowest Hackensack gas prices, go here:

Hackensack Discussion / Cheapest gas in Hackensack today...........
« on: August 03, 2022, 02:32:01 PM »
............right next to White Manna.

(though I hear it's $4.05 at Cedar & River in Teaneck)

Hackensack Discussion / Rudy's is down
« on: August 03, 2022, 02:22:22 PM »
Don't know when it happened and you can see that part of it is still untouched.

Click to enlarge.

So I'm editing July and just came across this quintet from July 3. It's aimed west towards Prospect Ave, but I have no idea which buildings they are.

It's rare that I get to see a clear crescent moon that low in the sky and I only noticed it because I had just finished shooting Paramus' fireworks from home.

More July to come.

Click to enlarge.

Dock died on July 25 in Talladega, AL, at age 81. He was very well-known to a lot of people in Hackensack. I first met him in the mid-1960s when we had a mutual friend. I last saw him 6 years ago at a car show in the parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church that's next to the Gentile Funeral Home on Union St (below pic).

You can find a few posts on this site if you search his name. You can read the obituary, share a memory, etc., here:

Click to enlarge.

This is a new one: half of today's paper is a different size than the other half. The front 4 sections are 22"x11" and the back 4 sections are 21"x12".

The picture shows how it looks when you start reading it from the front AND how it looks when you've finished. One's tall and skinny and the other's short and wide.

What possible purpose could this serve?

Click to enlarge.

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