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Sometime after 10:30am yesterday, I started to hear church-like singing. Since I live between two churches, I figured it was coming from one of them that may have opened their windows on a nice Spring morning. But then it started getting louder and sort of familiar-sounding............another Ecuadorian religious procession?

I went to a south-facing window in my apartment and - sure enough - I could see a procession coming up Union St.


1. I got my camera. The group had reached Passaic St, as an officer was directing southbound traffic off Union St so the procession could proceed northward. I could see that some unfamiliar object was at the front of it.

2. After they crossed Passaic St., I zoomed in to see what religious object headed the was a statue of Saint Speaker!

3. Then I saw something else I hadn't seen before: a bunch of balloons. What was that supposed to represent?

4. Time to zoom in again............oh, wait - I recognize that configuration. It's a rosary! But if I remember correctly, there should be 10 white balloons between each red pair, which doesn't always seem to be the case with this rosary.

5. Time for the star of this show/honoree. I called the Holy Trinity rectory this morning to find out what this procession was all about. "The Crowning of Mary" was the reply. Google says it's "the Coronation of Mary as Queen of the Heavens by her son, Jesus Christ". Well. she is sporting a lovely crown.

6. When I started editing this pic, the program decided to let me know that it didn't recognize a dozen of the pictured people. Fortunately, Mary and Baby Jesus made the cut.

7. There are always interesting items in these processions that I've never seen before (check out the "flowers"). At the bottom of the framed artwork the two men are holding, you can see the words, "EL CISNE". Information about that can be found here:

8. If you'd like to hear what they were chanting as they went out of view, check out this 20-second video:

Click pix to enlarge.

I wonder what the current residents think about that..............

Click to enlarge.

1. Less dirt = more buildings.

2. While on Camden St, I saw this guy occasionally popping out of the top floor. The next time he did, I was ready.

3. This was going on right across State St. I'm still not sure if these two work sites are related.

4. From the same spot, I did a 180º and shot this PANO.

5. I shot the next two images this morning from my living room. There are at least 4 projects visible in this one, plus lovely Spring foliage colors.

6. You may have noticed someone on top of the new construction in that last shot. Zooming in shows there are two people working there and the closer one has his feet on two different ladder steps as he lifts and moves a very large wood plank that had been standing against the wall. I would NOT want to try doing that.

Click to enlarge some of them.

1. This is the notice for the closure that resulted in the above picture.

2. The next day, I received this notice. Sounds like there might be another sign going up on the Main St side.

3. I had to go food shopping that morning, but decided to first take a walk over to Main and Anderson to see if I guessed correctly. I did. There was a truck there that showed part of a sign that said "The WA". A minute later, part of a sign that was behind it was raised that said "LCOTT". I didn't know that the sign came in sections. Here's a view of the Main St side sign that only existed for a few seconds. You'll never see this again.

4. How would the sign be attached? The answer's on the wall.

5. Since it's a vertical sign, the bottom "LCOTT" piece goes up first...........

6,7. ...............and gets attached to the wall.

8. Another rare moment in time where just 1 1/2 signs are up.

9.10. There were some long waits between the important shots of this shoot, so I passed the time by taking some boring PANO pix of what else was going on around me (a turning car, a bus).

11. But I think my favorite was this block-long (at least!) HFD fire engine that cannot turn left or right off Main St. The Main St Fire Engine travels the length of Main St and then has to back up the entire length of the street to begin the process all over and constant fire coverage for Main St! Brilliant!
(.......and if you believe that............)

By the way - regarding that little black blur of a car - I was panning right to left (the direction of the southbound fire engine). The black car was moving left to right (northbound). Going with the panning direction lengthens vehicles. Going against shortens them.

12. At this point, my "quick stop" at The Walcott had lasted an hour. It took quite a while to get that first piece from truck to wall, so I decided to quickly do my food shopping (in Paramus) and see if I could make it back in time for Piece #2.

I returned via Rt 4 and Main St, which was one lane between Maple and Anderson. As I was stopped at the traffic light at Anderson, the second piece of the sign started lifting off the truck (what timing!). I took this shot from my car (this may be the only time I was ever glad to catch a red light).

13,14. I quickly parked and hustled back in time to get these shots of the top part of the sign being put in place.

15. And here's the finished product............

Click to enlarge many of these (mainly the horizontals and especially the PANOS)

From home:

1. Two floors later...........

2. The building right next to the construction is now being torn down. Not sure what building that is, but it appears to be on Camden St.

3. It turns out that I took a picture of the adjoining buildings on the Camden St. side a day earlier. The sign on the being-torn-down-building says "Venture Program". Here's information about that: It appears to be part of the Gateway High School around the corner at 295 Main.

4. It looks like there are still drawings (juvenile?) on the inside walls.

5,6. At the site later that day.........

7. As I'm shooting, I noticed yet another project right behind me on the west side of State St between the one-story Korean Church on the right and the little 7-11/Cleaners strip mall on the left. Are these two separate projects?

8. Since the gate was open, I took two steps inside to shoot a PANO of the whole lot that just had many little holes drilled into it.

9. The next day, I saw this from home (and then took another walk over there).

10. Demolition was now one room closer to Camden St (with more things on the wall).

11. Three days later, heavy metal from the demolition was being (loudly) dumped into the truck.

12. The day after THAT (Saturday, April 16) - with southward demolition (pile on left) complete to Camden St, I took this pair of shots through the fence on Berry St..............

13.............and then shot the top of the demolisher.

14. Moving over to Main St, I took this PANO shot of the whole lot, including the apparatus that was drilling all those little holes in the ground (far right).

15. I then headed over to Camden St - which seems to have been paved - to show that the partial demolition of the building next door had reached the street. It appears that the rest of that white building will also come down.

16. Today - April 18 - the demolition of the white Camden St building continues in an easterly direction.

Click most to enlarge - especially the PANOS.

I guess that name's better than "The Near Bowler City project" (but only slightly).

Most of these photos were taken about 3 weeks ago. I just never got around to posting them.

I had been curious about a very tall crane I could see from my living room, but I couldn't tell exactly where it was (The Record property?)..............and I never saw anything being hoisted by it. So I took a ride down River St and found out.

It's where the old municipal parking lot across the street from Bowler City was.

1,2. These first two shots were taken in February when I was walking around in Foschini Park and the rest were taken on March 25, when I finally saw the crane hoisting something.

3. And here is that hoist..........(big deal).

4. The first PANO of the shoot as I'm standing on the road to Bogota

5-8. Monkey bars for construction workers

9. A pause as another crane delivers a piece of equipment

10. Can anyone figure out what's going on in this 2-faced PANO?

11-13. Heading back past the monkey bars again.........

14. Race to the top..................Orange wins!

15. (PANO) I'm standing in the entrance to Bowler City looking toward the cranes' dance floor.

16. Since I parked on Moore St, I had to cross River St at a crosswalk where there's no traffic light. Northbound was stopped at Mercer St - 2 blocks away. Someone in the southbound fast lane stopped to let me cross, but no one in the slow lane could see me, so it was touch and go for a while, but I had to get this PANO shot of a banner for the 210 Main project  - the tall building on the left - that seemed to be aimed toward the Midtown Bridge project.

Click most images to enlarge.

Geez - it's been over a year since I've posted in this thread. Westbound Anderson St was closed this morning because there was a big crane in the road, but I didn't know why. A couple of hours later, I saw this (it goes perfectly with the previous photo):


Lately, I've really been getting into shooting more ridiculously-long cars, etc., with the iPhone PANO setting (future blog post), but while I'm doing that, I'm finding other things to shoot as well. These are some of the recent oh-by-the-way shots.

Click most of the images to enlarge (there are about half-a-dozen PANOS in this group).

1. No cars here, but I had never seen this view of the First Presbyterian Church's steeple from the First Baptist Church's property before.

2. I don't know how much longer we'll see Bruce The Bed King's smiling face, so here's what that block on Main currently looks like. There are a couple of strange vehicles (or maybe it was just one) on the road that happened to come along while I was taking this shot. They (or it) were/was traveling north in the southbound lane, which looks rather dangerous, so I cropped the picture to give you..............

3. .............this image. Bruce looks comparatively sane. And notice the two fading signs on the right that say: "Colony's Warehouse". Before it was called "Bruce The Bed King", it was the Colony Sleep Center.

4. Jumping over to River St, I took this rather drab photo of the Sears Auto Center..............

5. ..............but over in the corner was a much more interesting image. You'd be hard-pressed to find 3 more-architectually-different buildings in such a compressed space.

6. This super-wide PANO shot may not look look like this for long. The Bruce block will be replaced by yet another big apartment building and who knows WHAT will happen with Sears.......

7. Somewhere on the Sears property, I found this open and uncovered rectangular hole that someone could easily fall into. I should have taken a wider shot for perspective, but - trust me - somebody should really remedy this situation promptly.

8. Sears has been closed now for a year-and-a-half. You'd think someone in authority would have cleaned up this eyesore by now (and some of those tires - at first glance - don't look too bad).

9. Closeup (and someone left their shoes on the landing)

10,11. Continuing south on River St, I found these two items between Anderson St and Passaic St.

12. Swinging back up to Main St, I came across yet another sign (on the old Geri's Deli) that's trying to convince people that "The Sack" isn't the dopiest name ever - an impossible task. Most people with a brain in their head are too embarrassed to even utter the name. STOP THROWING MONEY AT THIS NAME..........IT'LL NEVER WORK!

13. Almost home, I saw this gigantic crane hoisting some wood, but wasn't sure where it was located...............until I got home and saw that it was part of the Main-Berry-State-Camden project.

14. Speaking of which...........I noticed yesterday that they've begun tearing down a building that appears to be on Camden St. I'll have to get over there whenever it finally stops raining.

15,16. Today, I thought I saw a huge chain-link fence being pulled out of the ground by a crane. Then I noticed it was also in yesterday's shot, so it appears to be a demolition shield being held in place by the crane.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: April 03, 2022, 11:55:04 AM »
Here's another idiotic caption from yesterday's Sports section of The Record that's filled with unprovable "facts". In the space of 25 words, there are 6 uninteresting, space-filling suppositions that don't necessarily show what's in this 6-year-old picture of a long-retired player.

A better caption might be, "David Wright sticks his tongue out while making a throw." THAT at least accurately describes what you see, which is supposed to be the purpose of captions.

Click to enlarge.

I had to do this before the trees' foliage returned and blocked half the view (and before they turned the fountain on).

It turned out to be a lot of work, but I don't think I can produce a better one.

Isn't there a better name for this project?

1. From my living room, I saw this tall crane a couple of blocks away, but I couldn't see what it was lifting.

2,3,4. So I took a walk over there and found out.

5. Here's the full State St view, looking down Camden St.

6. On Camden, this concrete piece says "New Prince  Hackensack". Is that a new restaurant? No - it's the name of the concrete construction company.

7. The PANO view from Camden - midway between State and Main.

8. Whatever you do, don't drive straight ahead.

9. This is what was behind me.

10. The view from Main St

11. Last Saturday afternoon - from home - the fluttering flag atop the condensed crane caught my eye. What catches my eye now is how may different projects are in this shot.

Click to enlarge. There are a few PANOS in this bunch, so be sure you do.

Oops! I left out two shots taken at the bus station...........

1. I've mentioned this before, but no one has seen fit to fix this: Buses and people run on schedules, so shouldn't the clocks at a bus terminal be accurate? This clock at the Hackensack bus station - which says the time is 3:54, was taken (and time-stamped) at 1:12pm.

2. Even the bus station pigeons are unhappy because the incorrect clocks throw off their pooping schedule.

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