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On Mt Vernon there's a place called Luigi's that has that cool old neon sign. Looks like an old place, anyone ever been there?
Hackensack Discussion / State St repairs begin
« Last post by BLeafe on July 12, 2017, 06:34:05 PM »
I'm not going to follow this job down to Essex St, but I can at least post what I've seen in the last week or so from home. If anyone else takes some shots that they happen to see elsewhere on State St, please post them.

(1-4) Although State between Ward and Passaic will remain one-way, they started chopping up part of the sidewalk and road right next to 40 Passaic on July 5.

(5) By July 8, someone had moved one of the large arrow signs over one lane - the lane where traffic was supposed to go - so it now became an obstacle course that was mostly an inconvenience for buses.

On Sunday the 9th, I walked over to 40 Passaic to see what they did to a street that I thought didn't have to change. The sidewalk's been halved and a good chunk of the right lane now has a curb in it (6). I don't know what that's for. The work continued around the corner onto Passaic St (7).

(8,9,10). There's not much left of the State/Passaic island.

On the 10th, the State sidewalk got new concrete and the adjoining new curb area got pounded (11). By evening, the sign confusion returned (12), but only to people in my building whose apartments faced State St.

On the 11th, the new curbed-in area got concrete (13), while on the 12th (today), the island only got the washings of a dirty cement chute (14). The truck left without pouring any cement. Odd.

Click 'em.

They're right at the corner of Railroad and Mt Vernon.

BTW - the little one is the original (check the photo dates) and it's got a big sidekick now with one tusk.

Tracks in background, must be Railroad Ave
Never saw the first one...nice little sidekick now
Anyone remember a picture of a marble (or granite) elephant in Ridgefield Park that I posted 6 years ago?

Well, he's now accompanied by a stylized friend with one tusk.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Midtown Bridge to be replaced
« Last post by BLeafe on July 09, 2017, 06:20:40 PM »
The views from Bogota and Hackensack and the original truss' stone center pier:

Click it.

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