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It didn't even rain.

After doing shoots of fireworks that are towns away, it's always an upgrade to shoot Hackensack's from blocks away. Here are some from last night. The last one was taken as all the smoke headed south..............blocking my view of the Macy's East River fireworks (that's OK - it was too cloudy to see them anyway).
I also made a short video out of pieces of 5 even-shorter vids. I'll put it on YouTube and post it here.

I noticed that the fireworks were a lot quieter - no BOOMs at the end of them. Did the city's dogs complain to the Council?

Click to BOOM!

key quote: "buses will no longer run on Main Street after the conversion".

That's a sliver of hope for this project to not cause gridlock, but I'm still very skeptical.
I went out on the roof expecting to shoot Saddle Brook's fireworks and - if I was lucky and the weather was clear - Paterson's on Garret Mountain.

What I got was a half-dozen towns' fireworks - all within a quarter head-turn..................I didn't know where to shoot.

I'd line up one town's display and another one would shoot off something better. I can't tell you what town belongs to what shots. It was like Photo-Whack-A-Mole.

But I did get some good stuff.

The third from the last one includes a local landmark that's located atop a structure on the SE corner of Passaic and Summit. The last two are from that mystery town that I've been trying to ID for years. Wherever it is, it's never listed in the paper, but it shows up behind the high-rises every year. Since it started and ended later than the other ones, I was able to concentrate on it and do some long exposures. If you look closely on the first one, it appears to show someone on a balcony.

The west side of the high-rises gets a really good (and fairly close) show every year, BUT WHAT TOWN IS SHOOTING OFF THOSE FIREWORKS?

Click to explode.

Here are the State St signs and their scintillating messages:

Click to enlarge.

Easy shoot...........both were directly out west from me - practically side-by-side - and I could just sit in a beach chair on the roof and fire away. The first two are the only ones I'm sure were from Maywood. You can see the one shot that has both towns displays in it (and part of 29 Linden). I think the two whited-out ones were the finales for Maywood and Paramus, respectively. Otherwise, I just bounced back and forth between the two towns.

After it was over, two lonely guys sitting on benches in Anderson Park at 10:15pm texted each other, wondering where all the noise came from.

Click to enlarge.

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