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Hackensack Discussion / Just a guess............
« on: December 30, 2021, 06:30:01 PM »
I saw this yesterday. Let's see.............a tent set up at the Middle School with a line snaking from it across the parking lot out onto the State St sidewalk and around the corner going up Passaic St?

They must be giving away Times Square New Year's Eve tickets so people can worry about catching COVID when they go there and then come back to be tested?

That MUST be it!

Click to enlarge.

This happened two days ago (12/21) at the Greater Alliance Credit Union. From my living room, I could see something going on at around 3pm. Two team vehicles were parked near State St and guys seemed to be armed and looked ready to storm the place.

By the time I got outside and ID'd the vehicle, they were all inside the building. I walked through the parking lot and saw them all in the lobby. Maybe they all needed Christmas money from the ATM? I didn't know what was going on and thought maybe this wasn't the best time to be taking pictures, so I went home.

At 4pm, they all filtered out, got in the vehicles and left.

The next day, I called Greater Alliance's HQ in Paramus. They had no clue about why this team was there, but said that they vacated the building 3 months ago. Their sign is still there, so I guess no one else has taken over the place.

I guess that means that there was no money for the team in the ATM.

I still have no idea what this was all about.

Click to enlarge.

Free Classifieds and Announcements / Mayor/Council holiday message
« on: November 23, 2021, 09:40:03 AM »
Click to enlarge.

I got a tip from a certain Editor this morning that a modular house was being put together on Clinton Place, right next to the Holy Trinity Church parking lot. When I got there, I saw a man taking pictures inside the fence and asked him whom I should speak with to get similar access.

"Me - I'm the owner", said long-time local realtor David Beyer, who had a really bad 2020 when his house burned down just before the pandemic hit.

The ground floor was already in place. He told me that the second floor components were being brought in today and will be put together next week.

"How long do you think that will take?"

"About 3 hours."

I've never seen a house get put together that quickly, so I think I'd like to shoot that and add to it this thread. Let's hope I don't oversleep that day.

Today's pix (click the panoramic PANO shots to fully-enlarge):

1. (PANO) The ground floor

2. (PANO) I'm standing in the entranceway (or is it a picture window?). The slivers of wall that you see on the far right and left ends are the same wall in whose plane I'm standing. This is a 180-degree shot. The near steel beam is more curved than the distant beam because it's closer to the top - sort of like the effect you get with a fisheye lens.

3. Nice view of Holy Trinity's rear end.

4. Owner David Beyer (is that a second entranceway? It looks more door-like than the other one)

5. (PANO) The full side view showing three second-floor should be interesting seeing these flying through the air next week.

You may have noticed that I sometimes post blog links instead of stories and pictures. It makes sense to do that when the blog post is Hackensack-related (or just of general interest) because not posting pictures here saves a lot of The Editor's precious bandwidth. Why waste his bandwidth when a link will take you somewhere else where the same pictures are already using my bandwidth?

Don't be's not a vaccine (and no salesmen will call).  ;)

Yesterday's haul:

1. Did anybody see the rainbow? (Actually, a double-rainbow)

2. Rainbow Airlines coming into Teterboro

3,4. Another blazing sunset reflection (plus pink clouds)..........notice that the sun - which reflected off the tallest building two days before - has now moved a bit south as it continues its journey into winter.

5. Turning to the opposite direction, the sun has just set.

6-9. For the second Sunday in a row, did anyone hear/see fireworks last night? Last Sunday, it was Teaneck. Last night, it was the Lodi Fall Festival that the residents of the west-facing high-rise units on Prospect Ave must have enjoyed.

Click to enlarge.

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