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Hackensack History / Park Behind Hillers School
« on: March 01, 2006, 02:07:22 AM »
Behind Fanny Meyers Hillers school in the park off of Polifly / Sutton for a number of years- at least during the 1960's (and who knows for how much earlier) there was a barn.
Oddly plopped off to one side of the park in it's own little area of old period paving.

There it was: an old barn- flagstone floor, hayloft and all.
At one point when they redid the park, they tore the old barn down. The more I think on this today, the more it frustrates me.

What was it doing there to begin with? Why did the city (at least for some time keep it in the middle of a city park).
I would assume at least at some point it was considered of historical interest or why keep it at all. 
In that case why was that lovely old building eventually torn down?

Does anyone out there know anything of the history behind this barn?  When it was built, where it came from.  Pictures? Anything about it would be greatly appreciated. 

I would love to know!

Hackensack History / Mayflower Diner
« on: March 19, 2005, 10:06:44 PM »
Does anyone remember the Mayflower Diner on Essex Street?
My sister and (future) brother in law met there -
if possible I would love to surprise them with a picture of it from back when.

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