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Hackensack Discussion / Searching for Cinderella
« on: April 08, 2009, 03:50:06 PM »
 :angel: Free photo shoot if these "slippers" fit her:

(hey - it's Hackensack-related)


#6 of 6

Seller: "This postcard shows the 1901 Steel Truss Bridge over the Hackensack River in Bergen County".

I don't know if "1901" is a year or some other designation.

Could this be the Anderson St Bridge?

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Says the seller: "This postcard shows a new concrete bridge built on existing stone abutments, possibly remaining from a covered bridge. The span has 5 arches so the waterway is quite wide, possibly the Hackensack or Passaic River."

Anyone got a clue?

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This postcard shows a steel truss railroad bridge over railroad tracks leading into a Rail Yard. There is a sign just before the bridge that reads YARD LIMIT and a switch just past the bridge.

Any idea where this might be?

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This card is the only ID'd one of the 6 - a concrete arch bridge over a railroad tracks adjacent to Hackensack's Prospect Avenue Station.

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Card 2 in the series shows a stone arch bridge over a rural creek. There is a horse-drawn Standard Oil Company wagon on the bridge along with an early automobile.

Any idea where this is?

The auction:

#1 of 6

A series of 6 real-photo postcards from around 1907 put out by a Hackensack company of builders/engineers showed up on eBay today. I wanted to address them all in one post, but because there would be about a dozen images that I would have to put at the bottom of the post and no way to ID them there, it would be very confusing for me to refer to specific images or for anyone else to reply about them, so I will have to make 6 posts.

The postcards were produced by the F. R. Long Co Engineers & Contractors of Hackensack to advertise their Bridge Building and Engineering Services. It's highly unlikely that the images were all taken in Hackensack - there's only one that's definitely Hackensack - but it's possible that many or all of the others are local. If you have any info about any of them, please post it with regard to item 1-6.

The first card is the only one with a postmark (1907) and the rest are unused. This one was mailed by someone named Bettie, who the seller claims is Frank Long's wife. It says "THESE ARE FRANK’S NEW ADV CARDS". All 6 cards would fit that description.

I will clean up the images as much as possible. Hopefully, someone knows the location of the image. Here is the auction and below are the images:

I hate generic postcards that just slap on lots of town names to the same image from who-knows-where. They may give out-of-area people a serene feeling about Hackensack, but we know better.  ::)

Below are 4 such cards that just popped up on eBay:

You know, I looked at the same Flickr page of Hackensack bridges before I posted those images, but there was nothing absolutely definitive. If I had to guess, I'd say it's the Midtown Bridge because it's flat on top, but, like you said, it could be something that hadn't reached its destination yet.

It might not even be a fully-constructed piece.

There are 2 auctions (same seller) on eBay - each for 2 George Stimmel watercolor images of Hackensack scenes. The first two are Hackensack River scenes and the other two are Hackensack churches. I'm sure you'll recognize all 4 scenes (actually, I'm not sure which swivel bridge that is, so if you know for sure, please post the info).

I've alerted the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in case he wants that image of his building.

The seller originally thought the river scenes were lakeside scenes, but changed the title after I contacted him. That's why "lakeside" is still in the auction's URL.

Each set of starts at $99.00 - well worth it.

BTW - I've spiffed up the seller's scans a bit for posterity so we'll have nice images to look at long after the auction is over. I don't know how accurate the seller's scans are, but take a look:

Online Auctions/Local Images (Moderated by BLeafe) / Charles Banta
« on: March 31, 2009, 10:45:03 AM »

Someone is selling a silhouette/profile of him on eBay. The dates on the second image are 1840 and 1898.

Hackensack Discussion / Hackensack: It's Like Day and Night
« on: March 28, 2009, 10:48:46 PM »
Through a dirty window in my back room:

1890s trade cards, according to the seller on eBay:

Anybody know:

if this is Holy Trinity?

the recipient's family?

what "Scout Law No. 12" is?

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