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Hackensack Discussion / Interesting headline
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:20:00 PM »
This came from a local online "Daily".

My question is, if you missed the week's top stories, how can reading this article now be "reading it again"?

Just an observation.............

This was taken around 6:30pm.

Click to enlarge.

1. Useless fence

2. Rear view of 210 Main rehab project

3. "O say can you see
     by the Foschini lights"

4, 5. A boy and his kite

6, 7. On a sad note..........

Click to enlarge.

Photography...........the way I see it (Moderated by BLeafe) / The Visitor
« on: September 10, 2017, 03:35:38 PM »
I saw this gentleman walking up State St and then making a right onto Ward, where he decided to visit Raffsonni (!) for some reason, but it was closed. I wonder where he went next.

If you're not familiar with Raffsonni's wares, click on the pics in this link:

If anyone's interested, they're currently only selling field-level seats - nothing upstairs - for all 3 games (M and T are night games and W is a day game) and every seat they sell is only $25 with no added fees. I guess they're only expecting tiny crowds for this last minute switcheroo.

I smelled a big Yankee photo op for $25, so when tickets went on sale this morning, I got a front row ticket for W right behind the 3rd base dugout (the Rays are the home team). There appear to be thousands of tickets still available - all at field level.

This is a great bargain for a very rare game..............jump on it if you can. And they're REALLY stressing mass transit because of some music festival setup taking up parking spaces.

Looks like a 165 bus and a #7 subway adventure coming up on Wednesday.

Hackensack History / Where and when was your first Hackensack connection?
« on: September 07, 2017, 02:37:01 PM »
Born here? Moved here? Worked here?

What year?

I thought of this topic because I recently found an old family photo album that shows me that my first time in Hackensack occurred 70 years ago today - at the tender age of exactly 3 weeks old - when I was baptized in Holy Trinity Church (I was born and lived in Teaneck).

My thorough mother even included a picture of the priest - Father Edward Hennessey, who became a long-time family friend - as the page's centerpiece. You can see the date of the baptism in the upper right picture.

There was a humorous story associated with the baptism that occurred over the font just as the holy water was being poured on my head.

My father and his father were both named Norman, so naturally, my father thought I should be N3. My mother said, "Absolutely not!" (thank you, Mom!). She compromised and let it be my middle name.

The priest - of course -  was speaking in Latin as he performed the ceremony, but apparently hadn't gotten the update. As he started to pour the water, he said my name: "NORMANUS ROBERTUS..."

My mother started screaming, "NO! NO! ROBERTUS NORMANUS!! (too bad there was no such thing as personal video back then)

It all got straightened out. If it hadn't, my ID here would begin with an "N".

Click to enlarge.

The Maywood Station Museum, 269 Maywood Avenue, Maywood, NJ, will host an Open House on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from Noon to 3pm. The historic station museum features a wide variety of exhibits, artifacts and photographs on display and restored Caboose 24542 will also be open with additional displays as well as an operating model train layout. Admission is free. Donations are welcome.
Maywood Station Museum
Please visit our website at and follow us on Facebook.

Somebody left 4 of them in front of my building.

Hackensack Discussion / Sears flies a toy flag
« on: August 31, 2017, 02:55:07 PM »
Look at the size of this tiny thing! From my living room, it looks like a postage stamp. Check it out the next time you drive by.

I know Sears is losing money, but this is not where they should be skimping.

Here's what it looks like as of Monday:

(Click to enlarge)

Get 4 wheels over a curb, apparently.

I shot the car on the left last year. The car on the right just occurred on Thursday. I have no idea how these things could have happened.

The bottom shot was posted here 2 years ago.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Main St milllng
« on: August 25, 2017, 09:41:09 PM »
Main St between Anderson and Ward was closed today for milling. I got there just after the big machine had left and took these pictures:

(click to enlarge)

Well, as you can see from the first picture, I was loaded for bear, but I had a really bad feeling about my chances of success (and the DirecTV dish was no help).  The sun was too high in the sky and none of my still or video cameras were capable of shooting directly into a bright sun (why don't they schedule these things closer to sunset? ;)). I suppose I could have gotten a piece of filter like my neighbors had (next three pictures) to hold in front of the camera, but I didn't. BTW, that third image was taken at exactly 2:44pm - the peak moment of whatever totality we were going to get. In that picture, the woman appears to be taking a picture of that moment through one of those filters - exactly what I should have done - so she probably got much a better shot than I could possibly get.

The fifth picture (collage) appears to offer a moment of levity. Though she very well might be doing something brilliant, it still looks like a homemade contraption that started out as a cardboard center from some elephant's roll of toilet paper. Plus, I have no idea what she's looking at. According to her shadow angle, she's not aiming toward the star of the show (and our solar system) at all.

As I expected, I was getting absolutely nowhere capturing ANYTHING that showed the eclipse. The sixth picture - taken at 2:40pm - shows how bright the mostly-covered sun was, so zooming in would produce a totally white image. HOWEVER.......this image produced lots of flare in the camera (sun-sized circles that have some red in them) AND something very odd: in the middle bottom-half of the frame, there appears to be an upside-down image of a dark moon covering a lot of a yellowish sun. Is this my money shot for today?

Turns out, it WAS.............for 11 minutes.

At 2:51pm - while I was making one last desperate attempt to blind myself to get a picture that I might never see, I noticed a small, round white circle moving across a small space between bright sections of cloud and immediately hit the shutter. I had no idea what - if anything - I had captured (it happened so fast).

So - although the sun looks a bit flat on top, I got an eclipse shot at 7 minutes past NJ's totality, thanks to the filter of a cloud.

Nothing special, but at least it's something.

Click to enlarge.

You've probably seen lots of crows around town, but if you ever heard the call of some of them, you might wonder what happened to their loud "CAW! CAW! CAW!" call and why they sounded a little bit like a duck.

It's because there are two species of crows that look the same: the larger American Crow ("Caw!") and the smaller Fish Crow with the wimpy duckish call.

I heard one such wimp on my roof yesterday. Usually, they make a few of their sounds and fly away. This one didn't stop, so I grabbed the camera and went outside.

Usually, any member of the sissified crow family will fly away when I get within 100 feet of them, but this one sat on the very edge of the roof and didn't budge. I thought it might be suicidal ("Stay back or I'll jump!"). It did its imitation of a weak duck call fairly regularly as I photographed it from 3 sides (hey - I'm not suicidal). I even sat on the same roof edge about 20 feet away and continued shooting. I was ready when he bowed his head and raised his wings for a split-second. For what it's worth (not much), this is the best fish crow photo I've ever taken.

I decided to test the bird's proximity limits. Two steps was it and then it flew over to an odd-looking vent on the roof and continued whatever it was it was doing. Convinced that I didn't have a leaper on my hands, I went back inside.

Click to enlarge.

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