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Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: November 16, 2009, 05:30:11 PM »
Have you all seen the latest Anderson St update on the city's site?

"11/12/09 Update:  Work is progressing on the Anderson Street sewer lines and is expected to continue for at least another two weeks.  We will provide additional information as it becomes available."

This is informative and up-to-date? This is the extent of the information available to the city in the last 2 weeks?

Where's all the info about the new problems that have popped up? What about the possibility of the work going beyond Main and Anderson? What about the extended timetable that we already know will take us until the end of the year?

This "update" tells us nothing. The city should be INFORMING us - not insulting our intelligence.

I was told by some workers today that the schedule for completion of work between Union and Main appears to be 6-8 weeks, assuming no other problems pop up. One guy said he thought the project was only going as far as mid-Main and not to River St.

The 45'-deep groundwater is being drained. Should take a week.

The street is opened up again right in the middle of the block and the sheet piles are being pounded into the ground again. What seems strange is that this is being done right where it had been done before.

Remember "Steelhenge"? It's been recreated in the same spot. I'm sure there's a good reason, but it seems odd to the casual observer.

Guess what? You can see in the second picture that the Sears flag is still at half staff! Maybe it IS related to Anderson St. But at this stage, I think the proper flag etiquette would be to fly it upside-down.



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At :         Rothman Center Fairleigh Dickinson University-Hackensack NJ, USA
Date:      1988.03.20
Label:    Mustache Records Italy 1994
Time:     147:27 Min
Format:  Double Tape Set

Title List:

01- 03:42 - Intro
02- 04:50 - Stinkfoot
03- 03:45 - Introduction
04- 02:58 - The Untachables
05- 01:59 - Stick Together
06- 03:28 - My Guitar
07- 02:02 - Willie The Pimp
08- 04:02 - Montana
09- 11:07 - City Of Tiny Lights
10- 11:20 - A Pound For A Brown
11- 06:38 - Marqueson's Chicken
12- 03:35 - When The Lie's So Big
13- 07:38 - Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk
14- 00:38 - Intro
15- 08:06 - Zoot Allures
16- 02:00 - I Ain't Got No Heart
17- 02:18 - Love Of My Live
18- 08:42 - Big Swifty
19- 05:33 - The Torture Never Stops
20- 00:28 - Theme From Bonanza
21- 05:07 - Lonesome Cowboy Burt
22- 11:04 - The Torture Never Stops
23- 02:48 - Peaches En Regalia
24- 10:12 - Stairway To Heaven
25- 00:39 - Intro
26- 02:32 - Norwegian Wood
27- 03:36 - Lucy In The Sky
28- 03:20 - Strawberry Fields Forever
29- 06:12 - Whipping Post
30- 00:42 - Intro
31- 06:12 - Watermelon In Easter Hay

Hey - I've got a couple of shots of this show on my site! (shameless plug)



Rolling down the track just in time for holiday gift-giving is this must-have item - a Hackensack University Medical Center boxcar!



Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: November 13, 2009, 09:46:11 AM »
I thought that too, so I checked it out:

STATE: Tuesday only

Flags across New Jersey are at half-staff Tuesday to honor the men and women killed in last week's shooting rampage at Fort Hood. Acting Governor Richard Codey signed the executive order Monday in recognition of the 13 lives lost and the more than two dozen who were injured, including a 20-year-old soldier from Bridgewater.

FEDERAL: through Wednesday

United States President Barack Obama has ordered U.S. Flags on government buildings to be flown at half staff as a modest token of respect for the victims of the shocking Fort Hood shooting massacre that killed 13 people on a U.S. Military base on in Texas. The flags will be flown at half staff through Veterans Day, the National Holiday commemorating veterans on November 11, 2009.

SEARS: Wednesday, Thursday, and it's still at half-staff today

Perhaps they're just extra thoughtful.



Seller writes "1930" in his/her title, but offers no explanation.


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: November 12, 2009, 04:44:53 PM »
Guess what - a new problem!

The Hackensack Space Needle turns out to be a drill and I found out they have to drill to a depth of 45 feet.

Q: Why, if the broken pipe is only 20 feet below the surface?

A: Lots of groundwater that will take a week or so to pump out.

Photos 1 and 2 show the drill apparatus, 2 blue Silent Pumps, and a lot of heavy metal, which looks like what Homer told us were called sheet piles (stop giggling!).

(Photo 1 also shows the Sears flag at half-staff...........anyone know why? I hope it's not an editorial comment on this scene.)

Photos 3 and 4 show the drill bit about to go in and on its way down.



Seller's description:

4" X 5 7/8" sepia toned copy of the Erie Railroad Station at Fairmount Ave., Hackensack, NJ, circa early 1900's.  This offering is NOT presented as being an original "antique", rather it is an opportunity to add an interesting view to your historical railroad collection. COLOR ARROW WILL NOT APPEAR ON YOUR COPY.



Seller's description:




with School emblem  and 1899 established date.


here is a picture of the shcool as well for those of you who attended it.

Measures  7  x 18  inches.  NOT  FELT, Silky material.  Two metal grommets no fringe.

offering as is because of age.  Has creases / folds from storage.

"SHCOOL"? I guess the seller didn't attend Fairmount (or any other school) either.



Seller's description:

This postcard is in excellent unused condition. Main Street, Hackensack, NJ. Shows trolley tracks in the street, horse and buggies, man with push cart, ladies out by horse cart, could be produce wagon, man riding bike, children and others on sidewalk, buildings and houses.



Seller's description:

Dated 1964 "Annual Golf Book" of the BPO ELKS 658 of Hackensack, NJ. It was created and designed by Cliff Osborne for the 17th Annual Golf Party. The party took place at the Hackensack Country Club June 16, 1964. The book contains 14 original cartoon type watercolors with humorous golf themes. Most are rather risque. I imagine this book was passed around the party for a few chuckles. Each watercolor measures about 11 x 15".

This is more lame than risque.............and the faces are horribly-drawn.

[Pictures deleted by Editor. No nudity, please... even badly drawn nudity.]


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: November 09, 2009, 04:36:54 PM »
From what I gathered from the workers today, it sounds like by the time they get to work on the Main-to-River block on Anderson, the Union-to-Main block will be open. But still - I can't imagine the problems that will cause for all the bus lines that come through there and for all the cars coming across the Anderson St Bridge to get to Sears for holiday shopping, etc.

Ho! Ho! Hole!

Today's pictures:

I don't know what the apparatus in the first picture is - the Hackensack Space Needle?

In the second picture, it appears that they're mixing up a large quantity of Tang ("Not just for Astronauts!").

The third picture looks decidedly less tangy. At least one of the pipes is a sewage bypass pipe running east on Anderson going into the sewer at Main and Anderson. As I understand it, this is a necessary step to keep the broken 60" pipe area dry so the repair work can be done.


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