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Seller's description:

From The Washington Banking Co. in Hackensack, NJ is this good looking $3 note with the portrait of George Washington on the left and on the upper right a vignette of what looks to be a man fighting with a lion. There is a slight stain about the size of a dime on the front but otherwise in really nice condition.



These are pretty plentiful - especially since there are at least 7 different versions............that's how many I had at one time. Each version has the exact same graphics except for the artist's picture and some are easier to find than others.

SO easy, in fact, that there were 3 other versions that are being sold on eBay listed at the bottom of this auction. Their URLs and images are listed below.



Seller's description:

This is a lot of two different 14” long by 6 3/4” wide hand fans from the family attic that were apparently distributed to patrons of the Lyric Theatre in Hackensack, NJ sometime post 1900 to the 1930s or 1940s. There is a titled picture printed on light cardboard that is stapled to an approx 11” long piece of light, thin wood. One scene is of a sailing ship passing a steamship at sea and it is titled “457-Old And New”. The second has a scene showing a country road during the summertime but the corner where the title is printed is torn and all that can be seen is the “mmer”, probably from Summer. Both have the notation “The American Art Works, Inc – Coshoton, Ohio” on the lower right corner and a reverse that reads “A Breezy Compliment From The Lyric Theatre – Hackensack, N. J.” and ads for the North Jersey Title Insurance Co and The Hackensack Trust Co. Both have light water stains on the back and the one on the back of the summer scene shows through on the right front while the other does not extend through to the picture side. I'd call the torn one VG and the sea scene EX.

A little research would have told the seller that The Lyric only existed from 1913 to probably 1930.


Hackensack Discussion / The 2009 Columbus Day Parade
« on: October 04, 2009, 03:13:33 PM »
I thought the parade would take the same route as last year when it ended after passing a reviewing stand on State St by Passaic St, which I can see from my apartment.

When I got up today, I looked for the stand, but it was too foggy to see anything. By 10am, there was still no reviewing stand, so I went back to look at the ads: "Stepping off on Main St", it said.


But from which end? I was hoping it was from my (northern) end, so I could take some cell shots and be back home in time for the Giants game. Hearing the music around noon told me I got my wish.

I started taking pictures from Ward and Main while walking toward the Sears parking lot, which was the staging area.

Picture 1: First shot of the day - smiling cops on horseback  :police: :police: :police:

Picture 2: The poor girls who had to clean up behind the horses with a super pooper scooper  :( :(

Picture 3: Is that Bullwinkle with a new wardrobe?

Pictures 4-6: In the Sears parking lot

Picture 7: Cool old Maywood fire vehicle waiting on Clinton Pl near Holy Trinity Church

Picture 8: Parade in (southerly) motion

Picture 9: On the way back to my apartment (background), I came across this poor guy (making a call in the street), who had some car problems and had to pull off onto Ward St. An hour after I saw the end of the parade go by, I also saw his car being taken away.  :(

Picture 10: Reflections of a photographer  ::)

I went home and had the pictures downloaded before kickoff, so everything worked out well.............and the Giants are kicking KC butt.  :D



Seller's description:

Guaranteed to be Genuine, Original, & Circa 1920? - Hudson River Trolley Crossing the Hackensack NJ River Bridge - Negative - Measures 2 by 2&1/2 inches

No point in showing the negative image that the seller provided, but both show odd crosshatching.



Seller's description:

11 Coal, Fuel, Oil, Coke receipts, Hackensack, New Jersey, with the old Hackensack phone number! 10 of these are dated 1948 and 1 is dated 1949. They were folded in half, possibly to fit inside of envelops 60 years ago! Otherwise, they are in perfect condition. If they paid before a certain date stamped on the invoices, they would receive a discount of $.50 per ton! These came out of the estate of Charles Splitdorf who I was told  was known in the car industry.

Charles apparently lived in Maywood.

I don't know why, but this is only a ONE day auction. It'll be done by the time you wake up Saturday morning.


Hmmm..............good question.

If what you say is true, the only guess I could make is that maybe he was working from old photographs?



The near corner, fire hydrant, and pole appear to be drawn.


That's always a possibility with most artists, but I've noted over time that Stimmel's paintings are almost photographic in their nature.

Being from this area, he always seemed to have an historian's obsession with local detail.


I think if it was "taken" from the Court St Bridge, there would have to be a gap at least as wide as Court St between the Church on the Green steeple and the courthouse dome.

One would have to have a bit more northerly vantage point a block or two away for the steeple to be almost "on" the dome, as it is in this image.



This is a nice early printed postcard of the Old Ladies Home in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.
Publisher: L.M. Fast, No. 728.

The corners have light wear. There is a small crease in the lower right corner. The image is nice and clean. Postally used in 1908.



Seller's description:







Seller's scan has cut off part of right side. I cut off part of the raggedy (and blank) left side to make image larger and words more readable.



Seller's description:

Fantastic Vintage 1930s-40s Cairns Brother Alumnium Fire Helmet. This is estate fresh from a Hackensack, New Jersey man. This was the foremans helmet which was signified by the red color tone. Leather front plate with brass hoses. Canvas and leather head inserts. Light age wear. Overall very good condition.

Seller has included 4 additional pictures with the auction.


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