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Hackensack History / Surrounding The Green
« on: October 29, 2009, 05:40:18 PM »
Bright autumn day + historic buildings + cell phone cam =

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: October 29, 2009, 03:48:17 PM »
Here's a welcome sight - a new crew working on Anderson St!

I didn't get the details of exactly what they'll be doing, but from the one worker I spoke to, it sounded like it would more laparoscopic in nature than the open-heart surgery of 2 months ago.

I imagine that an update is coming soon with better details.



Seller's description:




Seller's description:

Old cardboard program of the Hackensack Dramatic Association's performance of "In Chancery" at the Lyric Theatre. January 13th, 1915. Some overall yellowing and smudges to cover. Measures roughly 5 1/2 by 7 inches.

Some familiar Hackensack surnames in the program: Staib and a couple of Demarests and Bantas


I know.

I was raggin' on sellers who don't bother to provide any information.



Seller's description:

Large Size 120/620 (2-1/4x3-1/4) Black & White Camera Original (not a copy) Negative.

United States Post Office White Model 798 PO Bus at Hackensack, New Jersey on October 15, 1949.



Seller's description:

IMPORTANT:  This is a Vintage ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC Roller Skate Rink sticker from the time period / vintage detailed below in the item's description.  IT IS NOT a modern reproduction, copy, scan or counterfeit  item.

ITEM:  Lot of 1.    Roller Skating RINK Label ( also referred to as a Sticker  or  Decal ).

RINK name:  Listing of  10 ROLLER  RINKS in the AMERICA ON WHEELS chain

LOCATION:  New Jersy, New York, Virginia, Washington D.C.

VINTAGE:  mid to late1940's

SPECIFICS:  multi-colored.  This label lists 10 different Eastern RINKS that were members of the U.R.O. (United Rink Operators) Association and part of the AMERICA ON WHEELS chain of Rinks. This Label comes in several variations ( and color schemes) and would be Changed/Updated as Rinks were ADDED to ( or eliminated) from the AMERICA ON WHEELS chain of rinks.  The listing of the ST.NICHOLAS ARENA (which opened in September 1943) and the Alexandria Arena and the National Arena proves that this sticker was issued after late 1943.

     The TEN Rinks listed on this Sticker are: NATIONAL ARENA  ( Washington D.C.),  TWIN CITY ARENA ( Elizabeth, N.J.), PERTH AMBOY ARENA ( Perth Amboy, N.J.), MT. VERNON ARENA ( Mt. Vernon, N.Y.), ST. NICHOLAS ARENA ( NYC, N.Y.), ALEXANDRIA ARENA ( Alexandria, VA.), BOULEVARD ARENA ( Bayonne, N.J.), HACKENSACK ARENA ( Hackensack, N.J.), CAPITOL ARENA ( Trenton, N.J.), PASSIAC SKATING RINK (Passiac, N.J.).

Approximate SIZE:  large sticker measures 5-1/2 x 7-3/4  inches


Backround Information: The 1920's through the late 1950's  were the " Golden Age " in terms of popularity and public usage for ROLLER RINKS in America. Very popular " dating activity" and the place to meet and socialize for high school and college students on weeknights and week-end nights.  Very popular family activity on week end days. Literally thousands of different rinks across the country during the 1940's. With the introduction / wide usage of wood or metal " skate cases", many/most rinks began to print & distribute " Labels " advertising their Rink. Patrons would apply these stickers to their roller skate case. Most often these stickers had  " lick'em stick'em " gummed backs. On occasion, Rinks would issue " water dip " transfer DECALS or STICKERS equipped with peel-off backing paper. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED: the Labels / Stickers that we are offering are of the " lick'em stick'em " gummed back variety.



Unused/undated ("Redheads on Parade" was a 1935 film)/pricey.

I don't think I've seen this one before.



No date, no info, no nothin'.



........with a somewhat demanding message.



Seller's description:

Up for auction is a vintage Post Office historical document related to New Jersey postal history, more specifically to Hackensack Post Office, located in Bergen county, New Jersey.  It is an original document sent from the Post Office Department and Amos Kendall Postmaster General, dated January 1837.  Apparently, these were sent out to various local post offices throughout the country, requesting topographical data of the particular local office.  A fire had destroyed all of such records at the main Post Office Department in Washington DC, and the information was being requested of local post offices so that they could recreate the topographical records.  The request states in typeface:

"Sir:  To determine with as much accuracy as possible the relative positions of the several Post Offices in the United States, so that they may be correctly delineated on the maps of the Department, you are requested to fill up the spaces and answer the questions below, and return the same to this Department, care of H.A. Burr.  The recent fire having destroyed all of the information before obtained on this subject, renders your immediate attention to it necessary.  I am, sir, Very respectfully, Amos Kendall, Postmaster General."

Below, this request, are the handwritten responses of the local postmaster, D.D. Demarest.  The responses identify the name, township, county and state, names of the nearest Post Offices and their distances from the subject office along the mail route, and the name of any nearby river, creek or brook and the side of if that the office lies on.  It is then signed by the local postmaster, D.D. Demarest.

There is an interesting passage written by Demarest toward the bottom, where it says:

"Hackensack is a village of about one thousand inhabitants.  The county house is located in Hackensack.  The inhabitants would like to have a ______ main if it should meet your apbrobation".

See the other photo which shows the rear side of document with the handwritten return address,"Hackensack Bergen Co. N.J.".

This document is in excellent condition considering that it is over 170 years old.  It has some bits missing at certain spots around the perimeter, but is otherwise intact, and the ink is very dark and legible.  The document, however, is clearly fragile.

You can also seen the watermark of the paper manufacturer, Amies Philadelphia, through the paper, but I could not get it to show up in the pictures.  Sorry about that.

A fantastic piece of New Jersey postal history!



The 4th photo shows someone named Charlie Brown and last names that look like Dinnerbell and MayDay.

The 6th photo tells us they were under the guidance of a SISTER ELECTA.


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