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Hackensack History / Re: Hackensack Jazz: Van Gelder/Blue Note
« on: September 02, 2005, 10:23:36 AM »
Its very nice to see that the jazz made in Hackensack is getting some recognition. As the previous posts stated up until 1960 or so most of the classic Prestige Jazz albums were made on the corner of Thompson and Prospect in RVG parents living room. Most are out of print but some notables are: Blue Trane, Cotrane's Lush Life,a good percentage of the Prestige All Star dates,most of the Miles' Prestige recordings that later became Steaming, Relaxing ect. and countless other incredible dates whose players read like a jazz Hall of Fame list.It would have been nice to see those guys lurking around the Hilltop area.  8
  Rudy moved to Englewood Cliffs in 1960-61 and recorded perhaps the gold standard of jazz recordings "A Love Supreme" in 1964. Too bad JC didn't get the urge to record it in 59 we could have claimed it as the official album of Hackensack. )
 I still get chills everytime I ride past the professional office it became! A memorial is a great idea. People should know that they are standing on hallowed ground.

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