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Tribute was paid to this benevolent group in the below YouTube documentary that was named for a beloved and kind cartoon character.

The youth of this country would do well to emulate these fine young men and women.

Unfortunately, they usually DO.

OK - we have a two-part conclusion to the shopping cart story. It occurred on Saturday, January 13.


Even after the rain freed it from the snow (1), it continued to be ignored (2). Finally, a group of Good Samaritans came along at about a quarter to five and quietly (and lovingly) nursed it back to health (3, 4, 5.).

Hackensack Videos / 1960 Main St. Parade
« Last post by Editor on January 14, 2018, 09:24:37 AM »

Do you recognize any stores? Not so sure about this.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: Tracking the 395 Main St rehab project
« Last post by irons35 on January 13, 2018, 11:18:12 PM »
they had a substantial water leak in the one building.  buildings should be coming down shortly.
I'm sure you've all been worried about that abandoned shopping cart, so here's an update:

The plows came back two days ago to remove the big snow piles and manicure the spaces, but they did not liberate the cart from the spot it's been in with no food (what's a shopping cart without food?) ) since at least New Year's Eve.

And it's still there.

I'd help, but my landlord has a strict "No Pets or Shopping Carts" policy.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Tracking the 395 Main St rehab project
« Last post by BLeafe on January 11, 2018, 06:10:03 PM »
The original word I got on this was that the buildings were coming down in September. I was sure I'd miss it in November when I was unavailable and was positive that I had made it back just in the nick of time in December....................nothing.

This month, there's been occasional utility roadwork right in front on the State St side, but today brought:

1. Various fire vehicles

2,3. Fire officials going in and out of the restaurant and the real estate office.................and the water company showed up

After a couple of hours, everyone left, but I could see from home that each building had a new sign/sticker attached to it. Thinking that it might be a notice that demolition was imminent, I went out to see what they said.

4,5,6. The buildings are unsafe to live in.

Hackensack Discussion / Projects update
« Last post by BLeafe on January 11, 2018, 05:33:09 PM »
Even with 14-degree temperatures and single-digit wind chill, I got a little cabin fever last Sunday and decided to go out and catch up on the progress of a couple projects.

I figured that since it's been months since I shot whatever was going on at the Midtown Bridge, its replacement must be up by now, but as I approached on the Approach, it was obvious that there was nothing to see, so I made the mandatory U-turn at the Ice House and headed up to Moore Street.

Lots of stuff going on in that neighborhood. But first..............

1,2. I walked over to the old Oritani FC site and took a shot through the fence at the corner of E. Camden and River and did a 3-pic stitch closer to Moore St (and over the fence).

3. Back up on Moore, I shot this 2-pic stitch from the parking lot behind Main St businesses and just south of the library.

4. Since this project wraps around to Main St, I walked toward E. Salem and took this shot on Moore to include the Wells Fargo Bank.

5. I took this crappy 2-pic stitch at Main and Salem. My shooting hand was frozen and it came out a bit lopsided (the stitch - not my hand). Straightening it out in post production chopped off the very top and most of the street. Better that than my finger.

6,7. Continuing with the wrap-around shoot, I made a 2-pic stitch from Moore and E. Salem and a 3-pic stitch from Moore, between E. Salem and E. Camden.

Enough! The cabin fever has been chilled from my body. I need to go home, warm up and take.........

8. ..........a crappy shot of what the Main and E. Salem part looks like from my living room WITHOUT cutting part of the top off.

Hackensack Videos / Drone Video: The mostly-frozen Great Falls in Paterson
« Last post by BLeafe on January 11, 2018, 01:23:44 PM »
Not exactly Hackensack-related, but you'll wanna see this one full-screen on YouTube:

For the life of me, I simply cannot understand WHY people feel the need to go out in freezing weather wearing shorts. I see it everywhere, people all bundled up on top... hat,gloves, etc. And shorts. I even saw one guy in Shop Rite in shorts and sandals
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