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Hackensack Discussion / Prospect Heights Medical Waste Treatment Expansion
« on: September 17, 2013, 09:42:48 AM »
 I removed this from the LTACH thread. I had put it there because it concerns Prospect Ave residents


PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE On October 2, 2013, The Bergen County Utilities Authority, the agency responsible for the implementation of the Bergen County Solid Waste Management Plan, as amended, shall hold a public hearing relating to a proposed amendment to the Bergen County District Solid Waste Management Plan. The hearing shall be held at The Bergen County Utilities Authority, Administration Building, Foot of Mehrhof Road, Little Ferry, New Jersey, at 10:00 A.M. in the Public Meeting Room. A draft copy of the proposed Amendment will be available after August 28, 2013, at The Bergen County Utilities Authority Administration Building, Foot of Mehrhof Road, Little Ferry, New Jersey; The Bergen County Utilities Authority web site at; the Office of the Clerk to the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Court Plaza South, 21 Main Street, Hackensack, New Jersey; and with the Borough Clerk of each municipality in the County of Bergen. The following proposed Plan Amendment will be considered: The Bergen County District Solid Waste Management Plan is hereby amended to incorporate the Prospect Heights Care Center SteriMed System 70 Medical Waste Treatment Unit located at Lot 10, Block 341, 336 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey, 07601. Expressly subject to the permits, approvals, consent orders, registrations and/or certificates issued by the governmental subdivisions/ agencies exercising jurisdiction, said Medical Waste Treatment Unit shall be permitted to treat and destroy Regulated Medical Waste generated by Prospect Heights Care Center, Franklin Care Center, Medford Care Center, Regent Care Center and West Caldwell Care Center. The treatment process shall treat and destroy Regulated Medical Waste in accordance with all permits, approvals, consent orders, registrations and/or certificates issued by the governmental subdivisions/ agencies exercising jurisdiction upon Prospect Heights Care Center. The resulting Type 10 Solid Waste must be disposed of in accordance with the Bergen County District Solid Waste Management Plan.

The Bergen County Utilities Authority shall hear all persons interested in the proposed Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment and shall consider any and all comments or written objections that may be filed and any evidence which may be introduced in support of the objection, or any opposition to the adoption of the Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment, for the Bergen County Solid Waste Management District. Further information is available from The Bergen County Utilities Authority, Solid Waste Division. Please contact Richard Wierer, District Solid Waste Coordinator, at (201) 641-2552. Robert E. Laux Executive Director Sept. 9, 16, 2013-Fee: $137.98 (73) 3552196

Hackensack Discussion / City Serve (for teens & their families)
« on: August 05, 2011, 07:36:56 AM »
Churches combine for common cause in Hackensack

If you believe Fr. Brian Laffler, pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Church in Hackensack's 1st Ward, the genesis for a new project to help the community came when he decided that the time had come for life to imitate art.

"I was reading the book 'The Cross and the Switchblade' by David Wilkerson, which is about teenagers in 1950's New York City getting help with dealing with drugs, alcohol and gangs," said Laffler. "Our young people are at risk of gang activity, there are career alcoholics on Hudson Street and the adjoining area, and we recently had two fatal stabbings in the neighborhood. For me, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in 1958 is Hackensack, New Jersey in 2011."

Laffler is working with a clergy consortium from more than five Hackensack churches to put together an event known as CityServe.

In many ways, CityServe will seem like a typical summer carnival. On Sunday, Aug. 7 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., the outside space immediately surrounding the Marinello and Mellone Recreation Center will have fun activities for children, such as a dunk tank and face painting for children, a gospel group performance for all ages and free hot dogs and sodas.

There will also be a health center set up where community members can either get their blood pressure checked or donate blood.

Participating churches are collecting food to be donated to the Center for Food Action, which will be present to distribute the donations at CityServe.

There will also be drug counselors available, including representatives from Teen Challenge, the aid organization founded by Wilkerson.

Former Hackensack resident Jairo Daza, who has benefited from working with Teen Challenge, will give a talk about his experience.

In addition, representatives of other social services programs, including New Jersey Cares for Kids, will be available.

"We're making it fun, but we're also bringing in social services groups so people know that they are there," said Bill von Husen, co-pastor of Summit Church, who worked closely with Laffler to organize the CityServe event. "People who may not have access, or be aware of access to these things, can find them. We're bringing the services to them."

Pastor von Husen noted the importance of clergy reaching out, including from one side of Hackensack to the other.

"We don't directly have the same problems by us, but we are well aware of how drug problems and gangs impact all of Hackensack," von Husen said. "We need to do something in the community, for the community."

"We hope to help transform lives, especially those who might be struggling," said Laffler. "The time is now."

Both Laffler and von Husen hope to make sure that CityServe will not be a one-time event, especially if they get a little outside help.

"God pursues people usually through a series of connections," said von Husen. "We want to hook people up, give them a positive message, give them hope, and give them the ability to move out of lifestyles that they may feel trapped in. We feel, and we know, that we have an answer."

For more information about CityServe, please go to


Liquor licenses are bought and sold privately and are regulated largely by state statute and not local ordinance. Hackensack does not issue any new licenses.

Deli-Mart purchased Princess Liquor's license and I doubt very much that the transfer of the license one block away will have any impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

This administration has done much for Hackensack and continues to do great work.  For anyone who is truly paying attention, the administration's record speaks for itself. 

FYI - it seems a new license was issued last year

5/20/08 RESOLUTION NO         NO. 178 - 08

OFFERED BY:  SASSO                      SECONDED BY:  MCAULIFFE   

BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council that plenary retail consumption license #0223-33-009-011 be issued as a new license in the City of Hackensack to Anthony J. Fortino, 52 First Street, Hackensack, NJ, 07601, for the 2007-2008 licensing period

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