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These were shot from land, sea and air.

The "During" were taken from my apartment on Union St, as were all of the "After" shots

Hackensack Discussion / Tropical Storm Ida ruins HHS football field
« on: September 04, 2021, 11:55:00 AM »
So I hear periodic yelling coming from somewhere just south of me yesterday and saw the below images.

There's a story in today's Record about the fact that Tropical Storm Ida has flooded/ruined a lot of school football fields. Some will have to be totally replaced at great expense and will not be ready to host games until next year.

From The Record (regarding Hackensack):

Hackensack was slightly more fortunate in that its field may only be out of commission for two weeks.

"The FieldTurf company’s going to come in next week and start working on the areas that bubbled up and the areas that we have a couple of rips," athletic director Scooter Whiting said. "They have to patch up a few spots, and they’re going to sanitize it."

The Comets football team was able to move this weekend’s season opener against Kennedy to nearby Overpeck Park for a Saturday night kickoff. Their next home game is scheduled for Sept. 18.

But, as Hackensack football coach Brett Ressler pointed out, “Tom Della Torre Field is predominantly the primary playing surface for multiple athletic teams.”

The Comets field hockey and boys and girls soccer teams have been displaced as well. In the interim, they will be able to use the two grass fields adjacent to the high school, which is located across First Street.

“They actually have dried out,” Whiting said of the fields, “so they look pretty good.”

One other major issue to address is the fieldhouse that sits next to the turf. It contains locker rooms and a coaches’ office.

“We lost a lot of stuff in our coaches’ office,” Ressler said, “and we’re not just talking things that were on the ground. We’re talking things that were up two feet – stuff that was in filing cabinets that were at least six inches off the ground, plus things that were actually in desk drawers.”

The AD noted that the fieldhouse has a history of being flood-prone, and the district is exploring options for how to rectify the situation.

“Our superintendent, Mr. [Robert] Sanchez, is in the process of working on something where we could possibly get a new fieldhouse or we make some upgrades to the fieldhouse we currently have,” said Whiting, a Hackensack graduate. “We don’t want to knock it down, there’s too much tradition in it. We do want to try and make upgrades to it so it’s a little bit more floodproof.”

Apparently, the Hackensack Middle School's soccer field is the temporary practice field.

I just hope that these pictures don't give too much away to opponents' scouts.

Click to enlarge (unless you're an opposing scout).

Well, it's official - all my favorite drummers are gone. Charlie was great without being the least bit flashy.

Of course, being in back, the drummer is hard to get a good shot of, but when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are in front of you, not a lot of photographers are aiming your way............and I plead guilty to that.

This may be the only halfway-decent shot I have of him (with Keith) and I took it in 1975 at Madison Square Garden - the first time I shot the Stones (from 10 rows back).

RIP, Charlie.

The first two were shot through closed windows. The first one was early on, looking at the storm coming from the west. The second one was looking north (the building is 435 Main on the Anderson St side). A little while later - after it moved further east, I shot the third one through an open window. This would have been the best shot, except for the stupid Johnson Park field lights, 4-5 blocks away.

I wish the city would learn how to aim these lights to illuminate only the ground and not everything else. I still get blazing baseball field lights from Foschini Park - a half-mile away - that light up my 7th-floor living room. Doesn't anyone understand what light-trespass is?

Hackensack Discussion / Meet the HFD and HPD at the Middle School?
« on: August 05, 2021, 05:07:01 PM »
That's what it looked like from my apartment this morning.

Anybody know officially what was going on?

1,2. A little after 2:30 yesterday afternoon, I get on the Nordic Track in my back room because it's next to a window A/C, happen to look out the window and I see this.

3-6. So they strap it to a small crane on the back of a truck and get it upright a crosswalk?

7. It looks like it's standing on something the size of a pencil.

8. Three men appear to pick it up.

9-11. One man seems to be carrying it to its corner (with a little help from the crane).

12. Man carries new lights as officer watches.

13-15. Men put new lights together. (what is that figure in the top middle of 14 and 15? It looks like a hand.)

16. Bike rider eyes where replacement light will hang from.

17,18. Man and crane bring up light fixture to hang.

19. Lights are up, but not on.

20. Back to normal sometime around 5:30pm.

I didn't know what originally caused this all to happen, so I called the HPD and was told that there was a "motor vehicle accident at around 1pm". The light pole didn't appear to be damaged, so maybe it was one of those taps that was a little too strong.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Two musical minuses
« on: July 10, 2021, 11:00:40 AM »
1. The Hackensack Record King is closing after 56 years for redevelopment!  :(

2. "Fillet of the Soul"? Egad!

FILLET OF SOUL has been a local institution for over half a century...........and they originated in Hackensack, no less. How could a Hackensack newsletter not get the band's name right?

The name has nothing to do with "the soul".............from their site: "They wanted the name to symbolize the best of soul music, hence the name Fillet of Soul."

Yeah - I know: minor stuff - but not if you're in the band and have given your all to Hackensack many times. Details matter.

Well, I don't know if they're the best photos, but they're the best I could come up with.

As you know, the city did not have a fireworks display again this year (and I LOVE to photograph fireworks), so I figured I'd settle for the Macy's fireworks on the East River (yes, I've shot them from my apartment before). At dusk, clouds and haze rolled in and that was the end of that...........until I heard a couple of tiny explosions nearby.

It looked like firecrackers were going off in the new municipal lot outside my window (first pic) and then bigger things were going off from almost the same spot (second pic). Suddenly, even bigger displays were going off from the northern corner of the credit union parking lot off Passaic and State (third pic).

They had continued in the municipal lot and it was pretty smoky when that stopped. You can see some of that in the fourth pic.

On a different part of the lot (SW corner) smaller stuff was going off (firecrackers and bottle rockets) and I actually got a shot of one taking off from Cape Cone-averal (fifth pic).

So the evening wasn't a total loss, thanks to the locals.

Let's hope the city brings its big Foschini displays back next year.

Hackensack Discussion / The Hackensack phone screamer
« on: June 29, 2021, 04:10:17 PM »
Remember the Hackensack dancing guy at Anderson and River (,969)? I just found the Hackensack screaming phone caller in the E lot behind the First Presbyterian Church. I think her hat says "FBI Jesus" (which means "Firm Believer In Jesus").

I can't understand a word she's saying except for the very last word - something you might hear in a church.

Turn your volume ALL the way up.

The Isleys have lived in Teaneck and Englewood, so they got streets named for them in both towns on June 24. Teaneck's distinction is that the band named their record label "T-NECK Records". Englewood's? Jimi Hendrix lived with the Isleys there for a short time.

Having been born and raised in Teaneck, I attended that ceremony with about 500 other people. We saw the Teaneck Twirlers and a group performing "Oh, Happy Day" and then heard from every politician, county official, relative, friend and neighbor before we got a glimpse of Ron and Ernie Isley.

After that, a covered sign atop the street signs at the corner of Van Arsdale Place (where they lived) and Van Cortlandt Terrace was uncovered to reveal "Isley Brothers Way".

Wouldn't it be nice if Hackensack finally acknowledged that Jimi Hendrix once played in Hackensack and that an (unofficially released) album called "Hackensack Blues" exists. If you're not aware, Jimi ("Jimmy James" then) was part of the King Curtis Review, which played at George's Club 20 at 20 Bridge St before he rose to superstardom. The club (and the building that housed it) are no longer there, but I think the small municipal lot that IS there would look a bit spiffier with some sort of sign or historical marker commemorating the man who once parked himself on that spot.

Back to the Isleys.........the pix:

1. The setup at the intersection

2. Ron & Ernie Isley

3. The family picture

4. The moment the cover finally came off the new sign (it had to be pulled off by hand when the string didn't work)

Click to enlarge.

.............has created a new company:

Click to enlarge.

This torch run benefited Special Olympics New Jersey.

I happened to see it going by on State St while I was shooting today's E Lot work. These were taken on both sides of Passaic St and the whole procession was a lot longer than I show here.

From what I could tell from their site's map, we're on the blue line and it headed south from here before crossing the river and ending in Ridgefield Park.

Click to enlarge.

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