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Free Classifieds and Announcements / Missing Pitbull
« Last post by Editor on Yesterday at 07:42:55 PM »
If anyone is missing a pitbull, Hackensack Police Department has it. It was last seen near Baldwin Park.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: 2017 Council Election
« Last post by regina on April 26, 2017, 08:24:21 PM »
I have to call out the Labrosse Team on their most recent mailer that states "the Zisa Team keeps insulting Kathy Canestrino" by calling her "the money girl". She dubbed herself the money girl. See attached article. And there is video from that meeting. This mailer is completely dishonest.
Events & Calendar / Re: Teterboro Meeting
« Last post by BLeafe on April 26, 2017, 07:17:16 PM »
Oct 11, 2010 – plane flies into Strawberry warehouse in South Hackensack trying to land at Teterboro

Minor point: the incident occurred during takeoff.

I don't think the plane ever got off the ground.

Events & Calendar / Re: Teterboro Meeting
« Last post by Editor on April 26, 2017, 01:51:05 PM »
[This was sent to me for posting]

We are the Hackensack Condo/Co Op Advisory Board, created by the city of Hackensack to represent the 65 high rise and multi dwelling buildings, regarding issues of safety and quality of life.
•   Over 15,000 families of men, women and children live in the most densely populated area of the city, Prospect Avenue.  On a daily basis, we live with the noise, pollution, the smell of fumes, and most importantly, the danger of the hundreds of planes that fly over our neighborhood on a weekly basis.
•   In addition to the danger to our high rise buildings, these planes fly over HUMC and five schools.
•   Why must planes fly in during the middle of the night?
•   The current flight path into Teterboro is perverse, it should be the last place for this volume of air traffic.
June 17,1970 –plane flies into hi rise in Verona, NJ “Claridge House”
Sept. 2005- plane flies into Cresskill home, killing two
Oct. 11,2006- plane flies into high rise Bellaire Building NYC- kills Cory Liddle
Oct 11, 2010 – plane flies into Strawberry warehouse in South Hackensack trying to land at Teterboro
Feb. 1, 2011- a plane with fuel problems successfully landed on eastbound Route 80 at 2:30 p.m.-fortunately no injuries (good example of why Route 17 is a safer route.)
•   Allowing this flight path to continue is dangerous and the noise and pollution to our neighborhood is unacceptable. We live with the danger and noise pollution 24 hours a day- this simply cannot continue.


MAY 24, 1942 – TWO Army planes crashed over Queen Anne Road & Cherry Lane, Teaneck
SEPT. 5,1950 – A Beechcraft Bonanza crashed at the above intersection killing the pilot
DEC. 29, 1979- A small Cessna crashed into a Fairleigh Dickinson University parking lot, luckily missing any students

2016- a plane crashed in Bayside
A number of years ago, part of an airplane’s tail section fell onto Prospect Avenue

Hackensack History / Re: Demolition of the Oritani Field Club has begun
« Last post by BLeafe on April 24, 2017, 05:45:58 PM »
I drove by today to make sure the they hadn't started on the front of the building yet and took a few shots.

1-4. King of  the Hill and close to the edge. They weren't picking up stuff and dumping it - they just seemed to be doing a lot on tamping down.

5. I wanted to get another shot of the front balcony (with its "OFC"). I'd like to see if anyone has an interest in preserving it. For all I know, it might be already spoken for, but if anyone has a good idea, let me know. After I took the first shot, I went around back to get some more pix of the pile. When I returned to the front, I saw little pieces of........something.....falling from a window. It turns out that someone was upstairs scraping away by that window. Suddenly, the balcony doors opened (second pic) and then I saw the worker (pic #3). I asked him for his best guess as to when the front might come down.

"Maybe toward the end of the week?"

It just as well, as it's supposed to rain for the next 2 days.

6. In looking at a shot I took yesterday, I saw something familiar - a brick that said "HB CO" (circled) - Hackensack Brick Company, which I wrote about last year (,3280.msg10960.html?PHPSESSID=608f84be1baba67948bc52bdf223118f#msg10960).


Hackensack History / Re: Demolition of the Oritani Field Club has begun
« Last post by BLeafe on April 23, 2017, 08:30:05 PM »
Here's what it looks like since Friday. The main building and the pool appear to be the only intact parts of the OFC left.

1. The view from E. Berry St (and Giant Farmers Market)

2. A 4-image photostitch............lots of scrolling to the right

3.On the left is the Hekemian notice posted on a wall between OFC and a parking lot for Main St stores. On the right, the wall is flat on its back.

4. I'd be doubly cautious.

5. This is all I could see of the pool.

6. The view from E. Camden St, near River St.

7. Growing through the chain-link fence

8. One of the lights on the River St side

9. The view from E. Berry by River St


Hackensack History / Re: Oritani Field Club sold - closes in 2015
« Last post by ericmartindale on April 23, 2017, 06:31:37 PM »
disgusting loss of history and a community facility.
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