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Since the new restaurants were in this topic, I did eat at Paula's two weeks ago. Food was good....chicken was delicious, and the sides were good too, maybe a little salty for my tastes but still good. Prices were reasonable too
I did drive twice up the two way State Street in the last few weeks. It felt odd but I realized how much simpler it is getting thru town that way. Personally I feel since State street is wider than Main just having that as a two way would make driving thru town so much smoother.
Trust nobody, folks.

Trust your eyes and the knowledge that there is no 211 on Main St. If there was, it would block Banta Pl. Are you talking about the bank at 210 Main? I didn't take any pictures of the 210 Main entrance.

I DID, however, shoot the rear entrance on Moore St.

Does the architectural integrity statement cover the front AND back door?

The next time I'm there, I WILL take pictures of the front entrance to make sure all is well.

At 211 Main, the city should not have let the developer destroy the tall arched window over the entry door.  From the photo, looks like it's getting sealed up.  They said the architectural integrity of the building would be preserved.  That evidently was a LIE.  Trust nobody, folks.
Wrong highway..........let me clear that up for you. I believe you're thinking of Zep's big hit "Route 66" that came out - coincidentally - in 1966 before they became a group. The best version - IMHO - of this Chuck Berry-written song was on the Rolling Stones debut album 2 years earlier.

On another note, someone once suggested that you should believe only half of what you read.

Perhaps you are confusing this photo with Neil Sedaka singing Stairway To Heaven.
 Didn't Led Zeppelin write a song about this?
Photography...........the way I see it (Moderated by BLeafe) / Re: Hot wheels
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Cousin Al  8)
I've been trying to get this shot for a while.............

Click to enlarge:
Photography...........the way I see it (Moderated by BLeafe) / Hot wheels
« Last post by BLeafe on February 20, 2018, 11:56:29 PM »
Hey, Gene! Look what I found on State St!

What's the story?

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