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Although I am sure that the nursing home residents shown in the photo have passed on, it looks like Ronald Squillace is the gentleman with the jacket and tie standing against the wall.

There's a mention of Richard Nixon in Ridgewood in 1960, but not of his visit to Fort Lee in 1968. Fortunately, my mother took pictures of the event that day from the audience (though not entirely unofficially).

I'm also including a somewhat better version of the Reagan in Wellington Hall AP image.

Click to enlarge:

There've been no building takedowns during the last 3 weeks here. Most of the activity has been restricted to digging up foundations and sorting the building materials into recyclable piles to be carted away. There's also been a strong Verizon presense lately with usually two of their larger trucks in the E municipal lot with an HPD car sitting behind them, so most of these pictures are of wire work on the poles, curb hammering(?), catching a few winks, and having twice the number of excavators having 100% less work to do when only one was there.

So here's THAT photographic mish-mash (click to enlarge):

From my perspective, 210 Main - the old Bank of America building - is behind, above and somewhat to the right of the Main/E. Camden/Moore project. Aside from a two-pic shot of a wall section being raised, there's not a lot of photographic variety to be had from this distance, so walking around the area was a necessity.

If you look closely at that two-pic shot (first image), you can see someone observing the activity from a bank window - an accidentally-captured link of sorts between the two projects.

The closer shots are pretty self-explanatory with the possile exception of the purple-ish panels atop the bank. Zooming in shows "National Gypsum" branding on each panel, so I guess it's drywall.

The next-to-last image is a two-pic horizontal stitch that has been shrunken down - no scrolling necessary. The bottom section is kind of bowed-out because of the stitch. I have a single shot of the whole building that looks more normal, but I thought this image was more interesting.

Since I started with a double-image, I'm finishing with one as well - different days, different times of day = much different lighting.

Click to enlarge:

I think I spent the majority of last week editing a couple hundred photos from 4 Hackensack rehab projects that I shot from home (plus a visit to each). It's too unwieldy to keep all these ongoing projects in one thread, so I'm gonna have to give each project its own thread (there is a small previous thread that contains all 4 projects).

After looking at a giant hole on the site of the old Oritani Field Club for the last 9 months, verticality has finally arrived! Different shapes of concrete slabs have been carried through the air by the giant crane and put together up to the 4th or 5th floors. Various sights that I've taken for granted over the last 3 decades are starting to disappear behind them. As of last Wednesday, I can no longer see the red "Bowler City " name over the entrance and traffic on Rt 80 over the river could be the next viewable scene to go.

There are 20 pictures to post now and others will be added as necessary. Dates are under each photo.

1. Last week was pretty cloudy, making the available light situation not so great, so a camera was on a tripod at all times when I shot from my living room, but this first shot with NYC in the background at sunset was one of the better ones.

2. I have no idea what this crane(?) did, but I knew I should get a shot of it while it was fully-extended upward for a short time. It was really puny next to the monster crane.

3. This was my last view of the Bowler City name above the entrance.

4. Later (double-pic), when this piece was installed, that view was gone.

5,6,7.  Two more pieces head for installation (6 and 7 are the same piece).

8. When the sky brightened slightly last Thursday, I headed on over to the site.

9. Earlier at home, I had heard air horns that I thought were coming from the much-nearer Middle School, but when I got to the site, I heard them WAY louder and saw two of them on the ledge of the top floor. A worker told me that they were sounded as a warning when the crane was about to move a large piece.

10. The aforementioned "large piece"...........

11. After I moved from the E. Berry St side to the River St side, I took this picture of what I think was that same large piece.

12,13. About a minute-and-a-half later, River St traffic was stopped so that this rather large delivery could be backed onto the site.

14. Still on River St..............

Staying sequential………….

15. Stitch1 (shrunk down - no scrolling needed)

(Stitch2 was dumped)

16. Stitch3 (E. Camden St side - best stitch of the day - scrolling needed)

17. Stitch4 (E. Camden St side - worst stitch of the day [telephone wires don’t connect] - scrolling needed)

18. Remember the view from Moore St looking north towards the Oritani Field Club? This is what it looked like last Thursday.

19. There’s a driveway that separates the site from the couple of stores on E. Camden that go up to Main St. This is the inside of the first store next to the driveway. Maybe I should open up a “pictures of your building being built” shop there for all the future CurRiv tenants to buy prints from (I’m told they make great holiday gifts!).

20. …and as the sun began to set a couple of hours later……….

Will post the other projects as soon as I can.

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Still don't think that The Record is obsessed with the number 5?

13 of the 18 examples below are from this year, which is a mere 6 weeks old.

Click most of these to enlarge:

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