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The first pic shows the colorful sunset in the west from inside my roof door two nights ago. The unusual thing was that there was something else going on in the eastern sky (second shot). There's only a 3-minute difference between these two shots. If you look at the middle of the top floor of the 417 Main apartment building (tall, in the middle), you can see a simultaneous reflection of the western sky in a window.

The third shot - a blowup of part of the first shot - looks like a funnel cloud going into another cloud.

I can't recall ever seeing something dazzling - other than a rainbow - in the eastern sky at sunset.

Any meteorologists out there with an explanation of these east-west "sunsets"?

Click to enlarge - especially the eastern sky PANO shot (I like the sky reflection on the Second Reformed Church's roof).

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Cheapest gas in Hackensack today...........
« on: August 06, 2022, 11:41:49 AM »
Fuel 4 (next to White Manna) is now down to $3.99.

If you want to keep up with the lowest Hackensack gas prices, go here:

Hackensack Discussion / Cheapest gas in Hackensack today...........
« on: August 03, 2022, 02:32:01 PM »
............right next to White Manna.

(though I hear it's $4.05 at Cedar & River in Teaneck)

Hackensack Discussion / Rudy's is down
« on: August 03, 2022, 02:22:22 PM »
Don't know when it happened and you can see that part of it is still untouched.

Click to enlarge.

So I'm editing July and just came across this quintet from July 3. It's aimed west towards Prospect Ave, but I have no idea which buildings they are.

It's rare that I get to see a clear crescent moon that low in the sky and I only noticed it because I had just finished shooting Paramus' fireworks from home.

More July to come.

Click to enlarge.

Dock died on July 25 in Talladega, AL, at age 81. He was very well-known to a lot of people in Hackensack. I first met him in the mid-1960s when we had a mutual friend. I last saw him 6 years ago at a car show in the parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church that's next to the Gentile Funeral Home on Union St (below pic).

You can find a few posts on this site if you search his name. You can read the obituary, share a memory, etc., here:

Click to enlarge.

This is a new one: half of today's paper is a different size than the other half. The front 4 sections are 22"x11" and the back 4 sections are 21"x12".

The picture shows how it looks when you start reading it from the front AND how it looks when you've finished. One's tall and skinny and the other's short and wide.

What possible purpose could this serve?

Click to enlarge.

Yesterday morning felt like it should be the day Rudy's comes down. I drove over there around 9:15am and was told that it would be coming down within the hour. I came back an hour later, thinking I was too late............the building was still standing.

"What's the problem?"

"Is that your car?", the worker asked, pointing to an Escalade parked right in front.


"Well, we can't do anything until that car is moved."

Apparently, no one thought to put up "Emergency - No Parking" signs in front of Rudy's. I couldn't get back there until 4 hours after that (2:15pm). The building was still standing, the equipment was parked over to the side and I didn't see any workers.

I went back at 10:15 this morning, SURE that the building MUST be down by now.


Rudy's - the building that wouldn't die (and I think I know who the Escalade belongs to).

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Rudy's may be coming down soon (just a guess)
« on: July 25, 2022, 11:12:32 AM »
I was driving on Anderson St last Friday and noticed this demolition work (it was hard to miss). I parked, ran over and took some PANO shots.

Rudy's is still standing, but it appears to be next. I took the third picture because it may be the last one I take of that building (unless someone lets me know when it's scheduled to come down.............if it hasn't already been demolished).

Click to enlarge.

if it matters, 154 of the 174 photos were taken in Hackensack.

Heard some booms while watching TV. Checked the east view..............nada. Checked the south view.........Yes!

1. I'm not sure which town was shooting them off, but the first picture shows that it looked like they came from somewhere beyond the end on Union St. If anyone knows whose show it was, please post it.

2. Closeup

3. Ground assault

4. Ground and air

5. This is what happens when you expose for one and two or three go off.

6. This overexposed shot is what happens when you expose for one and six or seven go off (probably the finale).

7,8. Best shots of the night

Click to enlarge.

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