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I hate to say it, but these "nickels" are a dime a dozen.



Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: September 02, 2009, 04:58:23 PM »
Things appear to have slowed down considerably, but I don't know why. I'm told there was yet another collapse of old brick pipe closer to Main St and that whatever they did before at the other collapse points will have to be repeated at the new one.

I hadn't heard any noise during the afternoon and took a walk over there at about 3:15. It was like a ghost town.

Picture 1: that block of Anderson St now probably looks much like it did when the brick pipes were put in - a dirt road.......minus the horse "bricks".

Pictures 2 and 3: there's now a temporary above-ground black sewer line that bypasses the work area (and probably helps to let things dry out underground). This line runs along the south curb from near Union St almost to Main St.

Picture 4: the Second Reformed Church word-plays about having their own "problem", but has a better solution (I don't think you'd want to look for any messages inside the broken sewer pipe).



Seller's description:




Is that the Anderson St Bridge on the far right? I'm not sure.


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: August 31, 2009, 04:20:21 PM »
I wonder why there hasn't been so much as a peep about any of this in The Record or The Chronicle. This is weeks-long major roadwork and detour on a road that's not exactly a side street.

There are possible historical interest angles - could the 120-140 year-old bricks used in the construction of the broken pipe have been made at one of the numerous brickyards in Little Ferry that existed at the time?

How has this affected places like Holman Moving Systems, whose huge trucks can barely get into their Anderson St entrance on a good day, or their neighbor across the street - the Second Reformed Church - whose parking lot entrance is directly opposite Holman's?

So I asked both, "How's business?"

I REALLY thought Holman's would be greatly impacted, but, apparently they're able to squeeze their trucks in most of the time with some cooperative juggling by the road crew. Since that's not always possible, the occasional truck will sit in a nearby street or park lot, if necessary.

The Second Reformed Church got on the phones and called every one of their members to inform them that it would be services-as-usual and that they could approach the lot from Ward St. Apparently, it worked because there was no noticeable drop-off in attendance.

These are stories that local citizens would be interested in reading about in their paper. How many read about it here?

People are asking me why there's been NOTHING about this in any of our papers. In the absence of a real reporter who could get the word out to thousands of people about the day-to-day operations, I'm happy to relay anything I happen to find out, but I'm no reporter and shouldn't be the sole source of info.

If for no other reason than to provide day-to-day detour notices, I think The Record owes the people of Hackensack and anyone else inconvenienced by this work some real coverage and information.

Why aren't they getting it?




(Both auctions are from the same seller)

1906 "Dear Mr Lobster" PC

Seller's description:

Subject:  "Comic" Dear Mr.Lobster formal dressed and standing on street looking for girls.

Artist:  Anonymous

Publisher:  A 514 All Rights Reserved

Divided Back:  No

Postmarked:  Hackensack, NJ, 1906 - The stamp is missing.

1907 Laughing Man Pc

Seller's Description:

Subject:  "Comic" Man with big mouth doubled over with laughter

Artist:  Anonymous

Publisher:  PBF Serie 6544

Divided Back:  Yes

Postmarked:  Hackensack, NJ, 1907

Both of these gems were mailed in Hackensack to the same woman on Anderson St in Hackensack.

Lucky her.



Seller's description:

This auction is for a used hardback book with no dust jacket:

American Education Series

George Drayton Strayer, General Editor


By WILLIAM E. STARK, Superintendent of Schools, Hackensack, N.J.


Copyright 1922 By American Book Company

E.P.  3

368 pages




Some Preliminary Trials At Problem Solving

Problems of Discipline

Problems of Discipline

Problems of Subject Matter

Problems of Subject Matter

Problems of Method

Problems Due To Variations in Ability of Pupils

Problems Involving Economy of Time

Problems of Health

Problems of Relationship with Supervisors

Problems of Relationship with Administrative Officers

Problems of Relationship with Other Teachers

Problems of Relationship with Parents

Problems of Professional Growth

The Teacher as Problem-Solver


This is a former school library book in fair to poor condition with HEAVY signs of wear to outer covers and page edges.  Rounding to spine and notes hand-written and stamped on endpages.  Age-yellowing and age-spotting to pages.  I have found no pages to be loose or missing.



Seller's description:

Located in North New Jersey, Bergen county.  Just five miles from Gorge Washington bridge and conveniently near New york City.  At the beautiful and quite historic Hackensack Cemetery.  Choose location in area of NJ where there are few plots left.  What is the remainder of family plots.  9 in Total = 6 spaces in front and 3 remaining in the back.  The original deed was purchased in 1881 and the last of distant ancestors where buried there in 1920's.  With the center head stone is well out of the way of the front six plots as you can see from the pictures. the address for Hackensack Cemetery is 323 Hackensack Ave   Hackensack, NJ 07601-6113    You can also Google map it and it will show satellite image of Cemetery. its really Neat!!! If you are interested in seeing the location. Contact New Jersey family member John at (973) 677 0073

Are there 8 other people who want to go in on this with me? He DID say "it's really neat!".............and it IS close to shopping!

(just kidding)

He's posted 11 pictures with the auction. I've posted 4 of them below and didn't blow them up or fix them.


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: August 28, 2009, 05:03:21 PM »
You DO know that "Oh! Calcutta!" was the first nudie musical, right?

The title was not a reference to an Indian city, but rather to a phonetic play on the French phrase "O quel cul t'as!" which means "What an a$$ you have!"

I'll pass on your appreciative words to the crew.  :laugh:



Seller's description:



Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: August 27, 2009, 03:00:20 PM »
"Everything flows"

"Except when the pipe is busted"

Sorry, Homer. EVEN though the pipe is busted, water was FLOWing today (see photos).

SO.........I think that Pearl Jam's "Even Flow" is most appropriate.

BTW - I asked a worker when he thinks they'll be done. He really didn't know, but acknowledged that it could be next week.


.......Minnesota (which, BTW, was founded by 2 guys from the REAL Hackensack).

This card has a 1959 PM and tons of 50s (and earlier) hipsterisms written in the message area.

Lucette is 17' tall and pretty homely, but don't say anything - she's got a much bigger boyfriend: the legendary Paul Bunyan!

She was erected in 1952 and appears to have elephantiasis of the right knee and no discernible hands. Mother Nature gave her a much-needed (and quite literal) facelift in 1991 when a stiff winter wind off Birch Lake blew her head off.

Fortunately, a new and better head was mounted just in time for Hackensack's annual Summer Sweetheart Days (third picture). They also gave her hands, but she still needs the knee reduction surgery.

Fortunately for me, nothing beats the original and that's why I'm glad to be in the REAL Hackensack.


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: August 26, 2009, 07:31:11 PM »
Then I guess YOU won't be bidding........

If you want, I can probably still get you one with all the toppings for a phenomenal nominal fee. :-X


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: August 26, 2009, 06:47:58 PM »
Even if you passed a brick, I've got you beat...........sorta.

The workers had told me to come back late afternoon, so I went over there about 5:15. Since they're all very busy, you can only talk to whoever's nearby.

This turned out to be a friendly gentleman for whom English is a bit difficult. After some fruitless back-and-forth about whether the brick pipe was still in the ground and visible, he motioned me to wait a minute.

He walked behind a large apparatus - I thought he was getting the foreman - and came back with a couple of bricks! I wasn't sure I wanted to accept them right away, so I smiled and motioned for him to put them down on the grass.

Then I found someone in charge talking to a cop. He let me interrupt and told me they were having lots of problems, so he couldn't pinpoint a time that would be good to come back. I kind of figured it would be hit-or-miss and was resigned to having the above picture of the brick pipe from 5 days ago being my only one.

The cop, BTW, said he was told by the DPW that the pipes were 120 years old, which ties in nicely with Homer's "late 1800s" statement above. So, absent any better information, I think we can safely say that this 60" brick pipe was probably installed under Anderson St in the late 1880s.

Now - what to do about the "gift" bricks..................

Against my better judgment, I gingerly picked them up with 3 fingertips and brought them across the Second Reformed Church's parking lot to the back of my building across the street. There, I found two Capri Sun cardboard boxes that were larger than a brick and transported them upstairs in the boxes.

I photographed them first as they were, blasted them with hot water, drowned them in Lysol, and shot them again.

They're now up to $346.00 on eBay.  ;)


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Road Cave-in on Anderson St
« on: August 26, 2009, 03:45:00 PM »
........sheet piles.

Thanks for the good info, Homer, but did you also just hand me a straight line setup regarding pipe content?  ;)

(must resist..................)


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