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Hackensack History / Re: Old Candy stores
« Last post by gordon Breslow on November 13, 2017, 08:51:17 AM »
      I remember Breslow's Luncheonette like it was yesterday.  I believe that my Grandparents Morris and Rose rented the middle store back around 1928.  There was a grocery store and a beauty parlor in the other two stores.  When the grocery store went out, my grandparents bought the building and knocked out the wall between the 2 stores and made M. Breslow and Sons the way I had remembered it.  My father Irv and my Uncle Dave ran the store for over 50 years.  My twin brother Gary and I and our older brother Charles worked there after school for years.  We would come in early on Saturday to fold the newspapers.  I also remember another kid Sal "Tubby" Garofalo that worked early in the morning folding newspapers and did tasks around the store.  We would work behind the counter cooking whatever was on the menu.  One of my favorites was the Taylor Ham and eggs.  Tey sold just about everything that you could possibly need.  We had candy, Bordens Ice Cream, Stationary, comic books, toys, greeting cards and cigarettes & cigars.
The developers of 210 Main should hang this photo in the lobby for old times sake.
Someone must have a picture of that.

I do! I do!

Picture and its caption:

Ol’ Homer remembers back in ‘84 when President Reagan spoke in front of the driveway arch in front of the City Hall complex on State Street, the Secret Service borrowed the “Worlds Largest Flag” that is hung on the GWB and hung it over 210 Main Street so that no potential shooter would have a clear shot at the President.
Someone must have a picture of that.
As you may know, the world's largest hanging US flag flies from the George Washington Bridge on major holidays, like Veterans Day yesterday. It's impressive to drive under, but it's even better when you're on the bridge sidewalk near and under it. You should know that the flag is rolled up in the early afternoon (stupid policy), so if you go, go early.

If you haven't ever walked across - or just walked ON the GWB - you really should and it's easy to do.

Take Rt 4 east to the last exit before the tolls and then head east as far as you can go to Hudson Terrace. Make a left and park when you get to the meters.

Usually the south walkway - facing downtown Manhattan - is open and the north walkway is closed, but earlier this year, it was announced that because of the increase in people jumping to their deaths from that walkway, it would be closed while higher fencing is installed. That meant that the somewhat less accessible north walkway would now be open (lots of steps - two sets up and one down).

I've shot the flag many times, but never from the north walkway, so yesterday was my chance. It was also my last scheduled shoot for a while (will explain in a couple of days), so I was on the bridge before 9am to do a nice long shoot across the bridge to NY and back. It was cold out, but it was absolutely brutal on the bridge. I didn't even make it halfway across, but I got what I needed.

And here they are:

1-5. While still on Hudson Terrace: construction/destruction, lower level drivers who would miss out on seeing the flag, the closed south walkway entrance and more construction.

6. After navigating the multiple sets of stairs to the north walkway, I passed a cyclist coming into NJ and took a picture as he carried his bike up the stairs.

7. Before I got on the bridge, I shot this scene with the two new Fort Lee towers - The Modern I and II. I couldn't read what was on the lower, darker area of Mod1, but I took care of that later. I also hadn't noticed the "PIP RAMP" sign before. I know what it means, but it must look strange to any driver who doesn't.

8-10. Now on the bridge, I shot the Palisades, Ross Dock and a super-shadowed someone right below me on the road that goes from Ross Dock south and under the bridge.

11. In other words, keep to the right on your bike.

12 & 13. My face and shooting hand were already almost frozen and I really didn't see the point of getting further away from the NJ tower, so I headed back.

14. Now I'm back under the wind-blown flag and.............what's that small white thing attached to the dark cable?

15. The moon and the flag - the shot of the day! If anybody else has these two things in one shot, it was taken at night - not at 9:15am.

16. The cables on The Moderns

17. On the sidewalk around the NJ tower, this was the view of the flag through it.

18. The moon and the cables

19. Off the bridge and by the guardhouse, this mirror is installed in the cliff for the cyclists (or so said the guard). I think it's there for my selfie with the sun, the bridge and the flag.

20. Now in my car and about to get on Rt 4, I got this shot so we all could read what's on the side of Mod1.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by BLeafe on November 11, 2017, 01:00:00 PM »
1&2. The error is in the second one, but because that enlargement cuts out most of the headline, I've included the full headline first.

It's another article about how Puerto Rico is still struggling because of Hurricane Maria. The problem is that the sub-headline says that the storm happened 7 months ago, while the first line of the second paragraph states - correctly - that it occurred 7 weeks ago. While I'm sure it must feel like 7 months ago to those affected, this mistake is just thoughtless.

3. If it's inspired by Gulen, then you have to use a hyphen: Gulen-inspired.

4. Speaking of hyphens, the underlined "word" is in dire need of one: male-centric.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: "The Current on River"
« Last post by irons35 on November 10, 2017, 08:33:55 PM »
far right in the rendering photo shows the toyota dealer and you can see the grade going down the hill on east camden towards it.  the access driveway for the rear lot of the main st businesses is visible to the left of the entrance.
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