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All the world's hot spots on one t-shirt:

(I might actually get one of these)

Scroll down to see all the other items with this design (cellphone case? face mask?)

If the cellphone case interests you, select your phone model to view its picture and see if any names get blocked out by the camera configuration (some do, some don't).

I've just found a LOT of matchbooks that my mother collected. I'll probably be making a blog post about the whole thing soon, but I wanted to show four that came from Hackensack: two from recently-demolished Rudy's Restaurant, one from long-gone Packard's Print Room and one I've never heard of.

Is anyone familiar with Primrose House Hairdressers? The address would put it in the vicinity of the northeast corner of Union and Central.

Inside the Rudy's matchbook covers is what looks like a crudely-drawn map that I've enlarged (second pic).

I did come across other Hackensack matchbooks, but there's too much to go through again. You'll just have find them after I put the blog post together.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Anderson St neighborhood laundromat gone
« on: November 14, 2022, 03:50:59 PM »
The washer/dryer machines in my building were too small, too expensive and too time-consuming, so I switched years ago to the laundromat next to the Walgreens at Anderson and Linden. It seemed to be the choice of most of the neighborhood.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a big truck and a stacked pair of washing machines on the sidewalk. I thought new machines were being installed. A few days later, I was in Walgreens and I heard someone asking someone else, "What happened to the laundromat?"

"They closed" was the reply.


THE PIX (click to enlarge)

1. I went next door and looked through both doors. This is the half of the laundromat that's closer to Walgreens:

2. Here's the other half that's closer to Linden:

3. Here's what both sides looked like last February from the back of the Linden side (PANO):

This is a blow to the neighborhood. I sure hope it's going to be replaced by another laundromat company and NOT by another residential monstrosity - especially since that would also deprive us of the neighborhood's sole pharmacy next door.

4. On a probably-directly-related note: As I was parking my car yesterday near my building, I noticed a woman putting flyers on all the cars. She was walking by as I got out of my car and handed me a flyer.

Think this might have anything to do with the subject of this post? The location is where the Cedar Lane Grille used to be by the northwest corner of Cedar Lane and River Rd.

Almost anything can be an excuse for my photowalks - even misfortune.

Back in June, some idiot at a T-intersection side street stop sign decided that the back driver's-side of my making-a-left-off-Teaneck-Rd car didn't have the right-of-way and plowed into it. If he was a bit less impatient and waited a second or two, I wouldn't be writing about it now. No one was hurt and the car was still quite drivable, but it looked like hell. The cop agreed it was the other guy's fault, so I thought insurance would be a breeze.

Well, it took nearly 4 months to get the repair started. My body shop of choice  - Class A Autobody - is at 40 Railroad Ave, about a block north of Essex St. I brought the car there early one morning in late September.

1. Since I hadn't yet photo-strolled Railroad Ave, I decided to walk the mile back home. There were some interesting sights to shoot, beginning with this building:

2. A closeup of the more-interesting half of the building seemed to show the bald eagle with an SUV in its talons:

3. Further north, you'd need a bicycle or motorcycle to use this railroad crossing:

4. A nice view of some hi-rises from the HHS vicinity:

5. A little further up, a train came in. I decided to use the reverse PANO pan to fit it all in one picture. Of course, that squashed the cars a bit:

6,7. On the corner of Railroad Ave and Ricardo Pl is a house that looks like a great retirement home for someone who's into watching trains and planes from the comfort of their gazebo. You've just seen the comes a low-flying private jet coming into Teterboro Airport that I photographed from that location:

8. Just before I got to the overhead tracks, I saw all this stuff behind a fence. I don't know what the company makes...............basketballs?

9. Here's where Susquehanna crosses Erie:

10. And just at that moment, a really squashed train goes under Suzy-Q. I doubt anyone's ever seen a PANO like this before:

11. My favorite shot from this walk has to be the bald eagle on the building, but because it was early morning and the building faces west, I couldn't shoot it bathed in sunlight (and without a car in the shot).

Two afternoons ago, I got the sunlit shot and went to town on the colors. I wonder how many people aren't aware of this local artwork.

And if anyone's interested, I'd recommend Class A Autobody. They did an excellent job on my car. 

As usual, click images to fully enlarge and you may need to do a little lateral scrolling on some of them.

Two weeks ago, I posted "Main St Photowalk 10-8-22". I came back via River St, but never got around to posting that, so here it is:

Click all shots (except the two verticals) to fully-enlarge.

1. This is the reverse view from #15 and 16 on Main St.

2. PANO shot of the back of The Brick (what is it with these short, uncomplimentary names around here........."I live in The Brick". "Where's that?" "The Sack").
I'm not happy with the curved appearance of the building, but that's what happens when you decide at the last second to include the 210 Main rooftop sculpture in a PANO.

3. Just in case you're not sure what the wall is supposed to look like it's made of..............

4,5,6. Not exactly an upscale-looking neighborhood for these new residential buildings, is it?

7. This PANO might look a lot better if I cropped out the south side of the Midtown Bridge Approach on the right.

8. Big enough ad for 210 Main?

9. This was in one of the lots across from the back of 210 Main. It's on higher ground than where I'm shooting from on River St, so I couldn't confirm that this is an electric car charging station (I think).

10. I don't think I've ever noticed this place before. Maybe I am now that's because it starting to look a bit out of place.

11. So is this nearby structure. Anybody looking to rent a house with an auto body shop inside it?

12. After crossing Passaic St, we come to White Manna, where this PANO shows that it Hertz on one side and gives you gas on the other.

13. Just a couple feet north, I find my first opportunity to photograph dead squirrel teeth.

14, 15. Finally, in the vicinity of River and Ward, we find patriotic used cars on one side and pink-ballooned (AND patriotic) cars on the other.

For the most part, I'm looking for things I haven't seen before or that have changed...............

1. On my way over to Main, I noticed these contrasting US flags at either end of the PANO shot (as usual, click all PANO shots to fully enlarge). Why does the left one have no wind and is at half-staff, while the right one is flapping away at full-staff?

2. Cropped and enhanced version of #1.

3. I'm standing in the middle of Berry St between Main and State to take a PANO of the entire block-long project.

4. Closer to Main St, I saw an opening in the fence, took 2 steps in and took another PANO:

5. Here's another PANO - taken from across Main St - that shows the current view:

6. You meet some strange people on Main St. This cute snob wouldn't even talk to me.

7. 99 cents, huh? Looks good from across the street until you zoom in on that small sign in the window.

8. If that jogger had been running to the left when I took this left-to-right PANO - which will NOT enlarge as much as the others because it's a small part of a much larger image - he might look as thin as the right-to-left walking pedestrian.

9. Anybody recall what the painted-over store name was? Maybe it's now a Target outlet store.............

10. This sounds like the name of a mall in Vietnam.

11. Somebody didn't go to business school.

12. I had never seen this store name before.

13. This place always has an interesting variety of figures in its window (it's got a new one in the upper left), but it would have been better to have taken this shot in the afternoon when the sun wouldn't be illuminating the storefronts across the street.

14. Playing with PANO

15. How many years has this lot been like this? I think it's time to build something here.

16. Looks like they sell a lot of junk in this store.

17. PANO makes a big truck bigger, but I noticed a problem above the truck (next pic).

18. I time-stamped it and zoomed in.

19. THAT reminded me of a similar problem that was one street over about a block that I showed here months ago. Remember the clock at the bus depot that didn't exactly help anyone with bus schedules? You HAVE to have accurate clocks at transportation facilities where every vehicle runs on a strict schedule.

So maybe it was just the one clock that happened to be way off on the day I photographed it. Time to walk over there and check it out.

OMG! Here are the clocks on BOTH sides of the building...................BOTH way off! Why wasn't this immediately fixed? How sloppy does THIS look?

20. Guess what? It's apparently a local disease that's spreading to other transportation facilities in town! Here's a time-stamped shot of the clock at the Anderson St train station.

How are these problems the least bit helpful to the bus and train riders? Why have clocks at these facilities if no one's willing to make sure they can tell proper time?

Let's see how long it takes before these clocks get fixed.

« on: September 08, 2022, 05:50:00 PM »
There's been some talk lately that this site may cease to exist. That would be an absolute crime.

Let's review its purpose. As you may know, EVERYTHING that's posted here goes into the city's historical database - essentially, for the benefit of future researchers and historians who want to know exactly what life was like in Hackensack in the early 2000s. Imagine if such a source existed a couple of hundred years ago. Yeah - we know about most of the important pieces of local history, but not about all the things that went on - what life was really like here back then.

You have to start thinking like this: EVERYTHING that goes on is history some day. If you see something that might be slightly interesting, write about it, photograph it and post it. If you encounter something you have questions about, post those questions............maybe someone can answer them for you.

I've covered a lot of recent construction that's changing the face of Hackensack, but I can't cover it all. If you live in Hackensack, something's probably going on in your area that the rest of us don't know about. Even if it seems rather mundane, it will be of increasing interest as the decades go by. Don't just do it for us - do it for all future residents and historians. Do what we wish people from long ago had the ability to do.

Got an interesting or funny story about something in the city that happened in your past (or currently)? Even if it doesn't get a huge reaction from anybody now, it may have great meaning for people in the future. And if it DOES click with someone here today, interesting and informative conversations may ensue and they could have additional meaning for those in the future.

So that we don't have 90 million threads, check the site's search function using key words from whatever you'd like to post about and see if threads about that topic already exist. If they do, add to those threads instead of creating new ones. If they don't, start new ones.

If you're not sure how to post pictures, message me. If it seems to be a common problem, I'll write a post about how to do it. And if you DO post pictures, please make sure they don't have huge file sizes, because the site owner will have to pay out of his pocket for the increased bandwidth. A good (and simple) idea would be to use an online file compression program like Compress Jpeg ( It's very easy.

You may have seen that I sometimes post a link to my blog instead of just putting all the pictures on this site. I'm aware that people would prefer to just see the pictures instead of having to click a link to go somewhere else, but there's a very good reason why I do that: no matter how many images there are or how big their file sizes are, the bandwidth is MY responsibility, meaning that it costs this site's owner nothing, so clicking those links supports the boss.

Though "Recent Posts" may seem like it lately, this is not the Bob Leafe Show, nor do I want it to be. This is everyone's show.

And according to a 54-year-old song by Traffic, "You Can All Join In":

I hope you will and keep this important site going on forever. Hackensack's current and future generations deserve nothing less.

There's some sort of Summer program involving kids and (I think) The First Presbyterian Church. A whole slew of young kids and some older supervisors(?) either come out of the side of the church that I can't see or they're all cutting through on the church's driveway to get to the municipal lot to be led elsewhere...........and then return in the afternoon.

Lately, an ice cream truck shows up at a certain time in the afternoon and parks either behind the church or in the municipal lot. A few minutes after that, a crowd of kids inundate the truck and an ordering frenzy ensues, while a "supervisor" shells out the bucks.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Ultimate Frisbee at Hackensack Middle School
« on: August 18, 2022, 01:30:46 PM »
I took these two shots from my apartment on July 24 - a Sunday morning. I had never seen anyone playing Ultimate at the Middle School before then or since.

Anyone have any information about this?

Click to enlarge.

The first pic shows the colorful sunset in the west from inside my roof door two nights ago. The unusual thing was that there was something else going on in the eastern sky (second shot). There's only a 3-minute difference between these two shots. If you look at the middle of the top floor of the 417 Main apartment building (tall, in the middle), you can see a simultaneous reflection of the western sky in a window.

The third shot - a blowup of part of the first shot - looks like a funnel cloud going into another cloud.

I can't recall ever seeing something dazzling - other than a rainbow - in the eastern sky at sunset.

Any meteorologists out there with an explanation of these east-west "sunsets"?

Click to enlarge - especially the eastern sky PANO shot (I like the sky reflection on the Second Reformed Church's roof).

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