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I saw..........something.........going on at the Middle School soccer pitch today, but I don't know what to call it.

A few tables/stations were set up here and there, a tent-like structure was seen that said "Parisian Beauty Academy" on it, occasional cheering was heard and 3 bodyless heads were getting their hair done.

Last 2 pictures: I saw an odd relay race that involved two teams, sponges and buckets of water (and while it was going on, I think some contestants in a 3-legged race strolled by).

Here's what Google says:

Sponge Water Relay Race – You’ll need two buckets full of water and two sponges. Divide the players into two teams. On “Go”, one player from each team soaks up as much water as possible into sponge and carries it to another bucket, squeezes out the water and runs back to hand the sponge to the next player. The team that fills their empty bucket to a pre-determined point first wins.

And here's what it looked like:

Click pix to enlarge.

This occurred last Monday, July 31, when it was low in the sky (and orange). It was full the next night.

The rare "blue moon" - "once in a blue moon" (which isn't blue) - is on August 30. All "blue moon" means is that it's the second full moon in the calendar month.

Click to enlarge.

OK - as I wrote to everyone I sent this to:

This one's a monster! (take small bites)

Events & Calendar / Your Fourth of July plans (according to State St)
« on: July 02, 2023, 09:30:50 PM »

(Assuming that it doesn't rain, chances are that the fireworks will NOT start at 4pm)

Hackensack Discussion / June 18 girls football at the Middle School
« on: June 30, 2023, 10:50:05 AM »
Youthful voices coming from the direction of the Middle School on a Sunday morning (June 18)? Gotta be Girls' Flag Football.

From my position a block and a half away, I could only see the western portion of the field when a team was back near their own goal line.

1. Is that football on a tee?

2. Next lesson: the rules of being onside at the snap

3. Speaking of snaps............

4. Who cares about tight spirals when they're just having fun?

And I hope they had a LOT of fun!

I've lost some very nice views from home over the years - the Bergen County Courthouse, the entire Kipps Bend section of the Hackensack River - and "progress" is about to take two more cherished views: one internationally-known and one local...........both "courtesy" of the project bordered by Main St, Berry St, State St and Camden St (MBSC).

I've made blowups of both, so click each to fully-enlarge and then start scrolling laterally.

1. The first one - and most heartbreaking to lose - is the World Trade Center. Here's where things stand now.

2. The second is the very distinctive cupola of the Johnson Public Library. The addition of one more floor oughta kill that view.

Looking at that picture, it appears that I've been spotted by the worker in the white hard hat. But that's not very likely when you look at the third picture.

This is a very wide PANO shot that shows the red-circled living room window where I shoot from on the left and the tall MBSC crane on the far right, so unless he's got the eyes of a hawk.................

The Record is really screwing up the print editions these days. One day, they had one comics page in color and the other one in B&W.

But they're not doing themselves any favors with making some ads color and some B&W.

In today's paper, there was a full page ad for sleep chairs. Online, these chairs cost $2,000 each, so I would think the seller would want everything just right in their newspaper ads.

The first pic shows the ad.............uh, oh - B&W! But the kicker is in the bottom right corner (second pic - click to enlarge).

I don't know about you, but I'm kinda torn between the burgundy, the chocolate and the blue.

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