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Hackensack Discussion / Re: Goodbye, Geri's Deli
« on: Yesterday at 03:21:13 PM »
The building looks like a hock shop in downtown Paterson.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Weed Manna
« on: July 17, 2018, 11:49:12 AM »
A joint is probably healthier than one of their cheeseburgers.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: White Manna articles
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:53:45 PM »
Olí Homer prefers Stony Hill over the White Manna. Their wine list is far superior.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Teterboro Airport
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:56:00 AM »
If my memory is correct, there was a proposal from forty or fifty years ago to extend Central Avenue to Main Street to entice residents from the newly constructed Prospect Avenue high rises to shop on Main Street.
Regarding Banta Place, I remember talk about making it a pedestrian shopping area and not extending it thru to Moore Street.

Isnít there such a thing as accountability? Arenít people supposed to be accountable for their own actions?
These two people were mature adults who chose to cross the tracks where they did. They made a choice where to cross and they paid the ultimate price. I remember a case over thirty years ago where a young man was walking on the tracks carrying a boom box and he never heard the train.
There was another case at Anderson Street where an individual crossed the tracks in front of a stopped train and then crossed the tracks again as the train had started moving. This person was an adult also.
Government puts up stop signs and drivers run the stop signs. Government puts up traffic lights and drivers run the lights.
Government can only do so much. Sadly some people make the wrong choice and have to be held accountable even if done posthumously.

And of course anybody who ever heard a drill sergeant count cadence in basic training:

I know a girl from Hackensack
...............................                    Last three lines left to the readerís imagination or memory.

It will take a joint effort between the City and the affected business interests to create an environment that will make people comfortable to sample what is available.

Time for Olí Homer to give a recollection of the good days gone bye. Back in the early Ď80ís General Poors Retreat was owned by  the late George Brown a well known Hackensack attorney. George was heavily involved in Irish American activities.
On certain Saturday evenings George would bring in an Irish band and by 10:00 you couldnít get into Poors. This was about 35 years ago when Main Street wasnít exactly a hub of nighttime entertainment. Back in those days there was a Saint Patrickís Day parade on Main Street and Poorís was a focus of the parade revelry.
Ah, the good old days.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: March 20, 2018, 01:56:34 PM »
Sad thing is that ďIt ainít gonna get any better.Ē

If thatís a rehab project, I would like to see what a clearance project looks like.

Perhaps you are confusing this photo with Neil Sedaka singing Stairway To Heaven.

Although I am sure that the nursing home residents shown in the photo have passed on, it looks like Ronald Squillace is the gentleman with the jacket and tie standing against the wall.

Isnít Passaic Street a County Road? If Iím correct, the County would be the key player here.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: New York Times article, January 2018
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:34:36 AM »
I donít believe it!!! A positive article about Hackensack.

They can park the ambulance in front of the Middle School to save response time.

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