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These were shot from land, sea and air.

The "During" were taken from my apartment on Union St, as were all of the "After" shots

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Where is it?
« on: September 06, 2021, 03:35:08 PM »
easy one... lol

I thought so too, so where are the guesses?

NOBODY but irons35 and me has any idea where in Hackensack this is?

I'll bet the Editor knows.

Hackensack Discussion / Tropical Storm Ida ruins HHS football field
« on: September 04, 2021, 11:55:00 AM »
So I hear periodic yelling coming from somewhere just south of me yesterday and saw the below images.

There's a story in today's Record about the fact that Tropical Storm Ida has flooded/ruined a lot of school football fields. Some will have to be totally replaced at great expense and will not be ready to host games until next year.

From The Record (regarding Hackensack):

Hackensack was slightly more fortunate in that its field may only be out of commission for two weeks.

"The FieldTurf company’s going to come in next week and start working on the areas that bubbled up and the areas that we have a couple of rips," athletic director Scooter Whiting said. "They have to patch up a few spots, and they’re going to sanitize it."

The Comets football team was able to move this weekend’s season opener against Kennedy to nearby Overpeck Park for a Saturday night kickoff. Their next home game is scheduled for Sept. 18.

But, as Hackensack football coach Brett Ressler pointed out, “Tom Della Torre Field is predominantly the primary playing surface for multiple athletic teams.”

The Comets field hockey and boys and girls soccer teams have been displaced as well. In the interim, they will be able to use the two grass fields adjacent to the high school, which is located across First Street.

“They actually have dried out,” Whiting said of the fields, “so they look pretty good.”

One other major issue to address is the fieldhouse that sits next to the turf. It contains locker rooms and a coaches’ office.

“We lost a lot of stuff in our coaches’ office,” Ressler said, “and we’re not just talking things that were on the ground. We’re talking things that were up two feet – stuff that was in filing cabinets that were at least six inches off the ground, plus things that were actually in desk drawers.”

The AD noted that the fieldhouse has a history of being flood-prone, and the district is exploring options for how to rectify the situation.

“Our superintendent, Mr. [Robert] Sanchez, is in the process of working on something where we could possibly get a new fieldhouse or we make some upgrades to the fieldhouse we currently have,” said Whiting, a Hackensack graduate. “We don’t want to knock it down, there’s too much tradition in it. We do want to try and make upgrades to it so it’s a little bit more floodproof.”

Apparently, the Hackensack Middle School's soccer field is the temporary practice field.

I just hope that these pictures don't give too much away to opponents' scouts.

Click to enlarge (unless you're an opposing scout).

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Where is it?
« on: September 03, 2021, 02:50:01 PM »
Haven't done this in a while...........

So where exactly is this lovely Hackensack scene?

I shot this yesterday, so that might be flooding at the bottom and a stranded motorist on the left.

Click to enlarge.

Since all the pictures in this topic from 10-11 years ago have been wiped out - and rather than start a new topic - I'm adding my blog post from today that contains photos and videos I shot a few days ago at the Great Falls as a result of Tropical Storm Henri's deluge and flooding.

Well, it's official - all my favorite drummers are gone. Charlie was great without being the least bit flashy.

Of course, being in back, the drummer is hard to get a good shot of, but when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are in front of you, not a lot of photographers are aiming your way............and I plead guilty to that.

This may be the only halfway-decent shot I have of him (with Keith) and I took it in 1975 at Madison Square Garden - the first time I shot the Stones (from 10 rows back).

RIP, Charlie.

The first two were shot through closed windows. The first one was early on, looking at the storm coming from the west. The second one was looking north (the building is 435 Main on the Anderson St side). A little while later - after it moved further east, I shot the third one through an open window. This would have been the best shot, except for the stupid Johnson Park field lights, 4-5 blocks away.

I wish the city would learn how to aim these lights to illuminate only the ground and not everything else. I still get blazing baseball field lights from Foschini Park - a half-mile away - that light up my 7th-floor living room. Doesn't anyone understand what light-trespass is?

According to The Record today, the National Football League (NFL) has traded the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets to the National Basketball Association (NBA).

I can't WAIT to see the Jets and the Nets tip off.

And, hopefully, this will be the final post. This project ran about 2 months longer that I was expecting, so I'm glad to be done with it. I suspect you are too.

July 28

1. This was taken just after midnight. This is how the new lights illuminate rain.

2. This PANO shot shows the ENTIRE project wet, clean, untouched and empty - something you'll never see again.

3. Looks like they missed a parking space line............all fixed.

4. Stop sign post-pounding

5. The bridesmaids hold up the wedding dress train.

July 29

6. This is the last worker I zoomed in on.

7. The Bobcat backs up onto its truck on Ward St.

8. This parking lot - with TWO entrance/exit points - has SIX stop signs ("abundance of caution" comes to mind).

9. The crew finishes up State St sidewalk and road work.

July 30

10.  I saw this drone flying around. At first, it appeared near the upper floors of the 389 Main project across State St, then near me and by the time I got my camera and located this small moving object in the frame, it was over by the back of 40 Passaic St (left pic), which also borders the parking lot, where it looked like it would land (right pic).

Who was doing all this snooping around the upper floors of these apartment buildings that bordered the lot on three sides?

11. I followed the drone to two men standing on the Ward St side of the lot. I think the man on the left is from DSM - the company that did all the lot work. The other gentleman is showing his power to levitate the drone - not by remote control - but simply by waving his hands above the drone, which places the hands' shadows below the drone for uplift.

12. When that failed, he packed it away. So I guess the company made a video of the finished project - a pretty good indicator that they were done.

13. I looked around from above to see if I missed documenting anything. Here's something: Is this for bicycles? Motorcycles?

14. The only reason I missed this was because it was brand new, thanks to some kids. The elongated, second-from-the-right item with the cilia (how did I remember THAT word?) is labeled, "SUN". The lot's first artwork was gone two days later after rain.


All cones that had been blocking lot entrances/exits were moved aside. This must be Opening Day. Apparently, no one else had noticed it, so............

15. I hopped in my car and took the first ride through the empty lot.

16. About an hour-and-a-half later, the lot had its first parked vehicle.


17. The last State St PANO shot shows the finished product with very few cars in the lot.

18. You have to stop twice to get out.


19. The first parking ticket (that I'm aware of).............yeah, we're back to normal.

20. Let's finish off this three-and-a-half-month project with some better artwork (with a better sun) from neighborhood kids on the better lot.

I'm OUT!

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Meet the HFD and HPD at the Middle School?
« on: August 05, 2021, 05:07:01 PM »
That's what it looked like from my apartment this morning.

Anybody know officially what was going on?


1. Two nights later, the lights came on. Thankfully, they're not very bright from above.. I only noticed they were on when I saw the top of this new tree illuminated by a new lot light.

2. Here's what most of the lot looks like at night. This picture is actually brighter than what I see from here.

3. This enhanced photo of the still-unopened Ward St entrance/exit shows the shadows from a nearby lot light.


Sunday stroll time

4. The view from State St

5. A closeup of what's at the foot of that pole

6. What the perfectly-flat lighting element looks like.............this type of second-story light should be retroactively mandatory for all lot lighting in Hackensack (and everywhere else).

7. What I'm guessing is the snow-dump corner

8. As you can see, there's still a lot of sidewalk work to be done on the State St side.


9. The very next day (someone must have heard me)


10. Today's jobs: The State St sidewalk and the center payment area protection poles

11,12. Concrete in the sidewalk and concrete in the poles (note the upside-down traffic cone funnel)

13. Lots of pole-hammering (to get the concrete to settle in them?)

14. Over half-done

15. The nice-looking pole caps are brought over to the side of the lot and cut down to proper size.

16. The Quikrete is cut open, dumped and ready to be mixed.

17,18. The poles are capped and the sidewalk is finished.

19, 20. There's just one more little detail: the trash receptacle (one of two) is attached............and almost fallen into.

Click to enlarge.

As you saw in the previous post, all the light poles were prepped and ready for installation.

1,2. A truck with a crane looks like today's the day.

3,4. Rainwater is dumped.......

5,6. ........and tarps are removed.

7,8. Wiring is finalized and a base is prepped to receive a pole.

9,10. A pole is picked and transported to that base.

11. Fortunately for me, that base is the nearest one to me, meaning I'll get to do my closest photography right away instead or waiting around all morning.

12,13. The pole is connected to the crane and starts to get vertical.

14-18. The pole is guided over to the base and attached.

19. Voila! The first E lot light pole has been installed.

20. And here's what the finished product looks like. It's hard to see much of a difference with skinny black poles, but it should be interesting when they turn them on at night.

Click to enlarge horizontal images.

All dates are in the file names under each image

1. Finally! The men are here to put the poles, wiring and lighting units all together on a very hot and very rainy Saturday afternoon. I won't pretend to know every detail of what's going on, so I'm gonna appear intelligent by shutting up for the most part and let you geniuses be guided by my photos.

2,3. As you saw in previous pictures, there are more than a dozen bases for these lights around the lot, so these guys have a LOT of wiring to do to connect them all.

4-7. Protection from the sun and rain is needed so they can get this done today.

8. The first two are done.

9. Six..........

10. Nine......

11-13. Eleven (as the rains came).......

14. Twelve.......

15. Cover it all up

16,17. Time to take the overhead protection down........

18,19. ............and clean up all the soggy boxes.

20. A job well-done under difficult circumstances

Click to enlarge.

All dates are in the file names under each image.

1,2. Continuing in the panoramic mode............a couple of Sunday stroll shots - one from the State St side and one from Ward St, which I really like for some reason

3. Getting the money machine ready

4,5. The money machine and its closeup

6-11. This gentleman from DSM (the main contractor for this project) showed up and cleaned up the entire lot (includes 2 shots of the landscaper and his colorful hose).........

12. ...............and these two worked on the wiring for the lot's light poles.

13. Taking a break

14-18. More work in the SW corner of the lot. I originally thought some sort of structure was being built, but my guess now is that this is where snow will be dumped when the lot gets plowed (I hate to tell them, but a good snowstorm will make at least 3 piles that EACH will be twice as tall as this corner wall............should be an interesting first winter for this lot).

19. Folding up a tarp

20. How to properly exit the lot after work (have a good cone guy with you)

Click to enlarge.

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