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my dad Ken Weingarten shot a color home movie of that spectacular 1958 fire.  As a kid watching the home movie we thought it was largest fire in history.

Hackensack History / 1958 Comfort Coal Fire; Weingartens Liquors
« on: October 07, 2021, 03:47:58 PM »
My grandfather Morris (Moe) Weingarten, and later my father Ken Weingarten, ran Weingarten's Liquors at 108-110 Anderson St.  My dad (who was 27 yr old at the time) shot a color home movie of the spectacular Comfort Coal Co. fire in 1958.  Anyone remember my dad or grandfather?  My grandfather was an Elks Club member and honorary county sherriff.

Across the street my great-aunt and great-uncle Stella and Hymie Weingarten ran a tailor shop and knitting shop.  They had a son named Gilbert Weingarten.  He's living in NY now.

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