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Hackensack Discussion / Re: I need your help
« Last post by Homer Jones on November 17, 2017, 11:25:20 AM »
If someone were trying to stop him from taking photos, he would have taken a photo of the person trying to stop him from taking photos and then posted that photo.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: I need your help
« Last post by irons35 on November 17, 2017, 08:54:24 AM »
why would you think someone is trying to stop him from taking photos?   maybe he is having an operation, or going on vacation...   if someone were trying to stop him from taking photos, I am sure he would have alluded to that in his posting...  and anyway, nobody can stop him from photographing anything he wants in the public domain, which includes from his roof, the ground, and any other publicly accessible space...And i'm sure he is well aware of that as a professional photographer...
Hackensack Discussion / Re: I need your help
« Last post by ericmartindale on November 16, 2017, 10:37:08 PM »
Any actions to silence your photo-journalism are in clear violation of the law.  This is REPRISAL. This is HARASSMENT.   Whatever law firm is after you, they can go jump in the River.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: I need your help
« Last post by johnny g on November 16, 2017, 08:55:18 AM »
Hope the reason for the non posting time isn't an unfortunate one.
Hackensack Discussion / I need your help
« Last post by BLeafe on November 15, 2017, 06:00:00 PM »
Beginning tomorrow, I may not be able to post for a while. The length of time is undertermined and I definitely won't be able to do any photo shoots, including the 395 Main project, whose demolition could start any day now. I really wanted to shoot that all the way through from demolition through construction - especially since it's right in front of my living room window. I know I'll get some of it, but probably not the demolition.

It's important to document changes in the city: imagine if we had continuous documentation of something like Main St changing over from houses to a bustling commercial street. We can do this now for the citizens of the Hackensack of 50 or 100 years from now (and beyond) because every image posted becomes part of the city's database.

As you may know, I've already started the thread ("Tracking the 395 Main St rehab project"), so I'm asking anyone who might be in the area - whether it's one day or many - to take pictures and post them. There are 3 sides to shoot: Main St, Ward St and State St.

Suggestion: if someone is able to do this once a week, take the exact same shot from the exact same spot each week on all 3 sides and post them, like I did with the construction of the new Anderson St RR station a few years ago. Maybe we can make an animated flip-book gif from them, similar to ONE particular station shot that I took each week. The semi-passable gif of all those shots showed 54 weeks of construction in 54 seconds.

I know the Editor will be pitching in photo-wise, but he's a very busy guy, so I'm asking anybody and everybody who's in the vicinity to kindly help out. I'm hoping the Editor will be able to let you know when the demolition begins. I already have the "before" shots posted.

When I'm able to take over again, I'll let you know, but in the interim, I'd appreciate any photo assistance available.


Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by BLeafe on November 15, 2017, 05:15:03 PM »
Because I'll be out of commission for a while, this might be a good time to wrap this up. If "my favorite paper" doesn't get the point by now - and they clearly don't - they never will. Of course, if I see something in the future that's SO remarkably stupid, I reserve the right to share it with people who have at least a minor command of the language and its rules. Feel free to post any glaring miscues yourself.

Since I've already posted today's stumbles, I'll leave you with something that - while technically not incorrect - is something that the paper has been doing since the takeover that's SO lazy, limiting, annoying (and frequent), that I've been collecting them for for the last 3 weeks or so, just to see how many there would be and how often they resort to this cheap excuse for a story.

The answer is 22 (plus one bit of sarcomicastic relief). Unfortunately, I can only include 20 images in a post, so 3 were omitted.

If you want to write for The Record and your favorite number isn't 5, you're out, because everything can be explained, solved and used as filler through the magic of FIVE.

How else would you explain the over-dependence on this lazy tool?

Ready? (and why is there a period in the first one?, they doubled-down on 5 in the last image on a topic that grips the heart and soul of every reader)

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