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Title: Two unexpected New Year's Eve presents
Post by: BLeafe on December 31, 2014, 04:44:16 PM
Both were outside my living room window today. The first was 7 floors down and intended for someone else and the other was 1 floor down and grabbed by me.

The first gift wasn't the big shiny object, but rather the thing on its seat (courtesy of the City of Hackensack) in the second picture.

The second gift needs no explanation.

Happy New Year!

Title: An expensive way to not pay a parking ticket
Post by: BLeafe on January 07, 2015, 03:27:13 PM
So the bike thing (above post) dragged on for over a week. I first saw it parked in that E lot space on Monday, 12/29, and it was still there Tuesday. It was ticketed on Wednesday, 12/31, sat there New Year's Day and Friday, 1/2.

On Saturday, 1/3, it snowed (Pix 1 and 2), but the bike and ticket remained in place, as they did on Sunday, 1/4.

On Monday (1/5) morning, the parking enforcement officer - probably the one who issued the ticket - came by, examined the ticket and marked the tires and ground (Pix 3-7), giving the owner one more day to move it or lose it.

Tuesday (1/6) morning brought some more snow and an apparent visit from the officer (Pix 8 and 9). Tuesday afternoon brought a regular cop :police: (not shown) and and a Court House Auto Body tow truck, on which the bike was loaded and carted away - ticket still attached to its seat (Pix 10-12).

When's the next Hackensack unclaimed merchandise auction?