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Title: City Council meeting schedule
Post by: Victor E Sasson on August 04, 2015, 08:38:07 PM
When City Council and COW meetings are postponed or rescheduled, leaving the schedule as is causes confusion. I looked at the schedule on Monday, and saw meetings scheduled for tonight. But the meetings were held on Monday night, and the city Web site claims to have posted a notice on the change. Maybe it's not prominent enough. And when you can't count on The Record coming through with next-day coverage, then the public loses an opportunity to be heard.
Title: Re: City Council meeting schedule
Post by: Editor on August 05, 2015, 02:55:55 AM
Point well taken.  The practice had been to leave the original yearly meeting list published on the website, noticing any changes under "Notices" on the homepage. Changing the yearly list every time a meeting date changes is impractical but I'll explore an alternate solution.  We had published the change for the 8/4 meeting several weeks ago.  I removed it after the replacement meeting on 8/3 but the Clerk reminded me to put it back up until after the regularly scheduled meeting time (which I had done this afternoon).   

In the meantime, keep checking Notices at www.hackensack.org for any changes in meeting times.  I noted that on the website as well.

Thanks for the suggestion.