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Title: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on December 08, 2018, 11:30:02 am
On Wednesday, December 5, they finally started blocking off the sidewalks on the Main St, Anderson St and Maple Ave sides of the building and left no gaps in the fence-covering for photos. Fortunately, I can see what's going on in the back from my roof - 7 floors up - though it's a bit chilly up there lately.

The next day, demolition started. I had taken a shot of the Anderson St side of the fence-covering in the morning, but by the time I went out to do the ground-level shots, I noticed that the image of the new building in the covering -  which had been well down from Main St in the morning - had been moved much closer to Main by the afternoon. Better optics, I guess. Plus, there's a more captive audience stopped at the light as you get closer to Main.

Since I can't be on the roof on the other side of my building all day, I'm only going to be able to get bits of pieces of the demolition process, unlike the 389 Main project, which is straight out from my living room window, so I'm going to miss segments of the 435 Main progress.

I probably won't get over to Maple Ave much, so I made sure to get over there on the first day to shoot a stitch. It wasn't an easy one because I had to hold the camera above my head to clear the fence-covering. It's a pain to try to line up side-by-side shots in that situation.

On the far right of the stitch is the yellow-bricked former Holy Trinity School - the alma mater of Editor, me and many members of this site. I noticed that my current residence is also in the picture, so I took the last shot, which shows an angle I never saw before of the garden apartments of Anderson St, the Second Reformed Church, the top of my building behind it and the First Presbyterian Church's steeple.

Going back to the stitch, I can see that I’ve come a long way in 60 years…………….. 2 blocks!

From Wikipedia: A waypoint is an intermediate point or place on a route or line of travel, a stopping point or point at which course is changed......waypoints most often consist of a series of abstract GPS points that create artificial airways—"highways in the sky"—created specifically for purposes of air navigation that have no clear connection to features of the real world.

So the residents of this building can claim they live in the middle of something that has no connection to the real world? I guess that makes sense. After all, Sears is right across the street and they're in a similar situation..

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: irons35 on December 08, 2018, 05:40:58 pm
I'm surprised they didnt get the family dollar and finish off the block.
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on December 08, 2018, 07:47:25 pm
Their high-end tenants will need SOMEWHERE classy to shop when Sears folds.

This is  a goldmine for Family Dollar.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: Homer Jones on December 09, 2018, 08:58:46 am
Quick question/ observation: If Sears is on the east side of Main Street and has an even address (436 Main Street) and the former Holman Moving and Storage building is on the west side of Main Street and has an odd address (435 Main Street) how come the Waypoint project is called Holman/ Waypoint 436?
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on December 09, 2018, 10:30:00 am
Sorry - that's my mistake.

All fixed.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on December 13, 2018, 03:35:51 pm
12-7-18 (1-7)

12-10-18 (8-9)

12-12-18 (10-20)

9:03am - On my roof taking pictures of the Holman site from the back end

9:33am - Nixel notice comes in about Main St being closed at Maple for an hour. I know what that means.

9:34am - Back on the roof to verify activity and saw a bite taken out of the brick wall that fronts on Main - time to get out there.

9:47am - I'm on the corner of Main and Anderson by Sears shooting death and destruction (minus the death) for the next 17 minutes and then had to run down the street to shoot the 389 Main construction site and its flying steel girders.

In the last pic, you can see that the Holman sidewalk wall is now the same height as Family Dollar (brick wall, far left). As of today (12-13-18), the rest of Holman's sidewalk wall is gone. You can also see that a good chunk of the Sears parking lot is being used to sell Christmas trees, so hurry on down - it may be the last time you can buy a Christmas tree at this Sears.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: Victor E Sasson on December 14, 2018, 05:46:15 pm
Do you know anything about the building? I tried to reach Holman Moving, but the company has been sold.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BrXo2D3H4_f/ (https://www.instagram.com/p/BrXo2D3H4_f/)
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: Editor on December 15, 2018, 01:16:16 am
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: ericmartindale on December 15, 2018, 04:50:23 am
I notice something on the city's promotion of the project that will infuriate the future tenants of this complex. And that is: "Amenity Space that may be converted to retail". I can tell you from being a tenant leader in Newark for 10 years that this is WAY BEYOND extremely objectionable. The builder is going to have some kind of temporary amenity, perhaps a fitness center or an oversized luxurious lobby, in order to lure in all the tenants at high rent, and then as soon as the building is filled and they have great rent roll coming in, they are going to screw the tenants and remove that amenity that they treasure. And then the tenants don't get a rent reduction for the loss. It's really VERY obnoxious and objectionable for a builder to do this. The city Zoning and Planning Boards should never allow or encourage that, and in fact, the reverse should be true. Approvals for construction should REQUIRE that amenities remain. And if a builder provides security guards in the lobby, they should be required to keep them. The most tremendous tenant movement in Newark all started with amenity reduction, and it culminated with the city council being pressured to adopt the strongest rent control ordinance in the United States.
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: Homer Jones on December 15, 2018, 03:06:08 pm
Perhaps Mr. Editor can explain why the amenity sentence was included in this promotional piece. Did the planning board incorporate this caveat with their approval?
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: irons35 on December 15, 2018, 04:12:44 pm
image 6339... who the hell allowed them to take down that wall like that, with an occupied building directly against it. 
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on December 15, 2018, 04:41:34 pm
I wondered about that too, because the Family Dollar cashier is in that nearest corner, but subsequent photos from my roof showed no bricks or other debris on the Familly Dollar roof. There was a cop stationed at Main and Maple, so maybe he cleared them from that corner at that moment................or............maybe not.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: irons35 on December 15, 2018, 10:33:05 pm
I would hope they completely vacated the store during the entire time that any structural members were being demolished higher than the height of the store.   There was an incident in Philadelphia in 2012 where 7 people were killed because a contractor did not empty the adjoining structure, and the wall went thru the roof... 
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: ericmartindale on December 16, 2018, 11:15:22 pm
Yes irons35, and there were two incidents in Hackensack within the past 20 years in which buildings being demolished fell unexpectedly.  One was on Newman Street and Atlantic, the demolition to prepare for the parking tower. They were demolishing one end of the building and they didn't have the sidewalk blocked off at the other end, along Newman Street. The west end of the building then collapsed onto Newman Street, and could have killed people if they were walking there. The other was during the construction of the Ice Quad. The plan was to take off the roof and leave the 4 walls, and then rebuild from there to create the Ice Quad. High winds caused at least one of the 4 walls to completely collapse.
Title: Holman demolition began today
Post by: BLeafe on January 15, 2019, 09:21:56 pm
As you Nixelers know, the intersection of Main and Anderson was closed today and will be closed tomorrow. The reason is that the main Holman building is and will be coming down.

The first 4 shots were taken on Sunday, when I did a final walkaround.

I got up early today, thinking that they may want to git 'er done right away, but it was after 10am when I happened to notice the big heavy yellow weapon of choice grinding around the corner from Anderson to Main. "Oh no - they're starting in front!"

By the time I got there, the upper right corner had a couple of dings in it - nothing serious. In the next hour or so they kind of munched around the top edge on Main and then did the same on Anderson.


In the afternoon, holes were punched out where some rooms were, and bricks rained down on Anderson St. so at the moment, almost half of the bricks are gone from that wall, but the empty rooms are all still there.

One of the workers was flying a drone, so that was fun to shoot (4 shots). IMG_7326 - almost straight up - is my new favorite shot of the year...........after the kestrel.

More to come tomorrow.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: Holman demolition began today
Post by: BLeafe on January 17, 2019, 11:47:02 am
I shot for most of the day yesterday and I've already done a bunch today, so I've got a couple hundred photos and a couple dozen videos to edit, so it may be a while before I catch up here. If you want to see the Holman building like you've never seen it before,  head on over to Anderson and Main (it's open again).

In the meantime, here are two from yesterday. After all the bricks were pushed off those streets onto the sidewalk, I took this at around 4pm. A couple of those bricks hit what appears to be a multi-directional light (fixed now).

I'm taking a break right now because the HFD just showed up at the site and things have stopped for the moment.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: ericmartindale on January 17, 2019, 02:50:26 pm
Great pictures. Thanks for photo-documenting.
Title: Holman demolition ENDS today
Post by: BLeafe on January 19, 2019, 10:08:32 am
The below pic is what the scene looked like as of 9:24 this morning.

I was told that they want to get the entire building down before the snow arrives later today, so if you want to see it or take a last picture of it standing, make some quick plans. Talk to a cop to find out where you can stand.

Be advised that Main Street from Ward Street to University Plaza Drive is closed and Anderson Street from Union Street to River Street are closed.

Title: The Holman building demolition (#1 of 5)
Post by: BLeafe on January 24, 2019, 03:53:52 pm
I took over a thousand pictures and shot probably 3 dozen small videos of the Holman building demolition in the last week. That's a TON of editing to do. After all the straightening, framing, cropping, sizing, ID-ing and color/sharpening adjustments, I certainly couldn't post 800-900 images, so the initial weeding out reduced the pile to 181 images. A second run-through got it down to an even 100. Since each post is limited to 20 images, there will be 5 posts.

1. Post1:  1-16-19

2. Post2:  1-16+17-19

3. Post3:  1-17+18+19-19

4. Post4:  1-19+20-19

5. Post5:  1-20+22-19  (no 1-21-19 images were selected)

Following the fifth post will be one more post containing the YouTube link for the video of all the combined bits and pieces extracted from the 30 or 40 little videos. That video will run 13:19.

Of course, I have to state that all images are ©Bob Leafe. Contact me first regarding ANY potential usage or licensing. As a professional photographer, I take this stuff seriously.

(Cheery little buzzard, ain't I?..................and a week of constant near-frostbite conditions didn't help my bare trigger finger's attitude...............I almost had to use an adjacent finger that's usually reserved for something else.)

Click to enlarge.

Title: The Holman building demolition (#2 of 5)
Post by: BLeafe on January 24, 2019, 04:13:02 pm
Post 2:  1-16+17-19

Click to enlarge (you may have noticed that this generally works with just the horizontal shots, but check the verticals anyway...............a certain size ratio will slip through.

Title: The Holman building demolition (#3 of 5)
Post by: BLeafe on January 24, 2019, 04:26:19 pm
Post 3:  1-17+18+19-19

Dunno if you noticed (or care), but these 100 shots are all posted sequentially. Not sure about the two photostitches, however, but they replaced nearly identical (and lesser) shots that were in the sequence.

Click to enlarge (some).

Title: The Holman building demolition (#4 of 5)
Post by: BLeafe on January 24, 2019, 04:37:13 pm
Post 4:  1-19+20-19

Click if you feel like it.

Title: The Holman building demolition (#5 of 5)
Post by: BLeafe on January 24, 2019, 05:15:06 pm
Post 5:  1-20+22-19  (no 1-21-19 images were selected)

Click blah, blah, blah................

Title: The Holman demolition video
Post by: BLeafe on January 24, 2019, 05:30:45 pm
This is a week's worth of small video bits jammed together than run 13:19. You'll have to click on "YouTube" in the bottom right - AFTER you start the video - to see what I wrote:


Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: Editor on January 24, 2019, 06:31:05 pm
Great pictures.  Marley and I also found the video mesmerizing. Couldn't stop watching it.  :o

I'll miss the ornate entrance way but not the monolithic brick wall that extended down Main. 

50-52 Main demo starts Monday, FYI.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on February 02, 2019, 12:45:47 am
This is the post-Holman post. It reveals a nice new view of Holy Trinity Church.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on February 07, 2019, 12:50:00 pm
Slight retrospective (to get everything in one thread):

1. This is my initial shot of the 435 Main (former Holman Moving) project demolition, taken across Anderson St from the Second Reformed Church's parking lot on 10-12-18. The crane had been sitting there for a couple of weeks and the sheeting (for asbestos remediation?) that was there the morning I shot this was gone by afternoon. This should have been the first shot in this thread.

2. I wish I could say I used a drone, but the second shot was actually taken from the top of the Sears tower on 5-17-12. Obviously, I wasn't aiming at Holman, but rather at my neighborhood, my building and the high-rises in the background. Fortunately, most of Holman made it into the shot.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Holman's Hole
Post by: BLeafe on March 18, 2019, 04:14:17 pm
Had to shoot this stitch before they put something in it. By the way - all the piledriving you may have heard coming from this project was only on the Maple Ave side. I don't know why and I don't know if there is any more to be done. I'll post those images the next time I update the Projects thread.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on April 17, 2019, 03:23:35 pm

1 - The whole scene from my roof

2 - Closeup of the pile drivings on the Maple Ave side


3,4 - As I was pulling out of the Second Reformed Church's parking lot, I saw this right in front of me across the street and took two shots from behind the wheel.



5,6 - Both stitches were shot from the Maple Ave side and show the pile drivings. The first was from the back corner of Family Dollar and the second was from the side of Holy Trinity School. In each image, you can see the other building.

7. Old Reliable - from the SE (front) corner of Family Dollar on the Main St side

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on June 26, 2019, 04:35:37 pm
JUNE 2019

These images and stitches were taken during three walkarounds this month from :

- My roof (a leftover from April 30)

- the site's western border next to/behind garden apartments on Anderson St

- Maple Ave

- Main St

- a flipped mirror-image taken while playing in traffic on Anderson St

Check out the dapper dude in the last picture - his control box is remotely working the arm of the cement crane.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on July 11, 2019, 05:20:38 pm
Taken on 7-2-19

There's one thing that would make that last image a perfect stitch: if that vehicle really WAS made by a company called "VOLVOLVO".

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: BLeafe on July 26, 2019, 04:00:18 pm
7-13-19 and 7-25-19 photo stitch updates (click to enlarge) and a 7-25-19 photo of the Anderson St entrance:

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: wfreynolds on July 31, 2019, 04:24:09 pm
Awhile ago someone asked a question about the Geo. B. Holman & Co. (GBH) fireproof warehouse.  I believe I can answer the query as I lived along with my wife, two young sons and a big German Shepherd dog in the Holman complex.  The question asked was the Holman warehouse originally built as a warehouse or was it something else first.  A good question as many people mistakenly thought the building was a bank. 
The warehouse was the second storage warehouse built by GBH in Bergen County.  The first one was built in Rutherford at 151 Park Ave around 1900's.  This was not a fireproof warehouse but a wood timber frame interior and brick exterior 3 or 4 stories.  The GBH Hackensack warehouse was built in the mid 1920's.  It was poured concrete reinforced with steel rods.  No wood was used in the construction.  The building contractor was Al Hensch of East Rutherford.  Hench was a well regarded contractor and know for strong structures.  They were honest, reliable and did not cut corners.  There are several Hensch built structures still standing in Bergen County today.  The building was typical of many fireproof storage building throughout the country. A larger example still stands a few blocks north of Yankee Stadium on Jerome in the Bronx NY.  This is a much larger structure that the GBH building but looks very similar.  It is the old 7 Santini Bros.  warehouse. 

The GBH Hackensack warehouse was 6 floors including a basement.  The basement contained storage space that originally was used for Packard automobiles and a large 18'inch belt powered "swing arm" saw that was used to make wooden crates.  In later years, the Bergen County Prosecutors office rented that space for evidence storage. 
 The first floor contained loading dock and in the front of the building facing Main St., offices.  The office had a large marble counter that was very imposing and visible from the street.  It was beautiful!.  At the southeast corner of the office was a large walk-in safe.  The door was just like those you would see in a bank in those days.  The vault contained storage foreaverthing from jewelry to oriental  rugs, furs and of course company records.
This vault was very visible from the corner of Main and Anderson hence the building being mistaken for a bank. Mr Henry Holman had his office at the other end of the first floor.  A big desk, grandfather clock.  A typical mid-20th Century executive office that was visible from the street.  It looked like a bankers office.  A mezzanine  floor was just above the offices.  It had an ornate railing and glass panels in the front.  The mezzanine was used primarily for piano storage.  One of Holman's commercial accounts was Steinway Piano.  The grand pianos were disassembled and the pianos were placed on special dollies, keyboard down.  Steinway was a good account and a customer for many years as they liked the quality and level of service GBH provided.
The second floor was open storage and provided space for commercial accounts.  Lipton Tea Product Development, The Irish Trade Board, M & M Mars product development, Marriott Corp., R.H Donnelly, Fairchild Camera, Addressograph- Multigraph, Bendix and others.  You'd be surprised at the number of quality accounts GBH Co served.
That's it for now.  It's lunch time here in Tucson and I need a beer.  I''l  Continue this post later if anyone is interested. 
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: Editor on July 31, 2019, 05:01:23 pm
Definitely interested. Thanks for providing the history that would have undoubtedly been lost otherwise.

Cheers and Welcome.
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: wfreynolds on August 11, 2019, 06:32:53 pm
Part 2 of the Holman warehouse property

I left off on the second floor of the 435 Main Street warehouse building.  The third, fourth and half of the fifth floor contained storage rooms.  There was about forty or fifty storage lockers per floor.  One of Bob Leafe's demolition photographs shows a steel door with the number 432 stenciled on it.  That was one of many storage locker doors.  The storage lockers were kept very clean.  No dirty or infested storage was accepted.  In all the years I worked there I never saw a mouse or rat in that building.  It was kept meticulously clean.  Storage rooms were swept and sanitized before and after each tenancy.   The fifth floor was only half storage rooms.  The other half contained racks that held bulky upholstered furniture.  The roof was the most fun though.  It provided a great view of the surrounding area including an unobstructed view of the Empire State Building in NYC.  In the 1970's a television antenna was still a requirement for TV reception.  Our antenna was planted on the roof and lined up with the Empire State Building where most or all of the New York TV stations transmitted from.  Boy, what reception!!
 Mr and Mrs Henry Holman had a house at the other end of the property, Maple Ave.  In the 60's it would have been between the furniture store on Main St and Holy Trinity School.  I think the Holman residence was probably built at the same time as the ware house as it was built with hollow tile and stuccoed.  A really pretty house.with a picket fence in front.  Mrs Holman loved that house.  Henry Holman was a well known realtor/appraiser in Bergen County.  He was also an oriental carpet and grandfather clock expert.  A real gentleman who was civic minded and charitable.  I recall that in the summer he would always wear a Panama hat, jauntily tilted to one side.  It really looked good on him!

The Holman's raised two sons in that house, Robert and George B.  Robert was killed in WW2.  The B-17 bomber he was flying in was shot down and the entire crew lost.  George B went on to run the GBH business in the 1960's. 

In the mid 1960's big changes took place at 435 Main St.  An addition was added to the rear of the building.  This addition contained an operations office and scale house, two bay freight dock,  a two bedroom apartment above the office, a 50 ft electronic truck scale and on the north side of 435,  a building containing 201 storage boxes (stacked 3 high).  In addition, a three bay truck maintenance shop/garage was built backed up to Maple Ave (between the Holman residence and the furniture store).

This is probably a good place to leave this post.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story.  Warren
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: ericmartindale on August 12, 2019, 09:33:22 pm
Question for Mr. Reynolds. I was unaware that there was a residential apartment in the main storage building. Is that the apartment that you lived in?  OR did you live in the house on Maple Ave. And when was that house torn down? I don't remember it, all I remember was the truck storage. I also vaguely remember stores on Main Street being torn down and replaced with the tall brick wall of the storage complex. Those additions were not very popular among Hackensack residents. Folks liked the stores, and didn't like the blank and imposing walls along the retail corridor. I hope you will continue the story. And tell us everything about the political career of George B. Holman. I believe he served as a city councilman. Thanks
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
Post by: wfreynolds on September 11, 2019, 01:26:46 pm
I lived in the apartment that was over the operations office and loading dock.  This was an addition on the rear of 435 Main built in the mid 1960's. (west side of building).  The address was 10 Anderson St.   The house on Maple Ave was the residence of Mr and mrs Henry W Holman.  It was torn down around 1980 to expand the trailer parking area. I left GBHCo in 1977 to move to Arizona so this is just an educated guess. 
The stores facing Main Street (prior to 1977)  were a hairdresser who did very little business so it had to be a "front" for soe other activity, Mucci's Restaurant, a family operation that catered to working people in the area with good food fairly priced, a vacuum cleaner repair shop, and an empty store.  The current Family Dollar Store was a furniture store owned by a guy named Sid.  Sid was an a good business man who always gave people a good deal. 
George (Bud) Holman was a city councilman in the mid 1970's anad was still in office when I left Hackensack in 1977.  The mayor was Casimir Wysocki, Council was: Howard Gregory, George B Holman, Frank(?) Zisa and someone I forget.  I recall working on their campaign in the mid 70's. 
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St) 6-7 to 9-1-19
Post by: BLeafe on September 13, 2019, 04:37:22 pm

1. Stitch from next to the Family Dollar store


2,3,4. from the north (Maple Ave) side

5,6. from the west (behind Anderson St apartments) side

7.  from Main St (next to Family Dollar)


8. from my living room window (part of the Second Reformed Church is in the lower left)


9-15. The first 3 are from next to Family Dollar and the last 4 are from Anderson St.


16-19. All are from Anderson St (the blocking material on the fence has been gone most of the time lately).

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St) 9-5 to 10-23-19
Post by: BLeafe on October 26, 2019, 01:15:19 pm
This is the last month-and-a-half's worth of progress. All dates are under each picture.

The last 4 images show why Anderson St was closed earlier this week. In two of those images, you can see a big hole in the middle of the street - exactly where one existed 10 years ago when the road collapsed after a 120+ year-old BRICK water pipe broke. I asked some of the 435 Main project workers why the hole was open again and "storm drain" was the answer I got.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (11-1 to 11-21-19)
Post by: BLeafe on November 22, 2019, 02:06:41 pm

1. The hole in Anderson St

2,3. The cement pumper from Anderson St and from Maple Ave


4. The temporary Anderson St patch

5. Oooo - art! (maybe)

6. Movin' on up


7. Anderson St stitch


8. From my living room

9. One more floor before Holy Trinity Church vanishes

10. Stitch from neighbor's parking lot

Click to enlarge.

Title: Why Anderson St was closed westbound (Main->Union) on 12/5/19
Post by: BLeafe on December 11, 2019, 02:22:51 pm
This was a fortunate 3-photo stitch:

(click to enlarge and scroll l-r)

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St) - (1-2 to 2-19-20)
Post by: BLeafe on March 06, 2020, 03:00:20 pm

Coat rack

1-5-20 (2)

On the west side

1-15-20 (1)


Main and Anderson stitch


Ride from the 3rd-floor Port-O-John


From the Second Reformed Church's parking lot


From my only north-facing window


4 Maple Ave views
1 Main St view
1 west-side stitch
1 Main and Maple stitch


1 from the ground
1 from my apartment


Dueling cement pumpers on a windy day


2 Anderson St views

Click to enlarge.
Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St) 2-21 to 3-20-20
Post by: BLeafe on April 03, 2020, 04:30:06 pm
These are pretty self-explanatory.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St) (3-24 to 4-27-20)
Post by: BLeafe on May 28, 2020, 06:05:19 pm
Various and sundry.............

Click to enlarge.