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Title: The annual Our Lady of the Cloud procession, Hackensack, NJ 1-1-19
Post by: BLeafe on January 01, 2019, 04:52:21 PM
This year's version was a little more solemn and a lot smaller. Gone were all the fake animals, the dancing, costumed whatever-they-weres and the jumpy accordion music. The confusing clash of sounds (the front party atmosphere mixed with the almost-funereal rear group's vocals/music) was also absent. This year was clearer and more concise.

I stuck to shooting from the roof and it only took about 11 or 12 minutes - with stops - from when they approached Union St from Passaic St, made the left turn and then exited Union onto Anderson St to continue on to Holy Trinity Church.

Click to enlarge.

Title: Our Lady of the Cloud procession, Hackensack, NJ 1-1-20
Post by: BLeafe on January 02, 2020, 01:50:03 PM
This annual New Year's Day procession - which I've been photographing since 2009 - ends at a local Catholic church, so I called them on December 31 to check on the step-off time and to see if there were any changes in the route.

I was told that it was not scheduled this year, but they could provide no reason why. That's sad.

Just before noon on New Year's Day, I heard music that sounded familiar. I looked out a window in my apartment and there was the usual procession, albeit with a somewhat different route. When I first heard it, I saw it on Union St in front of the Middle School. I have no idea where it started. It continued on Union past my building, but I couldn't tell you where it went after that (back to the church that - just the day before - said there was no procession?)

I usually shoot this from my roof, but a certain landlord has blocked me from my own roof access door, so this video had to be shot through a window with an A/C in it.

Consequently, the volume is low, so crank it up to hear anything.

Click stills to enlarge.