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Title: First fireworks of 2019 (Chinese Lunar New Year)
Post by: BLeafe on February 12, 2019, 04:09:45 PM
I thought I heard something resembling fireworks last night - even with the windows closed. Sure enough, I could see something in the vicinity of Midtown Manhattan. I think all the buildings shown are new ones in the Jersey City area.

Here's all the info: http://www.ecns.cn/hd/2019-02-12/detail-ifzekwei6641100.shtml#1 and a GREAT picture.

I wish I was in Weehawken last night, especially if I could have gotten shots like that.

Click to enlarge.

Title: First fireworks of 2020 (Chinese Lunar New Year)
Post by: BLeafe on January 28, 2020, 12:57:11 PM
Actually, both of these posts are incorrect. The first fireworks of the year begin in Central Park right after the ball falls in Times Square on New Year's Day, but this year's Lunar New Year pyro got closer - about 3 weeks closer than last year's (January 23 vs. February 12).

I got closer too.......well, my zoom did, so the images look a little less anemic than last year's.

BTW - that red horizontal line near the bottom of this year's last image and all of last year's shots was made by cars on Rt 80 while the shutter was open.

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