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Title: Yet ANOTHER project - Main St sidewalks (6-7-19 to 6-20-19)
Post by: BLeafe on June 25, 2019, 05:45:32 PM
Currently, the sidewalk activity is confined to the east side of Main St in NOPASS (NOrth of PASSaic St) - specifically, between Passaic and Anderson).


Late that Friday afternoon, I noticed something unusual: some kind on monster saw vehicle being unloaded in front of 22 Ward, backed into the E municipal parking lot and parked across two spaces. Why was THAT thing there? I remembered meeting some surveyors in that lot a month or so prior. They told me they thought that the city planned on doing a major overhaul of the lot - something it really needs.


The next day, I took some pictures before the lot overhaul started.


By Monday, the vehicle was gone and no lot overhaul was begun.


A whole series of metered spaces closest to State St on the southern side of the lot was commandeered by a crew who dumped piles of crushed stone and left lots of construction equipment in those spaces. All this was right across the street from the entrance to the 389 Main site, but there didn't appear to be any connection between the two.

That was confirmed whenever any trucks came into that area of the lot, picked up or dropped off something and then headed south on State St.

I was walking up Passaic St from River St when I came upon the dug-up sidewalk in front of the YMCA and other businesses on that block - a project I hadn't heard about. I showed workers a picture of the saw vehicle and asked if that had dug up the sidewalks. It had.

It all started to make sense now. There really was no other place nearby to store piles of stone and needed vehicles other than the E lot - they just had to go around the block every time they needed something.


I went to Main & Ward to shoot some 389 Main images and saw that the sidewalk work had gotten started as far north as Ward. Back home, I took a couple of shots of the storage area and also made a video showing a truckload of stone being dumped.



This is a video of a small track vehicle clattering its way slowly down State St to go around the block to the sidewalks site.



At the storage area, a delivery of 15 space creatures was made. I have no idea what they are, but I'll bet somebody here does.............


We wrap up today's post the same way we started it (what's with this "we" stuff?): with the saw vehicle - this time, heading home. Had I known it was working that day, I would have headed right over to Main St. I'd like to see what this thing looks like in action.

More to follow.........

Click to enlarge.

Title: Re: Yet ANOTHER project - Main St sidewalks (6-21-19 to 7-11-19)
Post by: BLeafe on July 12, 2019, 11:25:31 AM
6-21-19 (7)

1-7.  You'll see similar shots in this post showing different stages. #7 shows a spacebot (still don't know what they are) that's been identified as "Campbell".

6-22-19 (1)

8. New stuff in the E lot storage area for this project

6-23-19 (1)

9. Ditto

6-24-19 (2)

10. Spacebots lose an appendage (I think).

11. Spacebot gets a lift/Lyft.

6-26-19 (5)

12-16. Update from the Main/E. Ward vicinity

7-1-19 (1)

17. Truck-climbing at 7:07am

7-2-19 (2)

18,19. Updates

7-11-19 (1)

 20. Spacebot heads for its final destination.

Click to enlarge (mainly the horizontal shots).

Title: Re: Yet ANOTHER project - Main St sidewalks (6-7-19 to 6-20-19)
Post by: irons35 on July 12, 2019, 09:58:34 PM
they are light post bases. 
Title: Re: Yet ANOTHER project - Main St sidewalks (7-24-19 to 8-10-19)
Post by: BLeafe on September 12, 2019, 01:50:54 PM
As usual, most of this "sidewalk" imagery is of the storage area - a block away from the actual sidewalk work on Main St (though there IS some of that mixed in).

The videos from four different days:

How to park your Bobcat in a small space (move the cones!)

Hackensack, NJ, Municipal "E" lot, 7-24-19


Hosing your cement mixer (Hackensack, NJ, 8-1-19)


Loading the Cat on the flatbed (Hackensack, NJ, 8-8-19)


Load of broken sidewalks (Hackensack, NJ, 8-10-19)




1. This is the still I made for the "...park your Bobcat..." video thumbnail.


2,3. Making sure the Bobcat doesn't fall off the flatbed.


4. They put some dirt in the handicap space?


5. They put a LOT of dirt in the handicap space!

6. Somebody finally realizes that maybe this is not the right thing to do...........and it only took four days to figure that out.


7. The "Hosing your cement mixer" thumbnail still.


8. This stayed there until September 10.

9. East side of Main St, just south of E. Ward


10,11. Time to move the Bobcat to its next job.


12. How long before this area is used as a municipal parking lot once again?

13, 14. How to move whatever-they-ares


15. Working just north of E. Ward St, after........

16. ........finishing just south of E. Ward.


17. Giant intestines get tossed.

18. I thought a giant sofa was getting dumped/pulled off a truck.

19. The "Loading the Cat" video still


20. The "Load of broken sidewalks" video still

Click to enlarge the stills.

Title: Re: Yet ANOTHER project - Main St sidewalks (8-16 to 8-30-19)
Post by: BLeafe on September 12, 2019, 06:06:36 PM
Continuing August..........


Dump-BANG! Dump-BANG! Hackensack, NJ, 8-27-19


Load of broken sidewalks, Part II

Hackensack, NJ, 8-30-19




1,2. Truck stuff

3. Work at Main and E. Ward


4. I was gonna say something about a wood stapler, but I won't.


5. Digging up the sidewalks on the NW corner of Main and Ward

6,7. The truck from yesterday on the job and back in the storage lot


8,9. Hauling wood and dumping stone


10. Adding to the pile


11,12. The regular still and the "...broken sidewalks..." video still

13, 14. The NW corner of Main and Ward

15, 16. More storage area activity

(I hope this wraps up soon..........it's kind of boring.)

Click to enlarge the stills.