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Title: HUMC Expansion
Post by: wetochwink on February 09, 2005, 02:21:59 PM
Hospital readies plan for expansion (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjczN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk0NTkmZmdiZWw3Zjd2cWVlRUV5eTY2NTE1MjQmeXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkz)

Does anyone know any truth to how much land HUMC actually owns?

A neighbor of mine years ago said they owned all land from the hospital of today to as north as Beech St (High School) and as far east as the railroad tracks.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on May 24, 2005, 09:45:01 AM
Latest stories:

Coniglio's hospital deal raises issue of allegiances (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkzJmZnYmVsN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk2Njk3OTM2)

Hospital shifts site of cancer center (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkzJmZnYmVsN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk2Njk1ODYy)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on May 26, 2005, 09:25:25 AM
From The Record: May 26, 2005:

Regarding "Coniglio's hospital deal raises issue of allegiances" (Page A-1, May 24):

The Record may be correct that the New Jersey disclosure law is far from perfect. But that is no reason to question the integrity of state Sen. Joseph Coniglio, D-Paramus, who, by your own admission, has been a sponsor of legislation toughening the state's conflict-of-interest laws.

Coniglio should be free to apply his 43 years of construction expertise to consulting for Hackensack University Medical Center - or for anyone else - just as attorneys in the Legislature are free to practice law, so long as their first responsibility is to the citizens they represent.

Should The Record in future investigations find this is not the case, it can disclose the conflict and let the voters decide.

It should be noted that The Record editorial board had no problem recommending a security officer at the hospital for a position on the Hackensack City Council, where a conflict of interest was not only likely, but would be unavoidable.

Howard Hurwitz

Hackensack, May 24
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on June 02, 2005, 09:46:45 AM
The following opinions are from the June 2, 2005 edition of The Record:

How can the writer of "Issue is not Coniglio's integrity" (Your Views, May 26) compare state Sen. Joseph Coniglio's consulting position at Hackensack University Medical Center with former City Council candidate Steve Martino's part-time job as a security guard there?

It is important to know where this writer, Howard Hurwitz, is coming from. He is a Hackensack Planning Board member and executive director of the Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority.

He is also the spouse of Lynne Hurwitz, chairwoman of the Hackensack Democratic Municipal Committee. She has worked for, among others, former Sen. Robert Torricelli, Hackensack Police Chief Ken Zisa and Coniglio. She recruited the New Visions slate by placing an ad in the Zisa-owned tabloid, the County Seat.

Howard Hurwitz's logic makes as much sense as his wife's paid Bergen County position in volunteer benefits.

The Record article that he critiqued ("Coniglio's hospital deal raises issue of allegiances," Page A-1, May 24) described exactly what is wrong with municipal, county and state governments in New Jersey.

Citizens have the right to know what their elected officials are doing, and The Record has the responsibility to report this information.

Hurwitz's letter is nothing more than a cheap shot and an obvious attempt to pander to Democratic political bosses, to whom both his wife and he are indebted for their jobs.

Arlene Schatz
Hackensack, May 27
The writer is acting president of the Hackensack Taxpayers Association.


"Issue is not Coniglio's integrity" (Your Views, May 26) stated there was a conflict of interest in The Record endorsing Steve Martino, a security officer at Hackensack University Medical Center, for Hackensack City Council.

That comment is laughable.

Exactly where could a conflict of interest be involved, except in the imagination of the letter writer? What possible influence could a part-time security officer have on HUMC affairs?

Rose Martino

Hackensack, May 26
The writer is a sister of Steve Martino.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on March 23, 2006, 01:42:23 PM
Latest story: Hospital seeks ok for new expansion plan (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjczN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk1MSZmZ2JlbDdmN3ZxZWVFRXl5NjkwMTQ5MSZ5cmlyeTdmNzE3Zjd2cWVlRUV5eTM=)
Title: Qwestion
Post by: ericmartindale on March 23, 2006, 10:11:07 PM
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Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: itsme on March 24, 2006, 06:09:35 PM
The more they get the more they want.  I guess if the application is questioned, HUMC will have their employees who reside in Hackensack again bused to the hearings and pay them for the time away from work.  At the last hearings for the parking garage on the corners of Atlantic & Railroad, residents were lead to believe that the parking garage would alleviate the problem of hospital employees parking on the streets of Hackensack. The city got the Housing Authority attorney, Joe Zisa, to state that the housing authority saw no problem with the construction of that garage only 15 inches from the windows of the residents.  I know the tenants had a problem.  The parking lot is hardly ever full and the employees continue to park on the streets.  Yeah, that one really worked!!!
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on September 27, 2006, 09:53:48 AM
Latest story:  Expansion plan worries med center's neighbors (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkyJmZnYmVsN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk2OTk3NDM4)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: ericmartindale on September 27, 2006, 09:51:23 PM
I sat in on part of tonite's application.  The Board has completely reversed it's hostility to the application, and appears to be accepting HUMC's testimony as to why they don't have to widen Atlantic Street to the width the Board had previously demanded.  Previously the Board and HUMC were at an impasse over that issue.

Now it looks like the application will be approved, and probably at the October meeting. It appears to be coming to a conclusion after so many hearings. 

HUMC is expanding in size by about 33% with this application, and they are building outside their original square block to the same density. 

We didn't know it at the time, but when the board allowed the Don Imus Center to have much less than the allowed setback from Atlantic Street, that set the precedent for both sides of Atlantic Street from Prospect Ave to the railroad.  After the Don Imus Center was built, HUMC demanded the same setback for every subsequent application, saying that "it will be the same as Don Imus". That's what is called  "subverting the intent and purpose of the zone plan and zoning ordinance".  That's exactly what happened with the Don Imus Center.

It looks like I'll have to find someplace else to live. No, I won't be leaving Hackensack. But I don't think I can bear to live across the street from such a massive construction site. It will totally destroy the quality of life here, and the loss of the houses buffering my building from HUMC will have a dramatic negative effect. Chances are it will be under construction for 2 years straight. Most of my neighbors here in my building don't even have a remote clue as to what is going to happen.  This complex is 5 to 10 times bigger than they imagine it will be.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Anthony on September 29, 2006, 07:04:48 PM
I have many mixed emotions about the future of HUMC.†

First, Iíd like to say HUMC is a wonderful hospital.† Itís clean, state of the art, and ultra convenient for everyone in Hackensack.† God forbid one of us needs medical attention, it is very reassuring to be less than five minutes away from the facility from any part of Hackensack.† The medical staff is among the best in the area and my parents, wife and children have all received excellent care whenever theyíve had to go there.† That being said, should HUMC have carte blanche to expand as much as they want?† Should the city allow them to take over that part of town or put an end to the expansion now?

I donít know if the city has a master plan for that area, but maybe one should be developed specifically for the entire area with Essex Street, Summit Avenue, Beech/Atlantic Street, and State Street as its borders.† It could be designated the ďHUMC ZoneĒ and a plan could be developed, by the city, to take control of the entire zone by rezoning it.† This way the city controls the deck, not HUMC.† When they want to expand more, theyíd have to actually play by the cityís rules, since they would control the area.† It seems like the city got bamboozled by HUMC on the Imus building and they should try not to get out played again.

I hate the fact HUMC is bullying the city and their own neighbors in the area.† I canít stand their arrogance.† They are expanding whether we like it or not and weíre at their mercy.† Does it have to be this way?

In spite of what HUMC wants us to believe, itís all about money.† The hospital is making more and more of it.† Why canít they share some of the wealth?† Itís ironic the non-profit hospital, most of it being tax-exempt, has a management staff, doctors, lawyers, consultants, etc. making big money.† Since their taxes are low, maybe they can help the city out with things like school expansion, fire fighting equipment, maybe even a discounted health care plan for the cityís employees.† If the hospital has a medical plan for its employees, why canít they include Hackensackís city employees in the same plan?† Imagine the savings to the city at little cost to the hospital.† Why canít HUMC purchase state of the art fire fighting equipment for our fire fighters as a gift in case of a disaster in the hospital?† A lot of our tax dollars go to keeping our fire fighters ready for a disaster in this non profit/tax-exempt facility.† It doesnít seem right.

The cityís residents are giving up a lot for HUMCís expansion.† Prospect Avenue and Essex Street near the hospital ALWAYS has traffic which is only going to get worse.† Itís nice to have the extra business in town from patients and staff at the hospital but how much extra business are we really seeing?† Not many people working/visiting the hospital are making their way to shop or eat on Main Street.† Itís great that the area around the hospital has been redeveloped with doctorís offices and medical buildings (which are not tax-exempt) but itís sad to see the houses and neighborhoods go.

As I said, I have mixed emotions about the hospitalís expansion and future.† Who really runs Hackensack, the council/city manager or John Ferguson?

Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on October 02, 2006, 09:18:32 AM
Latest story:  The hospital next door (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkxNCZmZ2JlbDdmN3ZxZWVFRXl5Njk5OTAyNQ==)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on October 09, 2006, 10:24:29 AM
In today's Record (Your Views)

I have followed with great interest "Growing too big? Expansion plan worries med center's neighbors" (Page A-1, Sept. 27), referring to the growth of the Hackensack University Medical Center. Equally interesting was "The hospital next door" (Editorial, Oct. 2).

The major underlying concerns by the neighbors seem to be the congestion, noise and pollution that added traffic and a large conventional parking garage bring with them. Compounding the problem is the fact that frustrations of the neighbors are rarely heard or heeded by the Hackensack zoning board or HUMC officials.

Your suggestion for holding open forums should certainly be taken into consideration by these same officials.

For example, the concerns attending an 855-car, 5-story garage adjacent to the residential area could be addressed if an automated garage could be substituted for the proposed ramped structure.

Automated garages take up less land area (at least 40 percent less) and are totally enclosed. A vehicle's engine is never left running in the garage so the noise and air pollution are virtually eliminated. The system is completely closed, greatly enhancing security. In addition the facade of the building can be constructed to blend in aesthetically with the residential area.

Suggestions of this type could come from a neighborhood forum. They could go a long way toward neutralizing the frustrations of neighbors.

Donald D. Farinella

Paramus, Oct. 3

The writer is a former Hackensack resident.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: ericmartindale on November 03, 2006, 04:45:47 PM
11/2/06 Record article: "HUMC, Pascack hospital may join (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjczN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk1NSZmZ2JlbDdmN3ZxZWVFRXl5NzAxMzczMCZ5cmlyeTdmNzE3Zjd2cWVlRUV5eTI=)"

This news story is extremely relevant.  It potentially has enormous implications for the City of Hackensack.  This may mean that some of the ongoing mega-expansion of HUMC will take place outside of the city limits of Hackensack.

This might be good for Hackensack. HUMC builds at such enormous density that it chokes the road network with traffic, thus detracting from the quality of life and the ability to develop more upscale housing units in the neighborhood.   Many of the HUMC expansions have also been tax-exempt, or slated to become tax exempt at some future date.

The city had previously zoned the area between Atlantic and Essex Streets as far east as Railroad Avenue for HUMC expansion and other health-care services, including parking garages.  Now, as a result of the impending Pascack Valley deal, it is unknown if any more expansion will occur in Hackensack (other than the just-approved Cancer Center and parking tower).

Perhaps most of the new growth of the medical center will shift to the new campus in Westwood. I'm familiar with the Pascack Valley Campus on Old Hook Road, and I have a feeling that the acreage there is as large or larger than HUMC.  There's plenty of room in Westwood to grow, and to increase the density with parking towers and new buildings.  This can be done a lot cheaper than buying more land in urban areas of Hackensack.

Strong opposition to the Cancer Center, as well as to the parking tower at Newman & Atlantic Streets, likely contributed to HUMC's desire to expand outside of Hackensack.  Many of us in the city have been saying that HUMC needs another campus, now they've found it.

It's also interesting that the Mayor and Council in October declared the entire area bounded by Beech, First, Essex, and Railroad (except for the square block containing the Oratam Court project) as "an area in need of redevelopment".  The whole South Newman Street corridor all the way to Route 80, including Kenneth Street and portions of Green Street, was also designated as area in need of redevelopment in October. 

Studies will determine what properties could be taken via eminent domain for redevelopment. Proposals for redevelopment will come entirely from the PRIVATE SECTOR, in much the same fashion as the Essex/Prospect redevelopment project.  And then a builder will be selected out of several bidders in an open process. The city itself will not be designing the redevelopment, other than laying out broad parameters for the bidders.

Now we are left to wonder if  any of the redevelopments will be HUMC-related, a Transit Villlage, or perhaps some other use.
Title: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on February 13, 2007, 09:02:56 AM
Latest story:  Hospitals striving to be bigger and better (http://www.northjersey.com/page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXkyJmZnYmVsN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk3MDY5MDMz)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on March 04, 2007, 09:01:54 AM
Latest story: Hackensack hospital is named one of nation's top 50 facilities (http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/jersey/index.ssf?/base/news-6/1172554748283840.xml&coll=1)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on March 08, 2008, 10:05:56 AM
Hospital to give Hackensack $1M payment (http://www.northjersey.com/news/bergenpolitics/16409806.html)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: itsme on March 10, 2008, 12:25:44 AM
On September 29, 2006, Anthony posted on this website that he was not sure who runs the City of Hackensack.  After reading the article in the Record on Saturday, March 8, 2008, I also am not sure.  The recent approval of the HUMC Cancer Center and its subsequent execution of a builder's agreement by Mayor Meneses leads one to believe that the Mayor also does not know even after having more than a week to ascertain the major details of the agreement between the Medical Center and the City, Meneses informed the Record, on or about March 7, 2008 that he did not have any details nor could he confirm any regarding a $1 million payment to the City by the Medical Center.  The City Manager however, did confirm that the city and medical center had negotiated the $1 million but that the details had been inadvertently omitted from the agreement.  Despite this omission, the Mayor signed the agreement which was witnessed by Joseph Zisa on behalf of the City and also signed by Robert Koller and witnessed by Joseph Sanzari on behalf of the hospital and notarized by Joseph Ferriero, the County Democratic Chair who also serves as counsel for the hospital in zoning and construction matters.

I suggest that Mayor Meneses should have already known the details of this transaction since the story had first been reported on March 1, 2008 in the Zisa family owned County Seat.  Perhaps Mr. Meneses should read the County Seat or Joseph Zisa should have informed him of the contents of the agreement that he signed without mention of the $1 million.

It certainly appears that someone other than the City Manager, Mayor and Council are running this city.  You read between the lines.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on March 10, 2008, 10:05:06 AM
I'm not sure I even understand what you're saying, but trust me, there's no conspiracy. We'll get the $1M. 

I'm just happy that the people running this city are seriously negotiating with the ever-expanding medical center to ensure that the city (those who live and work here) gets its share.

The Cancer Center is a win/win. 
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Skipx219 on March 10, 2008, 11:40:00 AM
 I'm quite concerned about the added agreement about losing the Fire Dept Ambulance Service. I don't think it's worth saving $ 600,000.00 and losing respose time.

 Check out the NJO.com Hackensack forum.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Skipx219 on March 11, 2008, 01:18:24 PM
 I'm surprised no one seems to be concerned adout this issue.

Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: itsme on March 11, 2008, 03:19:06 PM
There are many people concerned.  I am.  I am surprised that the Editor does not believe there is room for concern.  Perhaps he should check out the other forums.  On March 18, parents and taxpayers will be appearing at the Board of Ed in protest to the latest move by the Board of Education and to give input on how they feel our schools should proceed.  The Board of Ed election will be held in April.  We should go out and vote to make sure it is no longer business as usual.  Those who are not attending the Board meeting should certainly go over to city hall in support of our ems workers and to stop the giveaway of our city to HUMC.  Unfortunately, both of these meetings are taking place the same day and time.  Maybe, meetings as important as these should not be scheduled for the same time and day.  Hopefully, I will be able to attend both.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: average Joe on March 11, 2008, 08:55:54 PM
now let me get this straight.. the city gets full emt service 'equal to or better than" that which is currently provided.the savings of about $700,000 a year in salaries(i note that there is no mention of the elimination of the need to purchase new ambulances periodically.ya think thats an additional savings to we taxpayers?):120 parking spaces.a stream of income for the air rights of the overhead walkways..and i almost forgot,1 million dollars!
and you folks are complaining?..maybe there really IS something in the water!
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: average Joe on March 11, 2008, 11:57:33 PM
irons35.methinks i smell a "vested interest"
1 you disparage emts working for humc.im to believe that they are inferior to fire dept persoonnel because YOU say so??!!.you fail to back up your assertions one iota
2 so the cuty recoups its expenditures?what about the periodic purchases of new ambulances .why do you overlook that factor in your "calculations"?
3 try to remember that humc is tax exempt by state law.that the prior administration and this one have been able to exact payments be they in the form of taxes or rental for overhead walkways or ,yes the million dollar gift is a credit to them
4 120 parking spaces adjacent to prospect ave will lie fallow?  what are you smoking?
5 illegal contract? put your money where your mout is.if you think that the city has enetered such an arrangement,why dont you sue.you only need to be a resident of hackensack to do so.you are  resident,atrent you?
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: itsme on March 12, 2008, 06:30:01 AM
Everything I have read seems to indicate that the parking garage  and cancer center will be built on the corner of Prospect and Atlantic.  What will happen to the apartment complexes that are already there?
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on March 12, 2008, 08:56:17 PM
City, HUMC agreement leaves firemen, EMTs burning mad (http://www.hackensackchronicle.com/NC/0/130.html)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: just watching on March 13, 2008, 07:44:29 AM
The Cancer Center will be on the north side of Atlantic Street from First Street to Second Street.  One house will be left on Second Street, sandwhiched between the Cancer Center and the Dawn Manor apartments.  Four houses were torn down years ago, and a commercial building on First Street that used to be a roller skating rink will be leveled. The giant parking garage will run on the north side of Atlantic Street from Second Street to the top of the hill.  It will replace vacant land and quite a few 1950's-era houses, most of which are vacant or converted into offices.

The biggest visual impact to the city will be the canyon-like effect created on Atlantic Street, which will be unlike anything we have ever seen in Hackensack. This is because buildings on both sides were given variances to build very close to the street.  It will look like a street in Manhattan, and when it is done people will say "Oh my God, look at this density", why was HUMC allowed to build this way.  In the future, people will wonder who was on the city boards and who was in power politically when this was done. The problem started with the Don Imus Center, they were allowed to build much closer to Atlantic Street than the zoning allowed, and that just set the precedent for all additional projects.  This is a very big change to Hackensack, to the "feel" of the community.  It's not like the high-rises of Prospect Ave, with all their gracious front landscaping.

The bottom line is GREED, pure GREED. The hospital could have been built with all the front and side yard setbacks but that would have required more land, and the cost to maintain more landscaping.  Not helping the matter were the people in the Executive House, who litigated the matter to shift the parking tower even closer to Atlantic Street.  Does anyone know the year that the Don Imus Center was approved by the Zoning Board.  I am wondering if that was done during the Cerbo administration or the Zisa administration, or perhaps early in the tenure of the Zisa years when Cerbo's appointees still controlled the Zoning Board.

I agree that the city is not getting a good deal financially, that the one-time $1 million is chump change compared to the revenues it would have contributed. This Cancer Center plus parking is LARGER than 20 Prospect Ave, so it would likely have contributed $3 million or more EVERY YEAR to the city.  That's $30 million every 10 years.

Where's the real power in Hackensack ??? Good question, let's look at the evidence. HUMC's annual budget is over $1 billion, and that dwarfs the city's budget.  Their Board of Governors is more powerful than the city administration and more connected politically statewide.  I would say the #1 power in Hackensack is HUMC, the #2 power is the Hackensack Police Department, and our city council vies with The Record for spot #3 (and that is one of many reasons why the have an adversarial relationship with The Record).

Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Skipx219 on March 14, 2008, 08:38:55 AM
What do you think??

Record: City fire chief to retire amid EMS uproar
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Skipx219 on March 15, 2008, 12:55:48 PM
My e-mail to the City Council.
from; Gene T. "Skip" Puntasecca, 836 main St and 27 Van Orden Pl., Hackensack HHS Class of 1965.

I write this for Me, My Family, Friends, Neighbors and the HFD EMS People affected.

Most of you know Me & My Business in Town. But Most don't know that I'm a Retired Fire Officer from the Teaneck Fire Dept. as well. In My 30 years, 2 months and 1 day of service I've wintessed many levels of EMS quality care during those years. Living in this City I also witnessed Our Fire Dept. EMS service on many occasions helping Friends, Neighbors and Relatives and was impressed with the care they gave.

I'm now 61 years old and in good health - but I know something will eventually jump up and bite me in the Behind and I'll need help from the EMS service. It's been a comfort to Me knowing that when that time come
I'll get Professional help from the HFD EMS Service.

I have NO confidence in a HUMC Sub Contractor whether it's Vanguard, Aero or any other Company!

Please rethink this issue,
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: just watching on March 16, 2008, 12:11:00 AM
I thought HUMC would be handling this directly ???

Now I'm reading that HUMC would subcontract out this service.  What's the real deal. And if it is sub'd out, will the ambulances be dispatched out of HUMC, or if not, from where.  If it is sub'd, what are the credentials for the sub ?
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Skipx219 on March 18, 2008, 04:20:04 PM
" Night of the Flack Catchers"
Tonight they will put on their Flack Jackets and enforce the Occupancy limit of the room and say only special interest people showed up. I wonder how "The Record" will report the evening???
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on March 19, 2008, 10:08:33 AM
Hackensack EMTs protest $1M payment from hospital (http://www.northjersey.com/news/health/16806551.html)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on March 30, 2008, 08:33:56 PM
New York Times article:

Study Finds Many Patients Dissatisfied With Hospitals (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/29/washington/29hospital.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=government+hospital+ratings&st=nyt&oref=slogin)

In the New York area, Hackensack University Medical Center, in New Jersey, appeared to do particularly well, with 78 percent of patients saying they would definitely recommend it. Comparable figures were 73 percent for New York-Presbyterian Hospital, 72 percent at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, 60 percent at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan and 44 percent at Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester, in New Rochelle.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on April 14, 2008, 09:04:15 AM
EMS, Hackensack hold out hope for accord (http://www.northjersey.com/news/EMS_city_will_try_for_accord.html)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on April 16, 2008, 09:05:46 PM
Donation helps cancer facility get off ground (http://www.northjersey.com/news/health/Donation_helps_cancer_facility_get_off_ground.html?c=y&page=1)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on June 24, 2008, 08:56:48 AM
EMTs try forcing city to bargain (http://www.northjersey.com/news/northernnj/20730379.html)
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Rosie on August 08, 2008, 12:59:21 AM
It seems that all postings here do not include that the one million dollars was NOT included in the developers agreement and so there for they do not have to pay. Also over the months the city manager and city council along with the mayor have been unable to answer any questions from the residents. They said centrally located but they are not going to be they are south of the hospital.City says NO CHARGE to residents then says yes your insurance will be billed no insurance good luck. As for training it is NOT the hospital personnel BUT a third party agency that is not licensed by the State of New Jersey. They also have no mutual aid agreement with neighboring towns so if they are busy oh well you wait. They are depending on GPS units to get to your location and no drills with our fire dept. The city manager at meetings has stated that it was his doing to get rid of the EMT's not the hospital. As for the 600 thousand that to is a joke and there is no cap that he claims they can fill out a need of necessity form to over ride that so there you go citizens of Hackensack YOU are duped and should attend the meetings and see how their 5 minute rule goes and no answers and no negotiations on their part at all. As for the experience that these replacements have they have been advertising for 0-3 years experience needed. Residents need to unite NOW!! Oh yes and to all the residents the city manager IS NOT a resident, but says he needs to cut back on things so why does he have a city car and use our money for gas back and forth to Mahwah (34 miles a day) and the city manager is supposed to be a resident after 30 days taking office.. so there you go .... Oh yes citizens it only costs a family roughly $ 4.00 / month for our current EMS to stay and no if this goes through we have been told that our taxes will not decrease because of the take over BUT more property now taken off the tax roles of our city. And don't forget the new building on Anderson Street(off the tax roles) that the city has purchased for over 1 million dollars ( and not with the million from the hospital that they still never received) in a crunch time and it is costing over one hundred thousand to renovate. With the hospital deleting services that have not made money what makes all think that they would not do it us since they have done it once already and we had to scramble to get our own ambulance service going.
Title: Re: HUMC Expansion
Post by: Editor on September 02, 2011, 09:39:08 AM
HUMC prepares to expand
Friday, September 2, 2011    Last updated: Friday September 2, 2011, 1:22 AM
Hackensack Chronicle

Hackensack University Medical Center's plans for improvements to its ambulance drop-off and emergency trauma department, as well as for construction of a new building designed to house more operating rooms, have been approved.

The $52 million project received unanimous approval from the Planning Board early last month following an Aug. 4 special meeting.

The board's green light for the project included approval for improvements to the emergency room and for building a 21,005-square-foot "infill" building. In a subsequent resolution, the board stated that they felt that the project fits into the goals of the city's master plan, including the project's vehicular and pedestrian safety improvements. The board's approval of the project came less than a month after the site plan application was presented.

According to hospital spokeswoman Nancy Radwin, the project will be funded from the hospital's capital budget and its fund-raising efforts. The hospital expects to begin construction in the fall, with completion anticipated in early 2013, according to Radwin. The hospital is still seeking approval from the state Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Community Affairs to proceed.

"Providing the highest quality care for our patients and their loved ones is the motivation behind elevating healthcare to a greater standard," Radwin wrote in an email. "This project is another step for Hackensack University Medical Center in striving to fulfill our mission to serve the community as a valued resource by leading the pursuit of healthcare excellence."

The plans include several notable changes to the emergency room. The curtained cubicles now in place will be replaced by fixed-wall, private cubicles that are designed to better handle new equipment and technology, according to building documents provided by the hospital to the city during the approval process. While plans do not include more beds in the emergency room, it will be larger, and will include five specialty sections for cardiology, cancer, trauma, geriatric cases and pediatric trauma.

The emergency room will remain open while the phased construction project is being completed, Radwin stated.

The "infill" building, so called because it is surrounded by existing buildings and a skywalk, would be built in part of a courtyard now surrounded by the Don Imus/WFAN Pediatric Center, the Women and Children's Pavilion and the St. John's building, according to building documents.

The second floor of the new building will include four operating rooms, and will feature two rooms that will be designed not only for traditional use, but also for cardiac catheterization and high-tech procedures done by heart and vascular specialists, according to hospital officials.

According to Radwin, the hospital now has 18 inpatient, 10 outpatient, four pediatric and two cosmetic operating rooms.

The project also plans to redesign the current ambulance entrance with the introduction of a canopy.

The latest planned project adds to the number of hospital additions built in recent years. These projects include the construction of a parking garage on Atlantic Street and the opening of the $130 million, 155,000-square-foot cancer center in October 2010.

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HUMC holds ground breaking ceremony
Friday, May 25, 2012
Hackensack Chronicle

HACKENSACK ó At the St. John Circle outside the Hackensack University Medical Center, city officials, hospital leaders, staff and community members gathered to mark the long-awaited expansion and renovation plans of the hospital and the Emergency and Trauma Center in a groundbreaking ceremony May 17.

Hackensack University Medical Center Dr. Joseph Feldman, chairman of the emergency department, President and CEO Robert C. Garrett, board of governors Chairman Joseph Sanzari, foundation board Chairman Joe Simunovich, break ground on May 17 on the new emergency trauma department expansion project.

"It is a pleasure," said Robert Garrett, president and CEO of the hospital. "This is a milestone to Hackensack University Medical Center."

In 30 months, the 775-bed facility on Atlantic Street that made U.S. News and World Report's 2011-12 Best Hospitals list, will see an expansion of 15,000 square feet of new space and 35,000 square feet of renovation to yield what Dr. Joe Feldman, Chairman of the Emergency Trauma Department, says will increase efficiency and offer state-of-the-art facility to its patients.

The Emergency and Trauma Center will be annexed with specialty care areas for cardiac, cancer, geriatrics and trauma patients as well as three triage stations. Curtained cubicles in the hospital will be transformed into private treatment suites to better accommodate patients and their families. A treatment area for cancer patients dubbed "Susan's Suite," after a patient, will also be constructed in honor of the Zabransky and Hughes families, members of which were patients at the facility.

In his opening speech, Garrett thanked the families for their vision and turning a tragedy into something that will help families for years to come.

"Thank you for your generosity and vision," he said. "Rest assured every patient will be treated with the best care."

The three-phase project, the initial phases of which are slated to be completed by the end of 2013, will have a "0 percent impact on current operations," Feldman said.

The $35 million project was funded with aid from the Hackensack University Foundation, a $500,000 donation from the Auxiliary and a $1 million pledge from Joseph Sanzari, chairman of the board.

"It's a great honor to be affiliated with Hackensack hospital," said Sanzari. "I was born here. The accomplishments we've made in the last two years are unbelievable."

Hackensack UMC treats more than 100,000 patients on a yearly basis and is the only emergency department in the county and the New York Metropolitan area to have lowered the risk of mortality rate by over 42 percent. The nonprofit teaching and research hospital is the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient services in the state. It is committed to its community through fundraising and community events.

Feldman said the project is something he has been waiting to begin since be he first started his career at the hospital 15 years ago.

"We finally put it together," he said. "Let the shovels begin."

A dedication ceremony is planned for 2015.

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Hackensack opens wound care center (http://www.njbiz.com/article/20130913/NJBIZ01/130919879/Hackensack-opens-wound-care-center)
By Joe Ross
September 13, 2013 at 10:37 AM

Pictured from left to right: Ihor S. Sawczuk, M.D., executive vice president and chief executive officer, HackensackUMC; Robert C. Garrett, president and chief executive officer, Hackensack University Health Network; Thomas E. Serena, M.D., founder and CEO, SerenaGroup; Rummana Aslam, M.D., medical director of the Center for Advanced Wound Care; and Massimo Napolitano, M.D., co-chair of the Department of Surgery, HackensackUMC - (Photo By HackensackUMC)

Hackensack University Medical Center announced Thursday it officially opened its center for advanced wound care.

According to the announcement, the facility, at Hackensackís main campus, will maintain four treatment rooms and three hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Specifically, the center will provide evidence-based wound care treatment and management.
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From: http://www.historicaerials.com/

HUMC Expansion: 1979 v. 2008
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That's amazing, and they got away with it without having to install traffic lights at Prospect & Atlantic, and Prospect & Beech.

Look at Nigito's 5-story apartment building on the NE corner of Essex & Prospect.  I tried real hard to get the Zisa administration to take the position that HUMC should not build the adjacent 10-story building without buying out and levelling Nigito's building, and adding that land to the project. I pushed to make it a redevelopment area or a "planned development" area. I came close to winning the argument, but Nigito was too connected politically. Close only counts in horseshoes and bocci. Hackensack could be stuck with that old building forever as it ages poorly. The lot is too small to build a large medical building.  And with no parking, it'll always be a low-quality building as long as it is rented on the open market. Maybe some day HUMC will buy it and make it into employee housing or "student" housing for their "university".
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I bet that HUMC and Seton Hall will slowly gobble up the Hoffman-LaRoche property, 100 acres or so.  This is becoming a hospital empire of national and global significance, not just one of the very biggest in New Jersey.

I think the days of HUMC building more and more around their Prospect Ave headquarters are coming to an end.  They've got enough to chew on in Nutley and Clifton, they acquired Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge/Montclair and Pascack Valley in Westwood, and I'm sure we'll be reading about more mergers, partnerships, and property acquisitions.  They are going horizontal, not vertical.
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And the important thing is that they have always kept the name Hackensack attached to all their ventures. You can't buy that kind of positive publicity.
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And there it is again: Hackensack has the lead name -- Hackensack Meridian
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I am surprised this article has not been posted.


Watch the you tube video of the May 5 Council Meeting.
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Thanks. Just seeing this now, believe it or not.

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I was on the river walkway that goes around Costco and the DPW yesterday and look what I found.

Let's hope they get put back in use (cue Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride").

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HUMC is #1.
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that's going to be an "expansion" larger than the HUMC campus in Hackensack. I wonder if their days of building in Hackensack are winding down ?  I notice that Hackensack Roofing has finally decided to put their land up for sale. Probably they are thinking the same think I am.
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NorthJersey.com: HUMC opens major research site at La Roche site

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I'm interested in Reiner's comment on the combined stormwater and sanitary sewer system.

"If a developer comes and proposes a project, then theyíre going to have to fix the system along Second Street and Atlantic Street and separate out those systems so the stormwater can go into the river and the sewage can go into [the Bergen County Utilities Authority], like itís supposed to," Reiner said at the meeting.

To me this is a good sign that people are now thinking in the right direction. I have long advocated that the best way and cheapest way to solve this problem is to get stormwater out of the system, not build a new sanitary sewer system with literally thousands of major plumbing connections. The number of storm sewer grates draining into the combined system is only in the dozens. I continue to believe that a major discharge pipe can be built from the vicinity of Railroad Ave direct to the river, and it will drain east by gravity.  It would be relatively shallow at Railroad Ave, and pretty deep around State Street, but that's OK. As long as it is fairly straight, at good 5' in diameter, and drains by gravity, it will work.
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Post by: ericmartindale on July 16, 2019, 10:05:29 PM
I was astounded to learn recently that a long section of Second Street south of Atlantic Street is going to be encased in a hospital expansion project, and the street will effectively become a tunnel. This will be the largest expansion ever of HUMC.  What's the point of approving a hospital parking tower, perhaps 20 years ago, with a lawn and a normal setback from Second Street, if that entire setback and even the air over the street is going to be a future hospital project.  This project is approved, and 100% will be built.  I wonder if the city is being paid air rights for use of the air over the street?
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Post by: Victor E Sasson on July 18, 2019, 06:09:45 PM
A city councilman said those projects -- a tower with patient rooms and a separate power plant -- will be paying full property taxes. The power plant apparently won't have any solar, geothermal or other alternative energy, though. (I can imagine hospital officials dismissing solar and geothermal as "experimental" forms of energy.) Why do so few schools, hospitals and public projects ignore solar and geothermal energy? I think only one of the high-rises on Prospect Avenue has solar panels, but The New York Times Sunday edition had a cover story on residential towers in the city embracing solar. At my home in Hackensack, I installed solar in 2009, when we bought the house, increased the number of panels in 2012, and this past March had three Tesla storage batteries installed so that my home is self-powered, zeroing out my electric bill.
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Post by: ericmartindale on July 19, 2019, 07:48:33 AM
Solar is getting much more economical, meaning the cost to install versus the yield. I recently looked into selling solar to homeowners, and what I learned will send a jolt to every environmentally concerned person. The manufacturers and sales organizations are tightly monitoring the profit curve in the industry, which is swinging up. They only want the homeowner to save just enough money to make an incentive to install the system, and there is only so much that the sales organization will allow the salesperson to earn. The more economical that solar becomes, the more that the manufacturers and sales organizations will charge, and if there's really profit, you'll see most of it spent on advertising for a sales organization to get name recognition. That last step is just starting to kick in. That's where the money is going as the technology improves. It's never going to go to the salesperson. And it's absolutely never going to go to the homeowner. So right now, with electric prices so high in parts of New York, the most profit can be made on Staten Island and Long Island. North Jersey is far behind, and electricity prices are so low at the Jersey Shore that there's hardly any incentive that at all.
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NorthJersey.com: Hospital breaks ground on $714M, nine-story expansion

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NJ.com: Record-breaking $25 million gift will help build Hackensack Meridianís new cancer building.