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There's a real doozy in today's sports section.

Below is most of the front page. The problem resides with the "Culture Shift" article. In it, as the subhed mentions, new-ish defensive alignments - specifically The Shift, where entire infields are shifted to one side, based on a batter's tendencies - are discussed. As is common with front-page stories, the article is continued on another page.

A minor point to bring up is that you're usually told to find that continuation under a title that's related to the subject. Something with the word "shift" in it would be appropriate in this case. However, this one tells you to look for "ALL STAR GAME".................but that's not the problem.

It also tells you that the continuation is on Page 1S, which happens to be....................THE FRONT PAGE!

OK - so maybe it's on another page in the section. Guess again. The rest of the article doesn't exist.

By the way, that's not all the errors. If you look where it says "Tuesday's Game", it states that the game is on at 7pm on Fox. Every other listing in the entire paper correctly says that it's 8pm.

But DO tune in at 7pm for Page Six TV.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Weed Manna
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True, but it'll probably make you want to eat 4 or 5 more than you intended.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Weed Manna
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That's the message, but it's hardly logical.

Hackensack Discussion / Weed Manna
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I found this in a pile of papers that were mostly from the late 1990s. I don't recall ever seeing it before and I don't quite get its "logic".

Click to enlarge.

This is a better version of the first shot shown in the post showing Hackensack's 4th of July 2018 fireworks (,3743) because the 389 Main hole in the ground has been brightened to show its illumination by the fireworks. And I'll probably post it again next year to show the huge difference with the 5-story building that goes in that hole.

Click to enlarge.

Once again - lay off the sports department. Only 8 of these 11 gems belong to them:

During basketball season, "raining threes" is a good thing when your team is doing it. At The Record, it rains fives EVERY season - more like a 12-month downpour - which is NOT a good thing. And lest you think that this lazy and unimaginative shortcut to article-writing is solely the domain of the sports section, I'm here to tell you that only 16 of the following 19 recent examples originated there, so take that, naysayers!

The first two non-sports offerings should have been only one, but someone thought no one would notice if they rearranged a word or two and ran the same story on two consecutive days. Talk about lazy!

Chure, man. Here's some more:

1. They finally put a banner on the fence at Main and Ward to show what's coming.

2. Looking north

3. Looking south

4. Spray and shoot

Click to enlarge.

The Hole at Main and Mercer & 147 Main

1. Stitch looking west from Moore St

2, 3, 4. Three things I hadn't seen there before

5. Looking northeast from Main St

6. Meanwhile, directly across Main St: all this piping has been added since the last time I was here. Anyone have any idea what's coming to this space? I'm guessing that the McCrory 5 and 10 Cent Store sign is hidden again for another century.

210 Main (front and back)

1, 2, 3. EXCLUSIVE! The first tenant has already moved in to...........

4......... (where I removed the color from the building [not a big fan of the reddish/pinkish look of the bottom images])

5. The 210 alley that goes from Main to Moore

6, 7. Strange shapes taking place in the rear lobby of............


9, 10. Heading south and west to..........

11...................before heading............

12, 13...................north


The rear entrances of some of the Main St stores (third and fourth images) are more interesting than the front entrances (a mop over the door that's held open with a rope AND a sign that gets the street name wrong?).

Speaking of getting things wrong, the last image is a failed photo stitch that's so bad, it's kind of comical.

Click to enlarge the horizontal images.

Sunday's temperatures were tolerable and I was overdue for another projects update, so off I went to shoot Current on River, Moore/E. Salem/Main, 210 Main (front and back) and The Hole at Main and Mercer combined with 147 Main across the street. Filesizewise (not  a real word),  I'll have to make a post for each of the four topics.


All the pipes you see in the first three shots weren't there last time I visited. Anyone know what this particular area is to become (or what is shown in the seventh picture)?

Click to enlarge all horizontal images and scroll the last two photo stitches from left to right.

Well, it only took about 9 hours, but it's done. QuickTime's seamstress apparently doesn't like my new OS and other upgrades and took FOREVER to sew various combinations of a dozen video pieces together.

What else can I gripe about? Oh yeah - as I mentioned in the stills post, Hackensack started the show early, so I missed the opening barrage while still setting up. The finale was VERY short............I'm not even sure I got it on video, so I feel gypped on both ends.

Usually after a great finale, I can hear the Foschini Park crowd - from my living room (a good distance away) - immediately and enthusiastically cheering. After this abbreviated finale, I listened for it and barely heard a thing. Maybe the crowd was as stunned as I was.

As I wrote on the YouTube page, here are some of the other goodies in this video:

- a not-nearby baby yelling
- the autofocus bouncing in and out
- cheap fireworks that were going off downstairs
- car alarms
- an ice cream truck that was too dark to make out and that I failed to verbally identify (it had been playing ice cream truck music)
- Hackensack after-show traffic honking horns during a Macy's segment

Other than all that, everything was peachy.

Be sure to hit the full-screen option. Viewing it on this too-brightly-backgrounded page makes everything way too dark.


Finally, some GOOD fireworks (although they didn't wait until the advertised 9:15pm to start, so I missed a few while setting up).

I wish the second burst was the one that went off when I took the first shot, which - by the way - will look quite different next year when a 5-story building fills the 389 Main hole. BTW - I noticed that all bursts were above the horizon from my perspective, so I should still be able to see all of the Hackensack display.

The last shot is the offspring of the two that precede it.


Given the hazy sky, this was an unexpected surprise.............for a while. As you can see, it started off nicely, but then it appeared that so much smoke accumulated that only the tops of the huge barge bursts could be seen from this angle.


I thought I had missed them when I was concentrating on Hackensack's, but it turns out that they didn't even start until around 10pm - well after Hackensack's were over. They almost lined up with Fort Lee's The Modern 1 & 2 towers. I like the last one because it looks like the towers are about to be rolled over by a giant ball of fireflies (instead of fireworks).


The last shot shows a new ride at the Fair this year that flies you over the fireworks for around 600 bucks a pop.

All images are ęBob Leafe and were photographed from my living room except for the Meadowlands Fair, which I shot from my roof.

I DID make a video, but that'll take a day or two to put together.

Click to enlarge.

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