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En Espaņol / Re: This board to be removed
« on: November 13, 2011, 12:20:18 AM »
Hello. Please do not remove it. Although no one seems to uise it I believe it ismonitored.  I posted a notice and there were people at city hall in response who saw it here. -Thanks

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: August 29, 2011, 02:19:33 PM »
Can they consider the economic consequences related to costs related to sewars, roads, traffic, etc???

To Clarify again.

I feel that I am being singled out by people who may not be reading the posts the way that I ytul;y believe I am intending them. I understand that there are [people who support the efforts of CSPNJ buy I am talking about the system, and placement, and drain on state and local tax dollars and economy. Me and a friend are one of six places that I know (by conversations with owners whos cell numbers I still have) closed their businesses because of the element on Main Street Hackensack.

1) my ISSUE WAS NEVER with the Developmentally Disabled or Mentally  Ill . Although I feel that the central business district of any city or town is not an optimum place for integratioon, and feel a more gradual and professionally guided assimilation is neccessary, such as a suburb near a park; would be suitable,  within walking distance to stores.  My issue was never to poke fun or call THEM undwesirable. It's the Homess and trouble makers I was talking about, along with the many who abuse the system, and use CSPNJ as a clearinghouse of information and services.

2) My issue IS, as I confidently presented, those who allowed to be DEFINED as Mentally Ill by SAMSHA that CSP-NJ advertises their statewide services to, and include: Released Prisoners; Criminals with history of Mental Illness and behavioral problems; Sex Offenders; Drug Addicts; Alcoholics; etc

3) That CSPNJ does not screen the people who drop in, or they interview, refer, or accepts; and in placing flyers to facilities which are intended for those  described in #2 (above), CSPNJ attracts them to the city of Hackensack where they are reffered county taxpayer services, and to free private services. They end up mixing with "questionable" populations in the troubled areas and rooming houses, in Hackensack and staying here.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Censorship? (Oratam_Weaping)
« on: August 29, 2011, 01:49:50 PM »

1) my ISSUE WAS NEVER with the Developmentally Disabled or Mentally  Ill 
2) My issue IS, as I confidently presented, those who allowed to be DEFINED as Mentally Ill by SAMSHA that CSP-NJ advertises their statewide services to, and include: Released Prisoners; Criminals with history of Mental Illness and behavioral problems; Sex Offenders; Drug Addicts; Alcoholics;
3) That CSPNJ does not screen the people who drop in, or they interview, refer, or accepts; and in placing flyers to facilities which are intended for those  described in #2 (above), CSPNJ attracts them to the city of Hackensack where they are reffered county taxpayer services, and to free private services. They end up mixing with "questionable" populations in the troubled areas and rooming houses, in Hackensack and staying here.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Censorship? (Oratam_Weaping)
« on: August 25, 2011, 04:31:52 PM »
This is a friendly note. I hope your interpretation of it picks up that it is as much meant to be helpful as it is critical:

It is beyond my nature to remove the prior posts you termed as "hateful" and I termed or intended as expressionary, and even humourous. Any edit I have done was and remains to clarify grammar and correct spelling. I have no problem with not being able to modify posts so long as I can post over corrections with new posts, and no-one else can modify them. I stand firm that what you may have considered inflamatory and abusive is not within the parameters of reasonable. However, it may be arguable that you or others may believe that my calling "Homeless" undesireable, and not very funny comparing Homeless people being handed vouchers akin to "Pidgeons (being fed) in Rome" I contend that political correctness to this degree is a wrongful representation of judgement in determining the extent to what a person may post on a public forum. Subjective. And, I assure you this is a public forum and directly connected to one or more public policy making boards, it is also visible to non-members. 

I would strongly suggest that if you intend this forum to have any credibility, and if you realize that it appears to many,  to be an official function or in some way connected to the city of Hackensack as it may be, it may be wise to separate your feelings from what can be interpreted by the courts as a Freedom of Speech violation.

That's all I want to say about it. If you have not restored my ability to post without review, please do so.

Thank you.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Censorship? (Oratam_Weaping)
« on: August 25, 2011, 12:37:08 PM »
Respectfully: I have not posted anything of the nature, in my opinion which falls under the any of the provisions of abuse or agreemenmts described. There has been no such violation of the terms that could be considered under the "abuse" you described, and especially those that were cited in a previous post.
Any such violation is clealy subjective, and where public forums are concerned, that are in any way not part of a private organization, and ARE in any way connected to a government agency, or employee of a government agency, an objective opinion as administered by the law must be applied by process to determine: a) if the violation of the terms fall within the scope of definitions set forth by the agreement;
a-2) If any percieved violation could be justified as a threat to commit an act of violence, do bodily harm, result in the planing of destruction to property.; b) if the agreement to participate requires the forfieture of civil or constitutional rights (unconstitutional); c) if the forum is about politics, effects policy, or connected to any way to any public organization or government entity.

You can NOT be contractually obligated to consent to the forfieture of constitutional rights. You can not sign them away and neither can congress.When it starts happening on a local level, or effecting citizens, it's time to go to court. The government has to stop this too by mis-respresetation of the will and common good of the people, by elected officials. 

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: August 25, 2011, 10:39:17 AM »


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Property Taxes
« on: August 24, 2011, 11:52:25 AM »
FYI - When you are talking about the property Oratam_Weaping RENTS (I do not own this property, it is owned by a corporation, and the shares are owned in trust by a Nationally acclaimed non-profit educational foundation) I just live here (I like it here-I like my neighbors) and manage the property. I understand that part of the trust also belongs to William Paterson University's Music Dept.  Although the foundation is capable of purchasing adjacent properties: Unfortunately; because of the condition of Fair Street, the facility that could be here, may be moved by 1031 exchng to Rutherford. Any host school system would have a free school of musical arts k - 12 complete with scholarship abilities for WPU. Other towns, or individuals outside host town would pay a fee to the foundation. It's out of my hands, except for when I decide to move my residence, the corporation will consider the move as I will be a resident director of instrumental music. It's what I do best.

I understood your point. Illegal conversion is the difficult problem, as is overcrowding. I agree that some suburban zones should not allow conversions, but I feel they are already protected by the application process; except that notification for variance should be over a 1000 foot radius to owners 30 days prior to hearing. Still, more and more owners are sharing their homes by renting part of their single family home as an apartment, and renting rooms, and this is an economic problem beyond the scope of local government, and done without much modification or modified in secret. If you own a house (or rent an apartment) and want to share it with another family, it is up to the owner (and the lease) if you can, unless the health or building department can make a valid legal issue. Unfortunately there are people who live in other towns not covered by Hackensack, use a Hackensack address that is already occupied (as a supposed share) and drive their kids to a Hackensack School. This should be a matter of a fraud violation with a 10,000 per year fine and up to two years imprisonment for the parents or guardians and the owner AND renter of the apartment, as a deterrent.

Unlawful conversion is when an owner creates a rooming house, and/or separate apartments by way of modifications, usually without permits. Our building department  and construction codes regulates that. New legal conversions are not easy applications, must be to code, and do increase the assessment, and therefore the tax paid.

I feel that the building of new 2  to 8 unit condos should be encouraged in carefully designated less historic, less quality areas (for improvement) and it invites more population while creating additional ratables, but the conversions should require architectural  planning, which guarantees an exterior that is aimed at improving the look as well as the future motif of the area.. Conversions in those areas should do the same.

All in all, suggesting in any way there should be zoning or planning that limits the number of children because of a drain of the school system is not a good idea.  The South ward would benefir by new construction of mul;ti-unit dwellings that include ample parking, but NON conversions because the old wood frames are not suitable. The old mansions WERE suitable.

If there was a unified flat budget per student across the state, and equal distribution; a uniform code of what a school administration, and services consists of; allotted materials, tighter constraints; and, no corruption in the construction and renovation projects; as well as restriction on the control and influence of the union, we would see a 35% decrease in school taxes statewide.

Hackensack Discussion / EARTHQUAKE!!
« on: August 23, 2011, 02:01:14 PM »
Built in 1879 this house shook  at least two inches side to side at the attic apartment where i live and has come away with not even so much as a crack in any original plaster surface. How is everybody doing?

[post script- I was so rattled I spelled worse than ever. ]

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Property Taxes
« on: August 23, 2011, 10:24:57 AM »
It's the cities and towns that are dominated by old houses converted into 2, 3, and 4 family houses that are the biggest economic drain on the taxpayers.  For instance, Asbury Park, Garfield, Paterson, Irvington, etc.  Ironically, this is the type of house owned by Mr. Oratam, although his house in particular might not be putting many children into the public school system.

But if you take 100 of these houses, look at the amount of tax revenue that these houses contribute to their respective municipalities, and then look at the amount of school costs they generate, you'll see that these are negative ratables.  The term negative ratable means that the costs generated to the municipality far exceed the tax revenue.  Other negative ratables typically include old apartment buildings built before WWII with no parking and dangling fire escapes. And of course the ultimate negative ratable is a public housing complex because it doesn't even pay taxes at all.

Hackensack would be smart to change it's zoning so that future construction would not include negative ratables, or conversion of houses into negative ratables. 

Any dwelling 2 families and over IS rated at a higher rate, and to rate them any higher would cause an economic and real estate blight that have never been imagined. When a house is converted it already goes to the tax assessor, and the building permits pay that department. So long as the existing zoning allows and our construction officials maintain the excellent job of inspection, and discovery of illegal conversions we are safe. The more kids the more Main Street will become a convenience. High and mid rise apartments are more of a bargain in [property taxes. Would you ask that the realtors should only give leases to occupants with one or less child? That is unlawful. The intent of this zoning plan is unconstitutional and against state law and civil law.  It would be just as irresponsible to demand that all  minorities leave Hackensack, because that is what Mr. Just Watching is saying. As for mr. Oratam_weaping's property is is commercial and houses no families with children, and the interior houses 4 luxury apartments (Despite the outside look) single occupants. My choice as a person who hopes to complete the exterior renovations to match the quality interior. If only the taxes were affordable.

No sir. The drain on the tax base is the negative ratables by non-tax paying entities; and a school budget that lacks fiscal responsibility, and NJEA influence which all but encourages less from teachers while paying more teachers, more money.  That 30% higher school budget could easily become a tax freeze while not touching the school budget. There is a bill proposed in the New Jersey Legislature to end this unfair distribution.

However, to have the city raise taxes of 2 and four family houses would not gentrify Hackensack as you clearly imagine, it would turn it into a ghost town; and cause the firing of 20% of teachers; reduce the only traffic we have on Main Street and inhibit economic recovery, and ethnic diversity.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: August 22, 2011, 09:39:42 PM »
Wait a minute... will this facility pay property taxes?  Because if they are not paying property tax they should move the project to Hackensack Minnesota.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Property Taxes
« on: August 22, 2011, 06:45:58 PM »
There is another reason. Social services along with the resource drain; unsightly presence due to lack of order, is only part of it; albeit a BIG part, perhaps the BIGGEST). Loss of tax ratables by county and hospital parcels should be offset by the thousands of workers and visitors brought into Hackensack; bringing commerce into Hackensack; but that unfortunately, is NOT the case. People come to work and go home, even on the holidays and, this was still the case when Main Street still had a variety of quality establishments. They shop in Paramus. When Hackensack had a chance for recovery and redevelopment our school taxes and the influx of Homeless made it all very difficult. Is it by coincidence that from 1989 till 1992 the amount of Homeless and released  prisoners made operating  businesses, and renting apartments almost impossible, was it only the economic slowdown? CSPNJ began operation in 1988 at the same time the countyb operated a traier park across the street from what would become Price Club. And that is when I observed the numbers growing well into 2005. More recently the new Homeless shelter helped somewhat, but that is about to change as more homeless are placed on their own under the politically correct veil of the few Members who are visible and deserving help at CSPNJ. And certainly Bergen County services are not making things better by their wasteful mismanagement.

We cannot afford to do what should be done because of the stigma caused by county services and our school tax dollars going to other municipalities in other counties.  Hackensack only receives about 70 cents per dollar it pays in school taxes. By legislation (ashamed to say imposed by Democrats) School taxes are bundled by the state, redistributed; to be put to waste in places like Asbury park where avg teacher salary is about 55,000. and Janitors make 100,000. and there are more administrators taking high 5 and even up to 6 figures, and more admins than needed to run the system, Asbury Park receives over 24 dollars per every tax dollar paid by residents. 30 cents of every tax dollar you are paying, and even a portion of the rent tenants pay which go to owners to pay tax go to other school districts in the state. Who monitors spending, bids, nessessity, and inventory in these other districts?

Hackensack Discussion / Re: good/bad areas of hackensack?
« on: August 22, 2011, 07:50:52 AM »
CSPNJ shows only the tip of the iceberg, and that's by design. *Homeless, *released prisoners, *drug addicts, *alcoholics ,are also in the scope of their services and receive their hand-outs statewide, in the surrounding areas where CSPNJ operates at over 20 locations, at least one in every county, listing On Our Own as one of two Bergen CSPNJ locations. I would not doubt that there are also verbal recommendations from the other CSPNJ centers to visit Hackensack  because all the County and Private services in Hackensack; which are growing and located within walking distance to each other.

SAMSHA guidelines allows the pre-mentioned [ * above by asterik]  to be classified as in the service scope of mentally ill.  ON Our Own also operates a school, and real estate housing operation under a different company using the same officers. One local realtor admits that he has recieved  more than a few calls from CSPNJ, and family members asking for apartments, and rooms in Hackensack. I have posted the application and the applicant does not have to have a history of treatment. That is to find local housing in group homes (Regular apartments) so that the homeless shelter can free up more space for homeless coming from other counties. Bergen County is under pressure to to take homeless from other counties because it is more populated and have a richer median salary base. On Our Own has multiple purposes and this is the way the state will work with private sector to take the pressure of of Passaic, Hudson, and Camden counties. 

Mental illness or developmental disability is not a prerequisite to have CSPNJ' sister company them find an apartment.   There is a percentage of developmentally disabled that "On our Own" SERVES. Their drop-in clients, and regular members do not have to be developmentally disabled technically, or not limited to psychiatric problems or have a history or treatment to receive services. While a reasonable amount of regular members are developmentally disabled or suffer from psychiatric problems, CSPNJ reaches out to drug treatment centers, by way .

CSPNJ encourages people from all over the state to drop-in to "On Our Own" and prospective members may do that more than once and often instead of register hang around outside, smoking, drinking, or go for walks and panhandle. Registered members do not have to use their real name, and for certain they do not have to discuss their criminal or medical history with CSPNJ. That is what is frightening because Members SHOULD be certified medically by a State bd Certified Psychiatrist, before they are integrated into a community with so many children, and criminal records for all applicants Must be issued to Hackensack PD and  Bergen County Police before CSPNJ is allowed to operate in Hackensack.  But that will not change the fact, that the working class people of the South Ward will move out at a faster rate, leaving Hackensack to be populated by welfare families.

Who the "Homeless" or "Mentalli Ill" are; who can be termed Mentally Ill;  and who CSPNJ serves, is a question of semantics, and evolving needs, as well as what SAMSHA defines as the broad scope of mental illness. Our group will be sending representatives to the Bergen County Freeholders Meetings; to address this issue of public and private social services, and their impact on Hackensack; and, demand the creation of a citizen-based  representative task force to address these issues consisting of resident voters and community, and religious leaders; not restricted to South Ward residents only.

We have already introduced ideas for draft legislation to allow for more strict and defined zoning and planning laws in the City of Hackensack to require that private help centers, who work independantly, or collaborate with such agencies public or private should abide by a standard set of ruiles and guidlines, by cooperating with local law enforcement and medical clinics approved by a government agency.  And, we intend to work with Hackensack City on protecting the economic recovery for Hackensack in this way. And; We The People, do not want a war with anyone, but we are willing and able to fight for our property rights as renters, owners, and will do anything and everything it takes to ensure the safety of our children.

While the need for privatization  may help with government spending, I also do not see it in this case. The Honorable Kathleen Donovan will need to prove this on paper for her re-election. CSPNJ in my opinion is a far cry from saving the taxpayers or offering a viable alternative to existing services. The county needs to work more efficiently by making their existing county services and agencies work efficiently, and stop pretending to save New Jersey tax dollars where the grants and funding for private programs like CSPNJ that use a back door funding to exist, via New Jersey Taxpayers.

cc: The Honorable Kathleen Donovan
cc: North Jersey Tea Party

Hackensack Discussion / Re: good/bad areas of hackensack?
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:03:55 PM »
Respectfully. By the indications made to me by enough people I have had opportunity to speak with it is apparent to me, that the move to One Essex Strreet is supported (if not suggested) by the Upper Main Street Alliance, and certain neighbors who own building(s) around Main/Mercer. I feel that is a conflict of interest being that the administrative staff operate businesses north of the "Mason Dixon Line"  we feel that the "Alliance" is putting this move Square on the back of the Hispanic, Black, and Italian Community to further their own interests despite that we tax payers and renters will be the ones to suffer. Expect a well funded and supported and growing boycott (In English, Spanish, Korean, Italian) of Upper Main Street should 1 Essex Street be occupied by CSPNJ.

I believe what you are doing is a potentially good thing. People may even flock to hackensack to buy vouchers to feed the homeless. The word may even get around state wide and bring more here.  have you considered they may end upselling these vouchers? It should be amusing... Come to Hackensack.. feed the Homeless. Hopefully they will not become as abundant as the pidgeons of Rome.

On the other hand if WE The People of the South Ward are NOT encroached upon by CSPNJ, expect equally well funded support. We might be the people most likely to shop  upper main street. The decision is in your hands and we know it.

Respectfully, from the person who layed the groundwork for NJ Shuttle Pilot Program; The County Seat; The ANC Free South Africa Concerts; Rock Against Drugs at Byrne Arena in conjucntion with the BCDAA.

We The People of the South Ward and Hackensack as a whole, would preffer you work with us and not for your own interests. Suggest another location... Not in The South Ward and not in Minority neighborhoods.  Thank you.

Hackensack History / Re: Historic Images
« on: August 21, 2011, 05:54:17 PM »
Totally awsome images!!  Do you have a website or have considered publishing a book?


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