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Well...........the reflection of it, anyway.

As the clouds move out, the Empire State Building - which is a couple of buildings to the left of the Bogota smokestack - still has its head in those clouds. The sun is reflecting off NYC buildings and the reflected light is illuminating the smoke from the PSE&G facility in Ridgefield, while Hackensack's Current on River project on River St  (bottom) appears to support both states.

Click to enlarge the photostitch.

2 (partial link)

I just posted the above this evening. Please copy and paste it to view on YouTube, but before you hit "Enter", add a small "g" to the link to make it work. If I added that here, it would open here and would probably not be viewed by most on YouTube. You have to view it on YouTube to read the full story and perhaps comment.

The first image and the story under it pretty much explain everything and the last image shows the damage done. Hopefully, you'll enjoy everything in between.

An injustice has occurred and I'm trying to see if this will help reverse it. If you're not shy about commenting on YouTube, maybe this'll work if there's enough support.

If you think it's worth it, please pass the link along to anyone you know with eyeballs and a heart.........but don't forget to first add the "g" to the partial link if you do.


We lost one of my top 2 favorite drummers yesterday: Ginger Baker (Keith Moon was the other).

I got to photograph Ginger 3 times in the latter part of his career: twice with the Jack Bruce Band at a 1990 show at The Ritz in Manhattan (below pic) and at some event having to do with him and Jack signing a couple of special pieces for the Hard Rock Cafe on 57th St. The third time was later that year after he joined  one of my favorite bands of 1990, Masters of Reality, at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, where I got to do a private shoot with them before the show in the club and on their tour bus. There are a couple pix on my site under "Baker".

I REALLY like this version of "John Brown" that they did live in the studio:

(it takes about 90 seconds to get going)

Rest in peace, you crabby genius.

Click to enlarge.

Anybody go to this?

None of the offerings were of any interest to me, so I was happy to skip it. But then I got a Nixle notice that the Atlantic St garage was offering free parking and later I saw a portable stage being driven past my window, so I drove to the garage's top deck, took a few shots from that top level and drove home.

Here's my 5 minutes of shooting at around 6:30pm (and who did those wack cheerleading chalkings? "Yay for Hackensack"?)

Click to enlarge.

Well, I shoot everything else from my windows and roof, so why not this right next door?

I didn't shoot the entire project...........I couldn't SEE the whole thing, so here's what I thought was interesting.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Middle-class home in Elmwood Park, NJ?
« on: October 02, 2019, 11:31:25 AM »
So says AOL..........

Nice pool. I just can't figure out what middle-class section of Elmwood Park this shows.

Maybe this is what replaces Marcal?

Click to enlarge.

.........and my golden girl, Enlightenment up top!

You may remember me writing about my unrelated, wheelchair-bound (cerebral palsy) friend, Eric Leefe, in the past, but if not:,3126,3385,3712

We had an interesting encounter this past Sunday:

Did anyone see fireworks last Saturday? It took me 4 or 5 calls to local police stations before I found out they were coming from Little Ferry, whose PD informed me that they were part of the town's 125th anniversary celebration.

From my perspective, the World Trade Center was in the background. Got a little video too, though the focus didn't hold throughout.

There's always something interesting to see on the Hackensack River Walkway by FDU, so I went there last Saturday morning.

1. The first unusual thing I saw was a hand towel just south of the Rothman Center that said, "Built with chocolate milk". I had never seen a towel made from chocolate milk before and this is just as I found it.

2-5. Up by Dickinson Hall, I saw what appeared to be a student carrying a over his head. Did the MLK statue have the munchies? I guess not because the "delivery guy" walked right past him and headed across the pedestrian bridge. Later, I saw the guy coming back empty-handed and asked him if that was an oversized pizza.

"I wish it was", he replied.

"So what was it"?

"A game-day sign that's at the other end of the bridge". A pretty boring ending............

6. Coming back over the brand-new bridge, I saw a bunch of cobwebs on it glistening in the sun.

7. It gets worse - they were also on the back of the head/neck/shoulders of the MLK, Jr statue (though much more orderly).

8-10. I took notice of the installed bricks around the statue and saw a bunch of familiar political names. Mind you, this includes some of the 2014 version of the County Freeholders.

11,12. Another brick I saw mentioned Arnold Brown - a man I met when the statue was being installed on 10-10-14, so I put that together with part of the dedication plaque that mentions that he co-chaired the MLK monument committee and added a picture I took after the statue installation during a small celebration. Arnold and I are toasting with an adult beverage in paper cups, while I try to compose the picture properly with the other hand to include the statue, Arnold, and the dual-held paper cups.

13,14. On the way back to Johnson Park. I passed a tree-shadowed Dickinson Hall and took my first fall season color-change picture that included the small bridge between FDU and Johnson Park.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Woodstock's 50th anniversary
« on: August 17, 2019, 12:30:07 AM »
So, are you all sick of hearing about Woodstock's 50th anniversary this weekend? I'm not. Why?

Because TODAY is also the 50th anniversary of me turning 22 at Woodstock at the exact moment the Who hit the stage (both happened at 5:00am on a Sunday morning).

In 2003, I went back to the original site and took the below picture. The stage area is the non-green ground shown on the left above the fence. The sloping field was home to 4 or 5 hundred thousand new friends. In the foreground is the Woodstock monument.

If you can stand one more story about the event, here's mine:

(Note: the language is slightly R-rated)

Click to enlarge:

I found this on eBay here:

Seller's description: This rare playbill program was removed from a scrapbook started in 1918, but is dated 1924. It's a little rough, but all there. I cut the album page so it would not tear. That piece is still attached to the back. There is some glue residue and a tear on the back. Still a great historic item. Nothing came up in my search, so I don't know how long this was there under this name. It housed all kinds of drama of the day. 9 3/8" X 6 1/4".

There are 3 pictures (he shows one twice). I cleaned up the pictures as much as I could and made them into one large 1460x2132 image. On top are the back and front pages and below them are the opened inside pages.

It's got a bunch of Hackensack information I don't think I've seen before.

The seller will take offers if anyone's interested.

Click to enlarge.

(fully-stopped, of course)

1. Second St HUMC construction

2. Sister Emily's Maple Ave

Click to enlarge:

I took a cruise through the Hackensack listings on eBay for old times' sake recently and here's what I found:

1. a 1908 card addressed to someone on Teaneck Rd in Hackensack (?)

2. St Mary's Cadets

3. Anderson Park with houses where my building and the E lot are now.

4. Religious radio station at 300 Main St

5. Community Orchestra, Hackensack

6. Crazy patch of the Ling

7. Lots of old stars at Orrie de Nooyer (I should have shot this, if only for Les Paul)

8. First principal of Hackensack Academy (and a lot more)

9. First graduate of Hackensack Academy?

10. Hackensack Grammar School track ribbons

11. I remember Kartch's, but not Will Ware (that drawing looks very old).

12. Early 1971 plans for the Sports Complex

13. Spotless Car Wash coin

14. Porcelain vase from the library (it's only about 4" tall, so probably not good for your long-stem roses)

15. Sewing machine from the circus

16. Festive, bank style holiday greetings from over a century ago

17. Block-long Pontiacs from a Johnson Ave dealership

18. There's a bridge between Hackensack and Englewood?

19, 20. Two items from my favorite old rink

These are ALL available NOW! If you want something here, go to eBay and search the appropriate words, making sure to include "Hackensack". If you can't find it, PM me.

Grab 'em before the Editor does!.................and click to enlarge:

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