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These two events took place last night after the Hackensack fireworks . They occurred about an hour and twenty minutes apart and maybe 50' from each other on Ward St.

The fireworks went off in the parking lot between 14 and 22 Ward St. The same thing also happened in the same place with the same kind or firework last July 4.

The fire was in a City of Hackensack garbage container stored by the front steps of Raffsonni Galleries at 14 Ward and was quickly extinguished by the HFD.

'Tis the season.........

Hasbrouck Heights clearly won the night as Hackensack's high-rises blocked most of Lodi's from view:

This is a 4-photo stitch taken from home. Besides showing Sears, parts of two churches, the Hackensack River, the YMCA and the Middle School, it also shows six numbered projects. After you click to enlarge, you'll have to scroll all the way to the left to begin (it's almost 3,400px long). The projects are:

1. 435 Main (The Holman/Waypoint project)

2. 389 Main (The Riverblocker, as far as I'm concerned)

3. Current on River

4,4. 240 Main (Meridia Metro - Main St and Moore St sections)

5. 210 Main (The old bank with the new rusty toupée)

6. 170 Main (formerly The Hole)

Currently, the sidewalk activity is confined to the east side of Main St in NOPASS (NOrth of PASSaic St) - specifically, between Passaic and Anderson).


Late that Friday afternoon, I noticed something unusual: some kind on monster saw vehicle being unloaded in front of 22 Ward, backed into the E municipal parking lot and parked across two spaces. Why was THAT thing there? I remembered meeting some surveyors in that lot a month or so prior. They told me they thought that the city planned on doing a major overhaul of the lot - something it really needs.


The next day, I took some pictures before the lot overhaul started.


By Monday, the vehicle was gone and no lot overhaul was begun.


A whole series of metered spaces closest to State St on the southern side of the lot was commandeered by a crew who dumped piles of crushed stone and left lots of construction equipment in those spaces. All this was right across the street from the entrance to the 389 Main site, but there didn't appear to be any connection between the two.

That was confirmed whenever any trucks came into that area of the lot, picked up or dropped off something and then headed south on State St.

I was walking up Passaic St from River St when I came upon the dug-up sidewalk in front of the YMCA and other businesses on that block - a project I hadn't heard about. I showed workers a picture of the saw vehicle and asked if that had dug up the sidewalks. It had.

It all started to make sense now. There really was no other place nearby to store piles of stone and needed vehicles other than the E lot - they just had to go around the block every time they needed something.


I went to Main & Ward to shoot some 389 Main images and saw that the sidewalk work had gotten started as far north as Ward. Back home, I took a couple of shots of the storage area and also made a video showing a truckload of stone being dumped.


This is a video of a small track vehicle clattering its way slowly down State St to go around the block to the sidewalks site.


At the storage area, a delivery of 15 space creatures was made. I have no idea what they are, but I'll bet somebody here does.............


We wrap up today's post the same way we started it (what's with this "we" stuff?): with the saw vehicle - this time, heading home. Had I known it was working that day, I would have headed right over to Main St. I'd like to see what this thing looks like in action.

More to follow.........

Click to enlarge.

I went through a 29-year-old VHS tape and found a video I shot on my full-size camcorder on the roof. It shows a mockingbird parked on an old TV antenna and he's singing (assuming it's a "he"). In the background, you can hear the sound of another mockingbird (or the same bird, as I imply in my comments) that I recorded on tape the year before. I'm playing it to see if the visible bird responds to it.

Boy, did he ever! In some parts he repeats what he hears. In others, he adds to it. In still yet others, it sounds like he's making suggestions that don't get reciprocated. In any event, he seems to be transfixed on this unseen bird. I like when he appears to tilt his head to listen.

The tape is pretty shaky because I've got a monster 500mm lens attached to the camcorder so I can zoom in on his head  - specifically, his beak - and I'm trying to follow his head as I try to balance this unit on my shoulder, but after I take the lens off near the end, it's better.

I don't get to engage in avian experiments very often, so I found this one fascinating and I'm glad I found it.

BTW - I played the VHS tape onto a large-screen TV and video'd that with my little digital camera.

Looks like a '66

Click to enlarge.

I saw this bird on the Hackensack River Walkway near the Rothman Center at FDU-Hackensack. It refused to stay on the same side of the tree as me - even when it was 20-25' up, but I'm fairly persistent.

I had never gotten a chance to photograph this woodpecker before. I wasn't sure what kind of woodpecker it was until I got home, looked it up and confirmed it with The Record's bird writer, Jim Wright.

I'm not even sure I'd ever heard of a Northern Flicker before.

On June 3, I saw yet another tall crane in town, but it wasn't along Main St. I wasn't sure exactly where it was.

I went out for a walk along the Hackensack River Walkway in Johnson Park and FDU and suddenly came upon it. Oh yeah - the scheduled summer replacement of the FDU pedestrian bridge! Not being in summer mode, I had forgotten all about it.

Shooting through the fence, I could see that the side railings were gone and the bridge's walkway was kind of chewed up. Just south of the bridge, a worker sat in a small boat, but I'm not sure why.

Continuing my walk up to Route 4, there was one opening where I could get  a flip-side shot of the crane and on the way back, I shot a stitch of most of the original bridge.

From what I can see from home, the crane's still there, although in a different position. I really need to get back there soon to follow the progression.

Click to enlarge.

Must be Sunday...............

This is really late, but I didn't get to it until today. I registered with last January when I tried to get a copy of an old story on me, but I never joined because they never mentioned that they wanted money - the "free registration" was supposed to do the trick. But it's all free this weekend until midnight tonight. You still have to register, but if you act fast, you can copy whatever you need today.

I finally got that story, but then found 78 other things about me that go back to 1958! I don't remember ANY of that stuff, but some of it was quite surprising.

How many times have you wanted to read an old article, but were told you'd have to join to do so?

Get a copy of your life or local history or anything else.................quickly!

Sure is nice having that steeple outside my window.............

I was trying to figure out why I didn't see any Ospreys on Memorial Day.

It turns out that the new rusty cage on top of 210 Main caught one the day least at first glance it did.

I was driving west on Central Ave and noticed a big crane on Second St by the RR overpass. I drove around the block to go back and get a better look. I talked to the officer blocking Second and he said it was tree-trimming that the RR requested.

1. What I initially saw

2. Some of the tree getting mulched

3. The man in the tree lopping off a huge branch that's already attached to the crane.

4. That same branch hanging in the air, waiting to become sawdust.

Click to enlarge.

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